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Neo-Nazi Official Patrolling Arizona Border Lauds Violence

By Heidi Beirich on July 29, 2010 - 11:43 am, Posted in Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Latino, Neo-Nazi

As if Arizona wasn’t already unfriendly enough territory for immigrants, now they have to face angry, armed neo-Nazis. Incredibly, a small group of heavily armed racists patrolled for migrants and drug cartels last week on the Southern border.

Led by J.T. Ready — a recent member of the neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement (NSM) — the group, who call themselves Ready’s Rangers, took to the desert armed with semi-automatic rifles and clad in fatigues, military style helmets and Kevlar vests. The “rangers” ended up holding 11 immigrants at gunpoint, according to participant Harry Hughes, NSM’s media spokesman.

JT Ready


It wasn’t the first time out on the border for the group, which is mostly made up of NSM members. In June, Ready reported on the neo-Nazi forum New Saxon, which is run by NSM, having “captured” a total of “[t]hree live UDA’s (Undocumented Aliens) … and one UDA corpse” in Pinal County’s Vekol Valley. And we should expect more patrols. NSM Region 11 Director Jeff Hall promises “future large scale missions” in both California and Arizona.

Ready is a racist and an anti-Semite. His frequent postings on New Saxon are remarkably crude. Among other things, he has written that “the Jew is a two-headed cancer which corrupts and putrefies all that is natural and noble upon this earth.” Today, Ready made incendiary comments to Gawker about the Judge who placed an injunction on Arizona’s anti-immigration law SB1070, saying, “Perhaps [Judge Bolton] should step her ass outside the air-conditioned courtroom sometime and see what is really happening as Rome burns and barbarians with AK-47s are in gun battles twenty miles from the gates of Phoenix.”

But as scary as J.T. is, his pal in this endeavor, Harry Hughes, might be scarier. Hughes really, really doesn’t like Mexicans, citing approvingly on his blog an article that says: “Mexican illegal aliens are revolting. And they know it. It is their purpose to disrupt us, interfere with us and give us diseases that we haven’t had in this country for 100 years.” In September 2007, in a thread on the racist forum that was devoted to getting Mexicans to move out of a neighborhood, Hughes provided the following observation: “Back where I’m from they would just get into a hunting accident but that might not work here as there are too many of them.”

Hughes’ anger, by his own account, sometimes spills over into action. In July 2007, Hughes posted under his moniker “vandal52900” to Stormfront that he had shot a Mexican family’s dog. “The dog with the bullet belonged to Mexicans. I legally shot it, but was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon because I yelled at the Mexicans.” Hughes said the charges were later dropped and “the Mexicans [sic] home mysteriously burned down.” In a September 2007 post that was later removed from Stormfront, Hughes wrote: “Does getting arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for shouting at a latrino neighbor count? I was unarmed at the time and the cop was a spic.”

The “mysteriously burned” house also came up earlier, in a June 2007 Stormfront post, when Hughes contributed to a thread entitled “I’m the only white in my neighborhood that cares.” The thread was about a Mexican family supposedly living on his street. “There used to be a place [where Mexicans lived] in my neighborhood until it mysteriously burned down,” he wrote, adding happily, “The lot was cleared and these nice white people built a home there.”

A call to the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office’s public information officer about whether or not a house burned down on Hughes’ street was not immediately returned.

Hughes sounded just as ominous in March 2006 on a forum run by racist New Jersey radio host Hal Turner. At the time, Turner was suggesting that his followers arm themselves and then protest pro-immigrant rallies that were scheduled to take place across the U.S. “Let April 10, 2006 go down in history as the day Americans took up arms against tens of thousands of third-world-savages who invaded our land. Clean your guns. Have plenty of ammunition,” Turner implored. “This is the perfect scenario, opportunity and obligation for LONE WOLF action,” he said, referring to terrorist acts undertaken by individuals acting on their own. That all sounded good to Hughes: “I would like to smell smoke on the tenth,” he wrote. “Arizona could use a real good cleansing.”

And it’s not just immigrants who anger Hughes. In November 2007, he suggested that a list of so-called race traitors be compiled. “We will need a directory of some sort prior to the ‘Day of the Rope,’” Hughes wrote, referring to a scene in the racist novel The Turner Diaries. (The book, written by the late neo-Nazi leader William Pierce, describes how revolutionary whites murder Jews, non-whites and, especially, white women who have slept with men of color, on “the day of the rope.”) Hughes added, “A website would make this data easily accessible for use by local units.”

All of which makes you wonder: Is it really a good idea to have men like J.T. Ready and Harry Hughes detaining anyone at gunpoint?

  • skinnyminny

    I agree with you also. I guess they haven’t looked at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce website to view the open letters to congress about the visa programs – businesses complained about wanting more visas. I also think they haven’t reviewed the type visas being issued, one is for undocumented immigrants for lower pay, the other is for immigrants of European nations to receive the same benefits as American workers.

    I was looking at this program called California Vote 2010 on 7-28-2010, and the program interviewed an Irish immigrant who said she is illegally in the country for 20 years now and work as a nurses aid, and have been paid cash/under the table for just as long. In addition, the program said the new class of illegal immigration here is Irish. This program also showed an interview they did with chelene Nightingale. The website is, again, I agree with what you are saying.

  • Small town worker

    Anyone sympathizing with illegals is incredibly elitist. Just because it is not YOUR jobs they are stealing, and YOUR neighborhoods that are becoming more violent you are willing to turn the other cheek. Working class towns are dying because it is impossible for an American citizen to keep a manufacturing job or practice a trade when illegals are willing to do the same work at below minimum wage. Similarly, it is not the college educated white collar worker that must live in the most violent neighborhoods: poor areas to which illegals flock. To everyone who, not acknowledging their privilege, argues that illegals should be able to support their families here in America ask yourself if you can say the same about the uneducated lower class. If so, then the only way to protect those without a college education is to allow them to compete for jobs again by enforcing and strengthening immigration laws.

  • skinnyminny

    Shadow Wolf,

    I agree with you 100%. This reminds me of the games being played, always use a minority against another, then they can say, “it’s not discrimination because, see, the other person was a minority.” The days when they would send a black police officer to manhandle other blacks in the community, or use a latino to manhandle other latinos or blacks. Same applies in employee related matters.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Lee, nobody is claiming that white people today are responsible for the Mexican war. What they are trying to say is that before some people start talking about “their” country and what not, they ought to remember that at one time a big part of that country used to be Mexico. And by the way, a lot of Mexicans back then were European, and this is still true in Mexico today.

  • beholder

    We need a bit of Andrew Jackson at this time:

    Speaking to our country on December 10, 1832 — at a time, as today, our nation was bitterly divided over state and federal authority — Jackson wrote a proclamation that stands as one of the crowning achievements of letters in the American tradition.

    To quote:

    “Behold (the United States) as the asylum where the wretched and the oppressed find refuge and support. Look on this picture of happiness and honor and say, WE TOO ARE CITIZENS OF AMERICA.”

  • Cheryl

    Maybe you should check the Constitution again. Militias (State run, regulated and controlled by the Governor unless the President needs them) are constitutional, but these “Rangers” aren’t a constitutionally protected militia-they are a vigilante group which is illegal. These guys should be picked up, tried for obstruction in a federal court and promptly sent to the ADMAX in Florence, CO to never again be allowed to see the light of day.
    I’m a little tired of hearing the reich wing rants, you bitch about being invaded, yet you have no empirical evidence. Solid proof, not made up testimonials is the only thing that will do. When you have that you will find support, until then you are nothing more than racist bigots-and it is you who are anti-American. I think! Therefore I am truly American. A true Patriot has a brain, knows how to use it and thus does not believe a single one of your BS claims.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Hey Samson, can you provide us with the statistics showing thousands of white victims of racial violence? Thanks in advance.

  • Cammie Novara

    His frequent postings on New Saxon are remarkably crude. Among other things, he has written that “the Jew is a two-headed cancer which corrupts and putrefies all that is natural and noble upon this earth.” Such truth in those words!

  • Lee

    “Maybe because you stole the top half of their country about 150 years ago, and are afraid somebody might still say something about it or make you give it back?” – Bingo Long

    This is typical of the anti-White racism that pervades this blog. Yes, I recall stealing the “top half of their country about 150 years ago.” What with the world’s oldest person being 114 and all, it makes sense that “we” (as in White people currently living) stole the land of Mexicans. Also, sounds to me that the concept of stealing land entails private property protection. That is kind of shocking coming from an anti-capitalist blog such as this one.

  • dona

    I know several peace activists whose homes have been entered and “tossed” everything gone through, a real quiet aggression i assure you. Are these guys homes being tossed by the authorities?

  • Bingo Long

    Sounds like some of you just don’t like Mexicans. Maybe because you stole the top half of their country about 150 years ago, and are afraid somebody might still say something about it or make you give it back? Being self-righteous about the inability to look past your own nose is classlessly crass. Border crime is at its lowest rate since the early years of Bush, & you whine about a “problem.” The only “problem” is that you want to see white people when you go shopping, & not brown people. ¡Viva La Raza Cósmica!

  • Samson

    I like the implication that these “racist bigots” just arose out of the blue. Yeah, the thousands of white victims of racial violence had NOTHING to do with it right?

    Oh and not that anyone here cares about the constitution, but militias are perfectly constitutional.

    What’s the matter, I thought diversity is great?

  • DHFabian

    (oops — sorry about the early “send”)

    …required to submit a pile of proof of identity, including birth certificates, information about parents, school records, etc., etc., before they could receive a penny of welfare. All of this information was thoroughly checked (for several reasons to long to detail here). It would have been nearly impossible for an actual illegal immigrant to obtain welfare.

    On the issue of “coming here to take our jobs –“, the solution is simple. They are hired “off the record” so they can be paid illegally-low wages (and often, employers decide not to pay at all — and there is nothing an illegal worker can do about it). Instead of raiding workplaces to “round up illegals”, they SHOULD be examining the files of any employer suspected of hiring illegal labor, looking for discrepancies that would indicate illegal hiring practices, and then actually apply current laws to those employers. Make it too risky to hire illegal immigrants.

  • DHFabian

    Vel Hunt — Secure our borders from what? A military invasion from Mexico?

    Think about it. For decades, we were told that the “border must be secured” because Mexicans were entering the US in droves for our “generous” welfare. They did so, we were told ad nauseum, because they are a particularly lazy people. The very day that President Clinton took an ax to welfare, we heard the first alarm bells about how Mexicans — suddenly an “unusually hard-working people,” willing to work twice as hard as (lazy) Americans for half the pay — were pouring over the border to steal our jobs!

    All of it’s bull, but it has driven tens of thousands of ignorant people into a panic through the years. First, even blue-eyed people with a Midwestern accent, wearing baseball caps, were req

  • DHFabian

    american wetback, You said, “we are a nation of cowards when it comes to talking about race.” Going back at least to the 1960s, I don’t recall a time when we didn’t talk about race. Nearly every discussion about race that I’ve heard in recent decades has included someone who took the time to point out that we don’t discuss race!

    You want to know what really makes Americans tremble in their shoes? Class. It is your economic status, not your race, that will determine the outcome of a trial if you are ever accused of breaking the law. If you are low-income, it has become nearly impossible to work your way out of poverty. You are relegated to your own side of town, where the neighborhood stores charge double for products that are sold at a “normal” price across town. Your children have the most under-funded (worst) schools.
    Unless you are truly exceptional, forget about higher education, and without higher education, you have about a 99% chance today of remaining at the bottom. Medical care? Maybe you can get a Medicaid card, but doctors aren’t required to accept Medicaid patients, much less provide appropriate treatment. The list goes on.

    From there, consider America’s appalling attitudes toward the poor. It is precisely this contempt (connected very much to fear) that has created a separate system of policies and laws that ghettoize the poor — and that make certain they stay on their ghettos.

  • Shadow Wolf

    In case none of these KKKrackpot Tea Pottiers doesn’t know, the “illegal invaders” had also built the flaccid old fool–Shurf Joe Arpayaso’s Fountain Hills home.

    Regarding that “Apache tracker” as Ready describes him. His name is “Boggs”. He’s the badly ill-informed Native in the Chewbaca suit. I don’t know anybody in Indian Country who knows him. He’s clearly a ghost. And woefully clueless about Ready’s neo-Nazi domestic terrorist connection. As reported by the Feathered Bastard awhile back, comrade videographer Dennis Gilman had captured Ready’s racist blatherings on a Native activist back at the Mega 100,000 March on May29th. In the video, one can hear Ready’s racist nonsense directed at the Native.
    Why that gullible and traitorous “Boggs” who chose to side with the domestic terrorists is beyond me. My only guess is that nobody has yet informed him of Ready’s background. Neo-Nazi J.T. Ready is clearly using that “Apache tracker” as a tool. Not to forget that there is also a Hispanic in Ready’s border patrol group. J.T. Ready has also accepted the inclusion of non-White Americans who chose to align themselves with the neo-Nazis, on the common basis of “stopping the illegal invasion”. A politiKKKal ploy that has gained him advantaged in furthering his personal agenda.

    The problem with the local LEOs such as Sheriff Paul Babeu of Pinal County(a hotbed of drug/human smuggling routes), have a personal agenda of their own. Sheriff Paul was recently criticized by the media for his recent interview on the WHite Supremacist radio show the–“The Political Cesspool”. He later admitted to not knowing about the show’s idealogy, which is totally B.S. btw. In recent months, Sheriff Paul has been known in the local media to be “flirting with extreminism”, given to the man’s rants and anti-Obama rhetoric. This is only a tip of the iceberg, and Americans in AZ should be concerned……

    Its a cause for alarm.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Douglas, what the hell do the NBPP(a marginal group with less influence than the KKK), ACORN, and SEIU have to do with each other? The problem is that people like you just repeat a long list various bogeymen thinking that the rest of us are as easily intimidated as you. I mean, ACORN? I liked it better when you guys were just scared to death about terrorists. Sure, you are more likely to be struck by lightning than die in a terrorist attack, but at least being incredibly afraid of terrorist makes sense. Now you guys are afraid of ACORN and the SEIU?

    I also have to object to the assertion that these groups call people like you racist just to silence debate. They call their opponents racists because they are….wait for it….racists. Racism isn’t just about the intent of the speaker, it’s about how ideas are perceived by others as well.

    And Vel, statistics have long shown that immigrants, who come primarily to work and not rape, put far more into the economy than they take out. You can scream and rant about some kind of government conspiracy to falsify such figures, but it’s an established fact.

  • jerilyn kay miller

    Yes, Arizona does need a “cleansing}, it needs to be
    cleansed of people with this attitude that is ok to harm
    other persons, for any reasons. I can’t believe that this
    group is allowed to run free with their really SICK attitude,
    this behavior would not be allowed in any other state in
    America that i am aware of. Do these so called [human
    beings] have so little else in their lives that they would
    follow such leaders. I am appalled, they either belong
    in a mental hospital or a prison. Personally , i am
    favoring prison. j

  • ruben

    why aren’t the joe arpaios of arizona arresting idiots like these! the answer is because they are all patch wearing members of the same hate groups.if nazis like these fools are gonna be allowed to conduct activities like this america is in serious trouble! i am a vet of mexican decent and looking at those photos of them nazis holding up a flag with the swastika on it ticks me off…not too long ago that flag represented a evil ideology that wanted to destroy this nation and now these fools worship that way of thinking.these groups represent the creeps like russel pearce and the other racists who have infiltrated the arizona government and are masquerading as patriots.i agree with what a poster said that this is eventually going to lead to a race war if it is allowed to continue unchecked.the government in arizona decided to play with fire when they allowed the racist elements in that government to run the much disrespect and dehumanizing can a people tolerate? kinda like the school yard bully he will continue to pick on you until you decide to fight back.

  • skinnyminny


    I forgot to add, bringing in SEIU and other union organizations, maybe you should view so that you can see what is happening in other countries within their labor forces. And while you’re at it, look up what’s happening with the company Monsato and the farmers in Canada – farmers have to pay fees to use their seeds for their crops, much less, they will be paying Monsato forever. Then look up Smith foods in Mexico. BTW, check the vin number on your car, if the vin number doesn’t begin with a 1 or 4, your car was not made in the U.S.

  • skinnyminny

    Vel Hunt,

    You say anger should be directed at the government for not securing the border! Wrong!!!!!

    It’s amazing how people are blaming the government for the border. Have you noticed that it’s the corporations as well as small businesses hiring, as you prefer to call them, illegal aliens? This is a waste of taxpayer dollars to keep hiring more and more border agents when the corporations and small business owners continue to use recruiters to solicit workers from other countries. Yes, that’s right, why do we have to keep being stuck with the tab of these corporations and yes, small businesses? That’s where the anger should be, not only are jobs outsourced out of the country, but here as well.

    And Douglas, I’ve noticed people keep mentioning the Black Panther Party – what does the Black Panther Party have to do with this issue in Arizona? In fact, why is it that people like you always like to drag black people into everything? Isn’t their other nationalities in this country? Point is, I don’t see people like you talking about the foreigners coming here infiltrating our government or other entities, hint, the latest Russian spies!

    Today in Costa Mesa Calif, in front of the U.S. Post Office, two people were out with their ‘Impeach Obama’ petitions and usual Obama is Hitler posters. People, give me a break, I bet Hitler is ‘turning over in his grave’ on this non-sense, specifically, if Hitler didn’t like Jews, I am certain he didn’t like blacks. So, again, what a shame for these little Hitlers and Hitlerettes, not knowing the history of their idol.

    And for the mystery ‘American-Indian’ out in the desert, yes, I’ve read that he hopes to become a police officer one day – read all about it in Stephen Lemon’s Phoenix New Times, in fact, on this day the pictures were taken, I’ve read that these neo-Nazi’s prevented the media from really getting absolute access!

  • pinky

    Thank god someone has the balls to do something about this invasion before our entire country belongs to the drug cartell and the mexican rapists and murderers who come
    here and commit crimes only to escape back into mexico

  • beholder

    Douglas said, on July 30th, 2010 at 10:12 am
    To attack a person as a racist is just a way to shut up the debate.


    Come now, Douglas. Where’s your sense of history?

    In Homer, Achilles challenges Agamemon by saying he has the forehead of a dog and the heart of a deer.

    Such challenges are a classic way of getting the debate going, especially when it’s true.

  • Paen

    The bigots love to talk about the illegals commiting crimes but it is they who are kidnapping people at gun point.

  • Vel Hunt

    If you don’t like the fact that “groups” have to do what they can to secure our border with mexico then yell at the Federal Government for NOT DOING THEIR JOB. The border agents are attacked daily—-and our government does nothing, illegals enter our country—trashing it on their trail—-our government does nothing, they rape, murder and steal from American citizens—-our government does nothing. Direct your anger towards the right source and hold those responsible (those who have taken an oath to protect the citizens of this nation) for the invasion that is being allowed to happen. This is NOT racism—-this is simply anger.

  • Douglas

    Geo has a great question. He forgot New Black Panthers, ACORN, SEIU, Tide, Apollo, open border mobs and the many radicals who are against Free Speech, Capitalism, Democratic Republic.
    To attack a person as a racist is just a way to shut up the debate. I admit there are persons who are racist but to blanket groups is a little far reaching.
    If one would come to the border and see with their eyes what is happenig would think twice. American is being invaded and the Federal Government is not doing their job to stop it. If you property was being invaded you would do something about it. Calling 911 you might get a ration of BC. “It’s not my responsibility’. Call x.y.z.

  • Sheila

    Mr. Curtis Rivers,
    you took the words out of my mouth, i don’t understand , why when news anchors have Mr. Russell Pearce on the news interviewing him, no reporter ever makes the mention that he is involved with J.T.Ready a known white hate group leader who are shown together in a picture when you google russell pearce., yet he is trying to tell people that the law he wrote is not racist.Duh ,they all think we are dumb.but with this type of thing continuing to happen it tells me that the media does not do it’s fair and balanced ,fact based ,transparent ,job in reporting the TRUTH,the complete news, we saw them embarressed with Mrs. Sherrod because no one did their HOMEWORK, and we learned it with terrible lessons in the wars we are still fighting from the Bush years the blood and treasure spent, the media did not push for the truth they tell us news on a need to know basis,they should be questioning Russell Pearces background and motives in an interview and maybe the rest of the United States would understand why the hispanics ( and now the Asian community)here in Arizona feel the way they do and comment on the law of SB 1070 as they do, because of who wrote it.A racist man and his cohorts with an agenda i feel to do what Charles Manson wanted to do create ‘HELTER SKELTER’ and the second civil war.

  • Jim Hernandez

    Law enforcement sits on the side lines and lets these hatemongers gain momentum because like Max said, many in law enforcement are closet right wing extremist sympathizers and some may even have their hood at the ready in the dark of night!!

  • beholder

    I’ve been keeping an eye on this group for a while. Here’s a clip from a CBS news report:

    Notice TJ Ready brags about how he will “kill them”.

    I think what is happening is a bunch of nobodies have started to get some media publicity at a time when their reckless and very extreme activities are being welcomed by an increasingly radical right mainstream in Arizona. That has encouraged them to seek more media attention by this supposed “capture”.

    Some of these individuals are ex-military and this is a common theme we’ve seen many times on this blog. There is obviously a dynamic flux between discharged military and radical fringe groups, so it makes me wonder if our wartime screening is so weak that it encourages the enlistment of truly dangerous people who should not be getting trained and organized by the government.

    I think as well this emergence into the media of a group that not long ago would have been universally shunned is representative of the festering morals of the right wing and a generalized disintegration of real patriotic values into a powderkeg of rancorous discontent.

    They call themselves patriots but they are base villains who have nothing in common with America’s national interests or values. They look like domestic terrorists waiting for their opportunity to make a statement just like Timothy McVeigh.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Oops, nearly forgot. If you guys aren’t Nazis, why is there an NSM logo in those photos? Why does the guy on the right with the shotgun appear to be wearing a Gebirgsmuze, which appears to have a Wehrmacht eagle on it?

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Jerry, how often do illegals come into your house? I wouldn’t be surprised if “illegals” built your house, or at least many of the shopping centers and businesses you frequent on a daily basis.

    Oh and for Scott Hu–I mean, Harry Hughes, does your American Indian partner know about your work with the National Alliance, National Vanguard, and NSM?

  • Mike Menkes

    They are the tip of the iceberg I believe … Americans are fed up with the Govt doing nothing about this as the political parties jockey to see who can sign them up for their party and get their votes … At least these guys are doing something … God bless them ….

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    It’s really sad that these guys have to play dress up in the desert to feel better about themselves.

  • Sam Molloy

    I’m real sure Arizona has laws similar to other states about unlawful imprisonment. They just need to enforce them.
    I feel for the people being detained in that photo. I hope they know those idiots are not representing American values.

  • Harry L. Hughes

    This is very important. These 11 illegal aliens asked for water. We DID NOT capture them and hold them at gunpoint. The firearms were for our protection as well as theirs. We operate within the law. There are those that would love to twist this into something completely different. The Border Patrol agents also questioned these subjects as to how they came to being in our custody. No Harm. No Foul. No crime was committed on our part.

    Additionally, one of our “Neo-Nazis” is an American Indian. I’m almost positive that the thirsty illegals didn’t care about his political affiliations or ethnicity. Or at least didn’t care for the time being. I’m reasonably sure that if someone is out in the desert for eight days and has run out of water, they will accept water from anyone.

    During the time we were waiting for the Border Patrol to respond, we actually talked to some of these men and they were thankful that we arrived when we did. They also informed us that they had not eaten in two days. As a result, we will also be bringing extra food as well as water on our patrols. These resources come from a few donations, but mostly right out of our pockets.

    How would public opinion change if it became commonly known that so called Neo-Nazi groups were watering and feeding tired and hungry illegal aliens before turning them over to the Border Patrol?

    If we didn’t come along, these men could have easily died out there. The way I see it, it’s better to be a deported illegal alien than a dead one.

    There were quite a few witnesses to these events. As far as the neighbor’s house, the slumlord that owned it was probably the one that arranged to have it torched as the tenants rendered it unlivable.

    Get real people! Learn the facts befiore spouting your hateful anti-white venom.

  • Curtis Rivers

    As a Christian minister, I find it appalling that the AZ law was sponsored by a Neo Nazi sympathizer and a not-so-clandestine racist: Russell Pearce. He had the law written by a FAIR lawyer, and Pearce is at least supportive of many racist organizations and activities. People of faith should recognize where the law originates: in the minds of people who sympathize with the National Socialists and other such groups. C.S. Lewis, the Christian theologian, warned that evil comes into our hearts when we allow our eyes to be turned a tiny bit from God. This law has that effect. It is a product of evil men intent on evil purposes. It is through public acceptance of such men and their laws that Adolf Hitler was able to slaughter the Jews of Europe.

  • Todd

    The cops aren’t arresting “these guys.”
    The cops aren’t arresting illegal aliens either.

    The cops can only do what their boss tells them to do
    and right now the boss is arguing with the other boss.

    I read that in Maywood the police are simply not there anymore. Gone.

    The executive branch is holding current law hostage as leverage to get new law enacted.

    Anything goes folks.

  • Herbert E. Larson

    Ah the few the proud the incredibly stupid, these guys border on the surreal and then some. What I find truly unbelievable is that people of this ilk can think that all the illegal drugs in the country are brought here by Mexicans coming across the border. You can tell they are lacking brain functions by the fat they believe it’s all the border crossers are at fault, and the people who hire them are just innocent bystanders.

  • american wetback

    oh i forgot, and God bless America. what a joke!

  • american wetback

    yeah we are a nation of cowards when it comes to talking about race. but the worst part of it all is that a lot of great men and women fought and died to remove this menace from this planet and thanks to the traitors who have managed to infiltrate the government they have free reign to do whatever they want because they have the right to free speech and their speech is hatred. we dishonor the memory of all those that fought to defeat that pusilanimous twit hitler and his henchmen. we deserve people like this because we allow it as long as its against the other guy, remember when they come for you there wont be anyone left who gives a flying rats tail and then what? call the cops, they will be to busy firing up the ovens. for shame. christian nation my foot.

  • stephen knorr

    I applaud there efforts of catching the illegals . You are totatly wrong people they are breaking the law by not coming here lleglay. These men are doing a great justice for the nation get out if you dont love it here.

  • Jerry Brandt

    Since the government declared that illegals were not illegal, what are those poor people supposed to do? Turn over all their property to the trespassing – stealing – killing innocent people illegals?

    If those illegals came to YOUR house and walked in and took over, what would you do? Feed them, clothe them, give them all your money? Just ask yourself what would you do if it was YOU they were after???? Think about it.

  • Peter M Gatliff

    My biggest fear is unfolding. In 1962 during the Cuban Missile Crisis I asked my father if The Commies were going to destroy the USA. My Fathers replyed,”Son, it want be the Commies that destroy the USA. It will be destroyed from within from a Race War. The kkk and Nazi’s will start a race war”. My Father died 24 years ago. I’m glad he isnt alive to se what’s happenibg in our country. Dad would be truely sad.


    You and I both know that many of the Border Patrol agents are just a Uniform away from being charter members of these Groups Themselves…YES, while there are Agents there-on the ground-that are Respectful and honestly doing their Work…there are many, as in any Law Enforcement arena-who just shouldn’t be there as well as these THUGS posing as righteous vigilantes… This is what AMERICA has become and it is nothing new. We can only hope that TRUE Agents will Step in before any of the Hatred-Fueled Bigots bring harm to anyone-Although I’m not overly concerned-should any Harm come to them—It is JUST what THEY Deserve.

  • RockyMissouri

    Why can’t these guys(Ready and Hughes etc.) be charged as terrorists? I am sorry for anyone who wants to live and work and simply care for their family ……I feel sorry for people who have to endure these creeps and every person who will cross their path—these creeps represent the worst of America…! I’m so very sorry for us all.

  • Pamala

    How can this be legal…snorlax says it best, these crazed haters need to be STOPPED. I feel awful for the people they are attacking. They don’t represent America, or anything about America.

  • Snorlax

    When are the cops going to start arresting these reich wingnuts. They must be breaking some law or other, like incitement to riot or something.

    Urging people to pick up guns and go lone wolf…that is not constitutionally protected free speech, it is shouting fire in a crowded theater.

    It looks like the cops are eager to arrest hard working families who don’t have the right papers, but cops seem to ignore these criminal thugs with guns.

  • von

    I don’t understand why the FBI does not arrest any of these guys by doing nothing it encourages these groups to do whatever they want.

  • Alan Aardman

    These guys seem far more dangerous than your ordinary disgruntled, unemployed white male bigot. This isn’t decentralized “They took our jobs” style racism spoken from the tailgate of a rusted 1993 Ford Ranger, these people are making hit lists and stockpiling paramilitary-type weaponry.

    Why is local law enforcement sitting on the sidelines.

  • Carter

    I know a little about the law in the state of AZ and these “super-men” are headed for one Hell of a legal lesson.
    I deeply & dearly pray that no one is harmed by their narrow minded idiocy.
    It’s good you all put this out in public. Quite few people read this blog (who don’t post as far as I know) & I pretty sure that this will be noted & discussed by the appropriate authorities.

    No matter what one believes regarding the illegal boarder crossings, the state does not need nit-wits detaining anyone. Especially in a sensitive & complex arena such as the boarder.

    If they don’t get shut down fairly fast, they may just meet up with a bit more then they can chew out there.