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U.S. Neo-Nazi, Back From Estonia, Bedevils Montana

By Larry Keller on August 25, 2010 - 8:53 am, Posted in Neo-Nazi

The last time Hatewatch caught up with Craig Cobb, the veteran neo-Nazi and creator of the white nationalist website Podblanc, he was about to be kicked out of his adopted home country of Estonia. That happened. Now, it turns out that Estonia’s loss is Montana’s pain.

Cobb has surfaced in Big Sky Country, where he and fellow white supremacist Zachariah Harp are scheduled to show a Holocaust denial film at the Kalispell Public Library on Sept. 9. A room there was reserved in the name of the “Creativity Religion.”

Cobb and Harp are followers of The Creativity Movement, a self-styled racist and anti-Semitic religious organization that worships no deity, but proclaims that “what is good for the white race is the highest virtue, and what is bad for the white race is the ultimate sin.” (The Creativity Movement is the new name for what was once known as the World Church of the Creator. Its 1990s leader, Matt Hale, is now serving a 40-year prison sentence for soliciting the murder of a federal judge.)

Cobb, 58, founded Podblanc in 2007 after he moved from the United States to Estonia. Modeled after YouTube, the site featured videos with content that included combat handgun training and instructions on how to make Molotov cocktails and other explosive devices, and extolled “lone wolf” terrorism, including hate-crime murders of non-whites and Jews. One popular and deeply disturbing video on Podblanc, which is currently inactive, showed Russian neo-Nazis beheading and shooting Asiatic immigrants. Another featured a log-wielding skinhead bashing in the head of an African immigrant.

One of Podblanc’s avid viewers was Keith Luke, a mentally disturbed young man in Brockton, Mass. Luke is now awaiting trial on charges of shooting to death two West African immigrants the day after President Obama’s inauguration in January 2009, and attempting to kill a third after raping her. During a videotaped interview with detectives, Luke said he spent most of his free time on racist websites, especially Podblanc, which he said “spoke the truth about the demise of the white race.” At his first court hearing, Luke appeared with a bloody swastika freshly cut into his forehead with a prison razor.

After Estonian officials ordered him out of the country last year — because he was seen as a threat to public safety and morals, Cobb said — he showed up in Finland. He was soon deported back to Estonia, where he was jailed, then released and banned from the country for 10 years. From there, Cobb apparently went to Vancouver, had trouble with Canadian authorities because of his white supremacist activities, and moved to Montana.

Harp is a Kalispell native and the son of a former Montana state legislator. He has “been a central player in the Flathead Valley’s white supremacist movement for some time,” said Travis McAdam, executive director of the anti-racist Montana Human Rights Network. The Flathead Valley is in the northwest corner of the state, near Glacier National Park. “There’s been a tremendous upswing in white supremacist activity in the Flathead area over the past two years and adding somebody like Craig Cobb to the mix is not a good sign,” McAdam said.

Cobb is only the latest white supremacist to reserve a room at the Kalispell library to show Holocaust denial films. In the past few months, Karl Gharst has done the same thing under the name of the “Kalispell Christian Alliance.” Gharst’s group also has booked a library room for another film next Tuesday.

Gharst has his own unpleasant history. In 2004, he pleaded guilty to charges stemming from his threatening a social worker who he called a “greasy, turd-colored mongrel” and a “wild savage from the Flathead Indian Reservation,” according to the Daily Interlake newspaper. He also was one of two members of the neo-Nazi Aryan Nations to run for City Council in Hayden, Idaho, in 2003. Both men lost, with Gharst getting a mere 42 votes. Aryan Nations founder Richard Butler — whom Gharst was living with at the time — ran for mayor in the same election and was similarly trounced, getting less than 2% of the votes cast. Butler died the following year.

Members of another white separatist group, Kalispell Pioneer Little Europe, worked with Gharst in organizing the previous film showings. One of them, April Gaede, was arrested along with her husband on misdemeanor charges stemming from a scuffle with somebody outside the library at one of the showings. Gaede, who lives in Kalispell, enjoyed a brief moment of national infamy several years ago as the neo-Nazi stage mom for her teenage twin daughters’ singing duo, Prussian Blue. More recently, she has tried her hand at being a white nationalist matchmaker.

So many neo-Nazis reserving rooms at the Kalispell library has caused some grief for Kim Crowley, director of the Flathead County Library System. “We do get calls from people who are upset. There is some confusion that we are sponsoring the programs.” Now the library requires groups reserving library rooms to give the sponsor’s name and state on their fliers that the library isn’t sponsoring their event. But the groups have been allowed to continue their activities. Crowley says the library is the equivalent of a town square, where people of varying viewpoints can exercise their First Amendment right to speak their minds. “It’s my duty to allow the room to be used for almost anything people want to use it for,” she says.

If Karl Gharst’s experience is a good barometer, Craig Cobb will see far more protesters than sympathizers when he stages his event — thanks in large part to the work of McAdams’ group. The three previous Nazi revisionist films drew perhaps six to 15 people each time, Crowley says. Sign-carrying protesters turned out at all three of them, with more than 250 showing up most recently, Crowley says.

  • tony eskue

    that these same people use the same public information system that was set up by, ole ben franklin, to spread the news, the news that is most right…maybe sometime correct…long live the library

  • kevin

    I wanted to note that we are lucky to have dedicated public servants like Kim Crowley director of the Flathead County Library System. It is rewarding to see people like her who recognize that no matter how hateful the message the First Amendment protects the right of all people to speak in a public forum.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    WNs can be a strange breed when on the internet. For example, in their daily life they know very well that most white gentiles despise their belief system. They conceal their politics in the work place and many of them actually get on amicably with non-white co-workers(begging the question why can’t they just relax about other races altogether). When on the net however, they enter a fantasy role-playing game where “whites” epically battle “Jews”, the latter usually being any person arguing with them who identifies themselves as white. Often the first response you get is something like “you write like a Jew”, or they start referring to you as though you were Jewish. It’s as if they forgot that most white people are against their values.

    These exchanges are really the only opportunity they have to engage in their battle with the mythical super-Jews they have invented.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Yes, Cobb most likely ran into the startling reality that nobody in Estonia gives a damned about how he is “part German” or “part Irish” or whatever, and that they see him as simply American, regardless of color. My guess is he spent little time actually learning about Estonian culture, much less learning the language. Of course he must have found nationalists who, at least in his presence, feign interest in pan-“white” politics, but surely he found that the majority of Estonians don’t care about race, and that they would never accept the idea of embracing Russians as their “white brothers”.

  • Shadow Wolf

    I’ve debated Yeagley a few times in the recent past. The guy’s a complete wacknut. Not a single “Comanche” Native supports him. And no prominent tribal leaders(even Republicans) support him. Yet, the guy still claims to be “voice of conservative in indian country”. Which is all quite laughable. Because the events in which he is invited to speak, are non-Native events. There is no known legit Native organization that David Yeagley supports or have been supported of.

    And btw, I’m no an expert on Yeagley, don’t really care to know much about the “Apple”. Just my 2 cents.
    Actually, I don’t think he is an “apple”. Since the legitimacy of his “indian blood” is still under debate/questioning. The guy has yet to prove his Native ancestry. And would not submit a DNA sample.

  • Mason Green

    Speaking of Wikipedia (see my earlier comment), James Edwards of The Political Cesspool is trying to get his minions to edit the show’s Wikipedia article. He also claims that the primary contributor to the article is a “Zionist” Jew who attented some seminar in Israel.


    Which is ridiculous, because _I_ am the primary contributor to The Political Cesspool’s Wikipedia article. I’ve never been to Israel, I’ve never lived anywhere except Minnesota, and I love ham and bacon. Once again, James Edwards has exposed himeslf as a paranoid fool who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Maybe he should get a new career as a comedian.

  • daemonesslisa

    Craig Cobb is doing what a lot of these white nationalists who are all about the Europe will never do: actually go to Europe…

    And when he gets there, he tends to find out that he just isn’t welcome because most Europeans don’t care for his stupid s–t. That lesson, naturally, is gonna be lost on the stupid f’ing white nationalists that stay here and keep talking about how much whiter/better Europe is.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    “He also attempted, unsuccessfully, to find an Estonian wife”

    Hilarious, and typical of sexual dysfunctional WNs. Rest assured that like many WN leaders, getting laid was at least 90% of his reason for going to Estonia. When they are shocked to find that women in these countries don’t really give a damn about “saving the white race,” it’s off to the brothel.

    His idea to move to Belarus is hilarious- he would get himself beaten down and deported very quickly.

  • Mason Green

    I often edit Wikipedia, and I’ve run into quite a few crazy people over there. A while ago, I encountered Cobb trying to remove unflattering information from his own Wikipedia entry. He was subsequently blocked from editing for making legal threats against Wikipedia; he also seemed paranoid that people were trying to kill him:

    Subsequently, someone set up an account on Podblanc with the same username that I use to edit Wikipedia. It seems obvious that Cobb was attempting to smear me by impersonating me off-wiki.

    A similar thing happened with David Yeagley. I myself had nominated the article on him for deletion, because I didn’t think enough reliable sources had written about him to make him notable, and also because the article as it was written made no mention of his extreme views (instead, it misleadingly described him as “conservative”). Yeagley’s article was eventually deleted, which made him hopping mad, and he too threatened to sue Wikipedia, which led to him being banned from the site.

    Yeagley also posted rants relating to the Wikipedia incident on his own blog, and he personally attacked quite a few editors. Oddly, he _didn’t_ mention me, even though I was the one who had nominated his article for deletion in the first place.