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Paleocon Starts New Extreme-Right Magazine

By Larry Keller on March 15, 2010 - 3:59 pm, Posted in Academic Racism

Hard to believe there’s a need for yet another far-right magazine or conference, but now there are both. Richard Spencer, who was editor at “Taki’s Magazine,” an online paleoconservative magazine, is now executive editor of a new online magazine called “Alternative Right.” He calls this venture “an online magazine of radical traditionalism” that hopes “to forge a new intellectual right-wing that is independent and outside the ‘conservative’ establishment.” It also is loaded with contributors who, like Spencer, have long lamented the white man’s decline.

Meanwhile, Joseph Farah, founder of the conspiracy-laden WorldNetDaily website, says he is organizing a conference to be held in September called “Taking America Back.” Farah says the conference is a response to what he describes as the shabby treatment accorded him by the director of this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), which was held last month. “This one is about the ultimate issues of God, the Constitution, the tea-party uprising, freedom and justice,” Farah wrote in a WorldNetDaily commentary.

At “Alternative Right,” Spencer’s senior contributing editors are Peter Brimelow and Paul Gottfried. Brimelow founded, an anti-immigrant website, and he has described “Alternative Right” as a project of the VDARE Foundation. Gottfried has been a contributor to “Taki’s Magazine” and has spoken at conferences of the white nationalist American Renaissance magazine, whose editor has written that black people are incapable of sustaining any kind of civilization. Gottfried gave a speech at the inaugural meeting of the H.L. Mencken Club in November 2008 titled, “The Decline and Rise of the Alternative Right.” Brimelow was the keynote speaker at that event, and Spencer the master of ceremonies. Spencer and Gottfried also appeared together last October on “The Political Cesspool,” a racist and anti-Semitic radio program.

One of the bloggers at “Alternative Right” is Richard Hoste, who recently wrote that “low-IQ Mexican immigration is the greatest threat to America.” He also wrote: “Schools should stop wasting time trying to close achievement gaps. And not only do whites have nothing to feel guilty about, they are the best thing to ever happen to blacks. Even ignoring race, humanity will not move forward through equality or by raising up the really stupid to the level of just plain stupid.” Finally, Hoste had this pithy observation: “While there’s more miscegenation [interracial sex] than in the past … we should be heartened that white teenage girls aren’t passing themselves around in black neighborhoods.”

Joseph Farah, for his part, seems to be more concerned about President Obama’s birthplace than race. He’s miffed because he was a CPAC sponsor in 2009 and has addressed the group in the past. He says he notified CPAC director Lisa De Pasquale that he’d be interested in speaking to this year’s confab about matter of where Obama was born. Conspiracy theorists claim — without a shred of evidence — that the president may have been born in a foreign country and therefore is illegible to hold his office.

De Pasquale was quoted in The Los Angeles Times as saying that Farah’s eligibility lecture would have drawn a crowd, but added “so would a two-headed monkey.” That comment, plus the fact that a 2010 CPAC sponsor promotes same-sex marriage, led Farah to announce plans for his own conservative conference. The only details he’s provided so far are that “there will be free and open discussion of issues like the constitutional eligibility of the man occupying the White House.”

  • Christian

    Marc Hayes, please stop spreading neoconservative propaganda about a sensible movement. Thanks for your cooperation.

  • Marc Hayes

    What scares me about the paleo-conservatives is that if enough people listen to the Alternative Right, Taki, or even worse, SBPDL, there might indeed be a situation where what happened to the Jews in WWII could happen here.

  • S Wesley Mcgranor

    Being colorblind, or/and post-racial is such a psycho-social pathology that you would have to justify such a policy only by the psychological revolution and social upheavel of the counter-culture, that made it — what it is today. The proponents of anti-racism do not speak of autonomy, but of amalgamation — as they recite ‘MLK’s’ spiritually dead words of socialism. As for Jews, it is liberty that is our distinguishment as stewards — as opposed to their communitarian, and authoritarian guidelines. In short, we have governed and guided mankind by reason, and not divine commandment.

  • H

    Carter you are really very ignorant about politics – the alt right types dislike Limbaugh and Hannity even more so than people like Obama. They do not represent the views of the alt right types – the alt Right crowd actually hate the Neocons more than anyone else (just as anyone with half-a-brain from the Left or Right does).

  • Carter

    I wonder if “Alternative Right.” is going to have a fold-out? I remember when I was a little boy and we would sneak a look at the “Men’s Magazines” that had naked women in them. We would be very frightened to be caught looking at such things. but as I grew older, I found such magazine a bit repetitious. I even tried to read some….They just didn’t have much to hold my interest when I became an adolescent.
    But NOW…with “Alternative Right.” we could have a collection of Shawn Hannity or better….Rush Limbough in the buff! I’m sure that will sell. Not too many women (or men for that matter) could resist seeing Rusty smoking a cigar while his sleek bronzed, Gladiator’s body played on the putting Green.
    All I can say is WHEN is the 1st issue available?

  • beholder

    Ann Coulter reminds me of Elsa Klebb, remember From Russia With Love? The one with the poisoned toe knife kicking and shrieking, being held back by James Bond with a chair?

  • Snorlax

    Please don’t use Lisa Simpson and her dolls to describe conservo-nazis. She’s a liberal.

    If you must, please use conservo Simpsons characters like C. Montgomery Burns, Ranier Wolfecastle and Rich Texan (and his daughter, Paris Texan).

    Conservatives are greedy and selfish at best, and murderously racist at worst. And rhey don’t know Jesus, either. They’re Pharisees.

  • daemonesslisa


    I was referring to the Simpsons episode where Lisa makes a doll to counteract the talking Malibu Stacy—but mAnn Coulter is pretty much a talking Malibu Stacy, so I guess you were right :)

  • IludiumPhosdex

    Something worth studying is just how deeply the Extreme Right’s agenda and articles of faith parallels that of apartheid-era South Africa, especially so the Afrikaner National Party and its droogs in Die Afrikaner Broterbund, a highly-secretive quasi-Masonic organisation from what I understand.

  • beholder

    daemonesslisa you wouldn’t be referring to ms coulter, would you?

  • beholder

    There was a time when WND had legitimate reporting with an independent focus, reporting on topics rarely covered in mainstream media and providing a certain healthy dissent in politics. That’s changed post-Obama, and Farah’s organization has gone bananas, turning the site into a vehicle for demonizing the left and “exposing” half-baked conspiracies, marketing gold, salacious photos of female sex offenders, weird offshoots of Christian doctrine, tricks and tips for doing violence on your fellow man, and an odd mix of UFO claims, slam jobs on non-conservative celebrities, and hooting over Islam. WND does poorly what Drudge does well. It’s a pity to see the long slow decline into muck and lunacy of a formerly serious independent online publication. In many ways it mirrors the evolution of the right wing in America, which has also lost its way and is struggling with its demons.

  • Spiny Norman

    The most sadlarious part of all: that’s the best the conservative movement can do.

  • daemonesslisa

    Isn’t there already a conference/organization called Taking America Back? They can’t even come up with an original idea anymore—not that they ever could, though.

    They can call it the Alternative Right all they want; it’s still the same right-wing sped class BS that it’s always been, just with a new name. For example, Meghan McCain represents a newer, more reasonable conservatism—Lisa Lionheart—while these jerks represent the same Malibu Stacy figure, only this time with a new hat.

    (Please, SOMEONE tell me that they get that reference!)