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Racists See ‘Set-Up’ in Arrest of Idaho Lawyer

By Larry Keller on June 22, 2010 - 4:37 pm, Posted in Conspiracies, Extremist Crime

Onetime Aryan Nations attorney Edgar J. Steele was denied bail today in a case that has many of his fellow bigots suggesting in postings to white nationalist websites that the Idaho attorney must be an innocent victim of a conspiracy because of his racist views — not a man who plotted to have his wife and mother-in-law killed.

Steele was arrested June 11 and charged with use of interstate commerce in the commission of murder for hire. Federal authorities contend that Steele, 64, paid a man he knew to make it appear that his wife, Cyndi, and her mother died in a car accident. Steele hoped to collect on an insurance policy, an FBI informant said.

Four days after Steele’s arrest, auto shop workers discovered a pipe bomb attached to the underside of a sport utility vehicle driven by Cyndi Steele. Larry A. Fairfax, who like Steele lives in Slagle, Idaho, was charged with two felonies in connection with the pipe bomb and also is being held without bond. Fairfax — who was the FBI’s informant — says he rigged the device so that it wouldn’t explode. Prosecutors maintain that Fairfax didn’t disclose everything he knew about the alleged plot.

To many in the white supremacist world, the only plot is one they imagine is being perpetrated against Steele.

“I agree with the general sentiment that something is fishy,” wrote Disappointed American on, the leading white supremacist forum in the world.  “Steele isn’t a dumba$$ redneck. He can hold his own in an interview with the MSM [mainstream media].”

“He was waking people up and had to be stopped is my guess,” opined Sivaro.

“It’s a setup; ZOG [Zionist Occupied Government] knows we get discouraged easily. Don’t believe it,” advised Aufreizen.

Over at the website of the neo-Nazi Vanguard News Network (VNN), there were equally dark ruminations and, in some cases, somewhat more detailed conspiracy theories than those espoused at Stormfront.

“I think that, with his recent column stating his ‘return’ to full-scale pro-White anti-Semitism, some ADL-friendly jew became a ‘hit man’ and got him popped,” wrote Metal Warrior. Others writing at VNN theorized that Steele’s arrest and indictment were “a setup” to silence him. “EVERY single White man who has spoken out for White Justice and Freedom against tyranny has died or been framed or harrassed [sic],” wrote America First.

Still another writer cited the opinion of a reputed mind control expert who said the government “can program people to do things and the person is not even aware of what is really happening,” and suggested that this could explain the Steele criminal case.

Then there is Steve Lillywhite, who blamed the state of America’s health care system for the legal problems that have befallen Steele. Alluding to Steele’s near-fatal aortic aneurism last November, Lillywhite wrote, “He probably went crazy when the medical bills started rolling in. I think Edgar Steele is a victim of the insane and shitty health care system we have in the United States.”

  • Mitch Beales

    To Henri Thoreau:

    One thing that makes SPLC different from Edgar J. Steele is that, as far as I know, no one there has been implicated in a scheme to murder his wife. Another thing that makes them different is that they don’t advocate horrible fates for or extra-legal actions against those with whom they disagree.

    I’m not sure where you found your statistics on rape but I couldn’t believe them. When I investigated I found claims circulating on the WWW that 100% of rapes of black women were committed by black men. When I tracked down the table cited in one of those claims at the Department of Justice (, Table 42) I learned that these claims are based on an appallingly small sample, less than 10 of the more than 36,000 black women who’s rapes were reported in 2005. Examining data from other years made it clear that the individual who cited this table carefully selected the worst case of several years in order to perpetuate the myth that black men have little on their minds besides attacking white women. The only thing one can appropriately conclude from the DOJ statistics I looked at is that the samples are too small to provide useful information. This is clear from the fact that, over a 3 year period, rape of whites by blacks varied from 7.6-33.6% of all rapes of whites. The other conclusion one might draw is that the rape of black women is of such little concern to white authorities that they don’t bother to ask for or report the details.

  • Hatewatch


    For more information about the SPLC’s work in that area, start here:

  • Carter

    Of course the laughable thing is that using a pipe bomb to attempt to collect on an “auto accident” is the antithesis of clever. It’s damn similar to putting a pistol in someone’s face when playing Blackjack (“it’s not cheating; I just robbed him”).

  • Robert McLernon

    Do these people live on the same planet that I live on?

    White supremacy Zionist Occupied government
    Mind control

    Neo-Nazis who think Hitler was a great leader.
    Hitler, who left most of his country a smoking ruin.

    How do people become so far divorced from reality?

  • Allen

    ALL criminals are framed! Just ask them! :-P

  • Dov

    Amazing how these white supremacists lie, cheat, murder, embezzle…then when they get caught, whine about how “ZOG” has set them up in order to ruin their lives. Most of the racists and anti-Semites I deal with on a regular basis on social networking sites such as YouTube have these types of skeletons in their closets. They’ve either served time in prison for hate crimes or for running some sort of scam to bilk the government or an insurance company out of funds in order to run their organizations and web sites.

    Pathetic hypocrites and clowns, all of them!

  • DREW

    “Wow”, talk about thinking disorders, this illness in this form is extremly dangerous. To be able to tell oneself the lies has got to change the brain make up over time close to a psychopathic state , the insanity of it all” wow”.

  • Snorlax

    It’s always somebody else’s fault with these people.

    That’s a classic symptom of psychopathy.

    These people are dangerous monsters.

    They’re ticking time bombs waiting to go off.

  • Jeronimus

    With the SPLC budget, it seems like you guys could do better things with your time. VNN is just a bunch of people gabbing, meanwhile illegal aliens are being enslaved all over the country. The Obama DOL is willing to go after employers who don’t pay their “undocumented laborers.” Why don’t you go to and investigate the many reports of employee abuse, and do some real “poverty” work?

  • Carter

    The following quote is very revealing in it’s contextual pathos..
    ““It’s a setup; ZOG [Zionist Occupied Government] knows we get discouraged easily. Don’t believe it,” advised Aufreizen.”

    One of the unique phenomenon of the WN movement is the depth of depravity and spreed with which members inform on each other and generally act in a self-destructive fashion. No wonder they get “discouraged”!
    No other “political” agenda has such a collection of neurotic, self destructive, & depraved assemblage. They include the largest percentage of turn-coats and deviants of any self-identified group.
    With every pathology from spouse assault to pedophilia, they make a name for themselves as a group to be spurned – if not defining a picture of revulsion.

    No need for any “mind control” there….anyone with an ounce of sense would be so disgusted with the company kept that they would grow so disgusted, nothing could KEEP THEM in place!
    The level of informers is perhaps the highest of any identified social group & there is ample reason for this.
    NO ONE would find any reason for loyalty to a group which harbors such a motley assembly of characters! They steal from each other, they beat, kill & find every reason to exploit & extort from each other.And that’s just a short list of public pathos……Lord knows what they do in private!

    Everyone in our nation deserves a Defense in Court but that defense is generally done as an ethical duty….Not as a predilection to agreement to “the Cause”.
    Steele is both a very unhappy and unfulfilled individual. No need to wonder why.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    The funny thing is that many racists hated Steele for not being as radical as them, but the second one of these guys gets sent up he’s suddenly a martyr. Same thing happened to Shaun Walker and Kevin Alfred Strom.

  • Henri Thoreau…

    Mr. Keller,

    I am a little confused. It sounds as if you have unresolved anger issues towards whom you refer to as ‘White bigots’.

    The way i see it, the white guys are pissed off about some stuff about the goverment, some of it may be legitimate and some not, would require an impartial investigation.

    And you are pissed off about them, but you are pretending to be some holier than thou impartial observer, which you are not. Your remarks about Stormfront indicate you clearly appear to hate these people with a passion.

    So they don’t like browns and blacks too much, neither does my black husband, sometimes; cause plenty of them rob, rape and pillage and ain’t got any conscience about it. Take a look at the racial rape stats in America. There may be many angry white males, pissed off about black or brown people, but they ain’t going around violently raping black and brown women. The same cannot be said for angry black and brown men, who commit a huge number of interracial violent rapes against white women.

    As far as I understand it. I don’t know of one case in history (correct me if I am wrong) where you can get different racial groups to better understand each other, by blowing up steam and hate at one of the groups, such as what you are doing to the white nationalists.

    Wouldn’t a better tactic be to ask them for a full report about their grievances, and get an impartial person to make an enquiry and attemp to address their grievances?

    How do you propose to resolve any problem by behaving in the same ‘stewing up hate’ for another group of people, as you accuse them of doing?

    What makes you any different to them?