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Militant Anti-Abortion Activist Appeared on White Nationalist Talk Show

By Sonia Scherr on April 1, 2010 - 5:56 pm, Posted in Anti-Abortion

Militant anti-abortion activist Michael Bray is reaching out to Kenyans on a new website targeting abortion providers and gay rights activists with ties to the country. In his endorsement of, he rejects the view of “racists” who thought Africa was “hopelessly backwards because it was occupied by an inferior racial group.” Rather, Bray argues, the West’s cultural superiority resulted from its embrace of Christianity, which was only later introduced to Africa. “It [is] perhaps Africa which shall be the beacon for the world in the new century as Christianity’s influence is increased in contrast to its departure from the west,” he wrote. “ [SEE stands for Stop Exporting Evil!] exhorts Kenyans to resist the evil influences of an apostatizing West which has abandoned the Lord of Glory, the King above all kings.”

Bray’s rejection of racism might raise eyebrows in light of his appearance two years ago as a guest on “The Political Cesspool,” a shamelessly white nationalist radio talk show that often denigrates those of African descent. Prior to Bray’s interview, Cesspool host James Edwards had, for example, called blacks “heathen savages,” “subhumans” and “black animals” while discussing violent black-on-white crime. In an April 4, 2007, debut on CNN, Edwards told host Paula Zahn that “crime and violence follow African-Americans wherever they go.” In the month before Bray’s Oct. 12, 2007, “Cesspool” appearance, the show featured favorable interviews with former Klan attorney Sam Dickson, Holocaust denier Mark Weber, and former Klan leader and neo-Nazi David Duke, a “Cesspool” regular whom Edwards on his website described as “a Christian man above reproach.”

Bray’s “Cesspool” interview focused almost entirely on his legal troubles, according to archived audio of the show. He complained that federal agents, sheriff’s deputies and Planned Parenthood representatives had entered his Wilmington, Ohio, home 11 days earlier to remove household items. “[They] ransacked the house, basically,” Bray said.

The seizure resulted from a federal court order to take property that could be sold to satisfy a $1 million judgment against Bray, a defendant in a successful lawsuit brought by Planned Parenthood and several abortion doctors. The suit contended that the American Coalition of Life Activists had released a wanted-style poster listing the names and addresses of abortion providers. (In the Cesspool interview, Bray said he didn’t produce or circulate the sign and that he was only loosely affiliated with the group.) Also at issue in the case was the “Nuremberg Files,” an online listing of abortion providers and other supporters of abortion rights, with the names of those who’d been murdered crossed out and the names of those who had been wounded in gray. A federal jury in 1999 decided that the material constituted a “true threat” and ruled in favor of the plaintiffs; the full 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ultimately affirmed the verdict. During the “Cesspool” interview, Bray told Edwards it’s not only abortionists who will face Nuremberg-style trials, but also judges. “They are tyrants, and they need to be told they’re tyrants for acting lawlessly,” he said. “They violate not only the constitution, but they violate the laws of God.”

The interview briefly touched on Bray’s criminal history: He served four years in prison after being convicted in connection with a series of 1984 bombings in Maryland, Delaware and Washington D.C. The bombings targeted clinics, the American Civil Liberties Union and the National Abortion Federation, a trade association of abortion providers. Bray, 57, has repeatedly asserted that violence is justified to stop abortion and defended the 1993 killing of abortion doctor David Gunn in Pensacola, Fla., the website Bray promotes, is controlled by Neal Horsley, creator of the “Nuremberg Files.” (Horsley was not a defendant in the lawsuit.) Horsley’s most recent venture in some ways resembles a toned-down version of his Nuremberg Files, with “not wanted” posters featuring the photos and, in some cases, contact information of gay rights activists and abortion providers working in Kenya.

Bray did not respond to a phone message on Wednesday seeking comment about his decision to be interviewed on “Cesspool.” Though Bray made no racial comments on air, Edwards was moved by his story and urged listeners to donate money to help his large family. After Bray hung up, Edwards said: “Any guy that will have 11 white children in this day and age, I tell you, I salute him.”

  • Mike Magruder

    Perhaps we can deal with the issue. Many rich folks are full of warm poo poo and can’t be trusted to do anything but breed slaves whenever and wherever they can get away with it. These types finally had to give up racist bullshit for the most part. Now they’re trying to enslave all colors!

  • tyrone mixon

    This back and forth has made me realize one thing, we all could use a bit of growing up. People talk about how much crime is in the Black community. True, we do have a lot of crime in the Black community. When you are shut a people out of most of society, they tend to do what is necessary to scratch out some kind of living, we have just come to embrace that which is criminal and made it some kind of sick lifestyle. Just like we did on the plantations with somewhat edible scraps we were given to eat. But in this case someone saw it was money to be made on us killing each other, rather it be the prison industrial complex or music. The Black people that these people like Edwards talks about…I don’t know and neither does he.

    As far as Africa being “hopelessly backward”, that’s your MSM driven opinion. Just think Africa leaders weren’t corrupted by outside influences promising money and power. If they didn’t look to the west for guidance and how to live or what is considered successful. Just think if they kept all their natural resources and was left the hell alone. Maybe they wouldn’t be (in the words of some commentor up there) “hopelessly backward”. We are put down here to (I think) advance ourselves and to reach a higher plain of existence. But all we manager to do so far is kill and murder each other as fast as we can. None of us have any high horse in which to sit.

  • http://none Marcia Larimore

    Yes, I have always wondered how the Pro-Life group have NO trouble killing a Doctor who performs a few abortions a year in between delivering hundreds of babies.

    It must be an impairment in reading. Pro-LIFE must mean to them it is OK to be PRO-DEATH.

    Whenever it suits them, like when we go to Iraq or any other unfortunate nation that Bush or others decide to bomb. And not only to kill the “enemy”, but to kill hundreds of thousands of OUR OWN boys & girls in uniform. Yep, its OK to kill those actual “alive” citizens, but we must really go all out to protect a 2 inch fetus. Am I missing something? Or is this as illogical as the TeaBaggers?

  • Carrie

    I like how this guy snivels that people are harassing him when he’s the type that probably stands outside of clinics bothering women. If he cares about Christianity he needs to spend more time with the Bible and less on worrying about everyone else’s sex life.

  • TL

    Isn’t Wilmington Ohio where the Keyhoe brothers got in a shoot-out with the police? When criminals masquerade as something noble, do they actually believe it themselves?

  • http://none Marcia Larimore

    FACTS UNKNOWN About Fetuses:

    Another small fact that seldom gets mentioned, is that 99% of all abortions are done before the 3rd month of gestation.

    At that stage, the fetus is about 2 inches long, & is not as well developed as a goldfish.

    It cannot live outside the womb, & is basically a parasite on the uterus of the mother.

    At certain stages, it has gills on its neck like a fish.
    Floating in amniotic fluid, it is a precious beginning, but not yet a real “life.”

    Anymore than a seed or bulb is already a flower.

    A fetus is a fantastic “work in progress” (yet unfinished).

    But the beginning of life will not happen until birth.

  • http://none Marcia Larimore


    The ANSWER to the abortion debate is rather SIMPLE. Is the fetus alive?

    If it is not alive, then abortion is NOT killing.

    The secret is How to Tell if the Fetus is Alive.

    God breathed the breath of life into Adam and he became a living soul. Before that minute, he was NOT a living soul.

    The secret is if he was “breathing.”

    If a child is born full term, yet does not begin to breathe, it is recorded as “born dead”.

    The secret is that this baby never did breathe.

    If a child age 8 is running around a pool, falls into the water and goes under, if that child is pulled out in time and begins to breathe, it is “alive.”

    But if the child does not revive and begin to breathe again, it is called DEAD.

    The criteria used is in “breathing.”

    NOW HERE IS THE BIG ANSWER —-NO FETUS IN THE WOMB HAS EVER BREATHED. It does not and cannot breathe until it is born outside the womb.

    Therefore, the Fetus in the womb is NOT alive!!

    So then it cannot actually be “killed.”

    Then, it naturally follows that nobody can be called a “baby killer”.

    And no more excuses to kill a doctor who does an abortion for a mother who is desperate, due to a fetus with birth defects.

    Or for an innocent raped teenager.

    Or for a woman who already has 6 kids and cannot feed any more.

    COMMON SENSE is all it takes. The ANSWER has been right there in plain sight all along.

    — PEACE.

  • Siena Kendall

    Violence won’t end violence. The symptoms will continue unless the ailment is cured.

  • jack

    “So was Europe for nearly a millennium during the Dark and Middle Ages.”
    Western Civilization advanced the entire time. The “dark” ages has been a debunked myth for a long time.

    TO IludiumPhosdex:
    Look where SA is going, right down the toilet like Zimbabwe.
    Can’t blame Whitey anymore as the ANC is in charge.

    “Look at James Edwards’ recent blog posts sliming Constance McMillen. Looks like no target is off-limits to James Edwards and his ilk.”
    She made herself a target by attempting something revolting.

  • skinnyminny

    Yes, it is definitely interesting. I also like Andrew Sullivan-love the accent too!

  • Danniel Reynolds

    The really hatefull scary part of this is when James Edward said any guy that will have 10 White childern I salute them. White childern daring to be born are automatically ractist and a horrible thing. Who said White’s should have the right to reproduce? Dang racist!

  • Mason Green

    Skinnyminny wrote,

    “afterall, the African-Americans here are an example of getting people to conform to your ways of life!”

    The reverse is also true to some extent. I’m sure a lot of white Americans don’t realize exactly how much African influence there is in “mainstream” American culture: jazz, rock n’ roll, musical instruments like the banjo, foods (particularly in the South), vocabulary (slang expressions like “bug”, meaning “to annoy” have African origins), etc. Unfortunately, African-Americans themselves are seldom given enough credit for how much they have contributed to this country’s way of life, and racist groups like the COfCC are still trying to rewrite history to make it looks as if the Europeans were the only ones who made contributions to American history and culture.

    I remember watching Andrew Sullivan (a British author) on TV once and he mentioned the same thing. He commented on how most white Americans don’t realize how African their culture, music, etc., actually is! He noticed it though, because he grew up in a country where there is relatively little African cultural influence compared to in the US, and moving from the UK to the US gave him a broader perspective on such matters than most native-born Americans have.

  • Mason Green

    The Cesspoolers’ latest activity: smearing a 17-year-old girl. Look at James Edwards’ recent blog posts sliming Constance McMillen. Looks like no target is off-limits to James Edwards and his ilk.

  • Mason Green

    It looks as though Republic Broadcasting Network (a fringe radio syndicate that used to air The Political Cesspool) has recently been tied to the group that sent threatening letters to the governors of all 50 U. S. states. Its current hosts include the likes of Michael Collins Piper.

    For more information about RBN, see here:

    RBN also has close ties to the anti-Semitic, Willis Carto-founded American Free Press, a newspaper that James Edwards used to write columns for.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Hey Carrie, looking at crime stats is a GREAT idea, so is controlling for income and population density. Interesting things happen.

  • skinnyminny


    What’s your point? Are you saying that the people in Africa need to learn how to live in Africa according to Americans way of life? I would say, people like you have no one to blame but yourselves in America – afterall, the African-Americans here are an example of getting people to conform to your ways of life! And, you wonder why newer immigrants to this country want to bring their own cultures and religion with them! You wonder why Muslims would rather get a Muslim woman from a Muslim country, than an American woman!

    Carrie, stop blaming other people for your failures! Stop trying to scapegoat the black community! The blacks have been in this country for centuries – the duration of this time, they are still ‘not equal.’

  • IludiumPhosdex

    Quoth jack:

    Sorry guys, Africa IS hopelessly backward.

    But then again, apartheid South Africa was forever insisting that they were G-d’s Own Country, the Final Perfection of Civitas Dei on Earth as per the Dutch Reformed Church model revised to suit the arrogant whims of Afrikanerdom.

    Who, unable to get over themselves over the loss of their “Divinely Ordained” power and privilege in the Rainbow Nation, have been calling for the establishment within South African sovereign territory of what they call Die Volkstaat (Afrikaans, “the people’s state”) which seeks to preserve Afrikaner Culture, Heritage, Values, Honour and the Afrikaans Language.

  • Mason Green

    Jack wrote:

    “Sorry guys, Africa IS hopelessly backward.”

    So was Europe for nearly a millennium during the Dark and Middle Ages.

  • jack

    “The texts read that Jesus had feet like bronze and hair as wool. That doesn’t sound like a white man to me. Jesus was from Africa. Africa was the cradle of the world, and only through isolation and recessive genes have there been other races and peoples.”
    Really? He was not born in Africa. He and his parents were from what would be modern day Israel.
    I have a full blooded Polish friend that has woolly hair and with a tan would be bronze. So what? Is he African?
    They just used the Shroud to reconstruct him. He doesn’t have African features.
    There is no good argument to be made that he was anything other than a Semitic Middle Easterner which would match all the evidence.

    Any of these bull claims that he was White, Aryan or African is mumbo jumbo and just used to manipulate.

  • Oddoneout

    To the tune of Green Day’s “American Idiot”.

    NOTE: The last line was written with tongue in cheek.

    Won’t listen to that Political Cesspool
    Don’t make me swallow all of that racist drool
    The hosts are overgrown, bigoted gasbags
    Who like pointy hoods, jackboots, and Rebel flags

    It’s just too much for somebody to take,
    They think the Holocaust was just a fake
    Just like Ahmedinijad said before
    They’re always claiming that minorities are dumb
    Can’t decide: of the Jews and the Muslims
    Which one do they dislike more?

    Well Ted Nugent’s appeared as a guest on there
    Also Pat Buchanan, with his graying hair
    Self-loathing Marcus Epstein and Ezola
    (Foster, that is), and David Duke…yuck-ola!

    Always claiming the country is dying
    I think their brains need a good frying
    Before they spew much more of their bile
    They’re spewing hate like liquified, green poo
    Their favorite music is Prussian Blue
    Don’t turn your radio dial…

    To that horrid Political Cesspool
    The folks that like it are just uncool
    The guys on there think Limbaugh’s a liberal
    It’s just amazing, how can they be so cynical

    A pile of crap, if you’ll let me be blunt
    They syndicate themselves on Stormfront
    And they wish that ol’ George Wallace had won
    Hard to believe that they are still on the air
    When much better shows are no longer there
    Bring back the Fairness Doctrine…

  • beholder

    The texts read that Jesus had feet like bronze and hair as wool. That doesn’t sound like a white man to me. Jesus was from Africa. Africa was the cradle of the world, and only through isolation and recessive genes have there been other races and peoples.

  • jack

    Sorry guys, Africa IS hopelessly backward.

  • Mason Green


    What about all the “bad areas” out in the rural boondocks? I live in Minnesota and we have a big problem with methamphetamine-fueled crime in small towns like Northfield, New Prague, etc. My relatives in rural Southern Oregon can attest to the same fact. And these areas are nearly all white.

  • Mason Green

    The fact that you referred to The Political Cesspool as “white people wishing to preserve their racial heritage” lets me know exactly which side your bread is buttered on, “Lee”.

  • Carrie

    Crime and violence do follow ”african americans” wherever they go. Look at the crime stats some time. Or even just take note of where the bad areas near or in your city are and who lives in them.

  • Snorlax

    Bray = Terrorist.

  • Lee

    What is the point of this article other than attempting to associate anti-abortion and anti-gay mentalities with white people wishing to preserve their racial heritage? Low tactic, SPLC.