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Judge Upholds Restraining Order Against Leading Nativist

By Alexander Zaitchik on September 8, 2010 - 1:24 pm, Posted in Anti-Immigrant

A superior court in Arizona has ruled that Chris Simcox, the disgraced former head of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (MCDC), must continue to maintain distance from his estranged wife Alena and their children. In recent years, MCDC was one of the most important of the country’s anti-immigration extremist groups, but the organization has been considerably weakened of late.

“The court finds that conflicting testimony has been presented on every allegation and the court must make a determination of credibility,” The Washington Times quotes Maricopa County Superior Court Commissioner J. Justin McGuire as writing in his decision. “The court finds by a preponderance of the evidence that there is reasonable cause to believe that the defendant has committed an act of domestic violence within the last year. The court further finds that good cause exists to continue the order of protection in this case.”

The decision continues the case that began last spring when, as Hatewatch reported at the time, Alena Lyras Simcox accused Simcox of threatening her and their children with loaded handguns on two occasions in late 2009. According to her testimony, Simcox also threatened to shoot police if his wife called them to their home in Scottsdale, Ariz. Although Simcox denied the allegations, in April a Phoenix judge ordered Simcox to move out of the Scottsdale house, surrender his guns and maintain a distance of at least 200 yards from his family. The following month, we described how Simcox had taken to pleading with his remaining followers for support.

As the Southern Poverty Law Center noted in 2005, this latest legal tussle is part of a long history of alleged domestic abuse. Simcox’s first wife accused him of attempting to molest their teenage daughter. His second wife filed a successful emergency motion to obtain full custody of their teenage son because she thought Simcox had “suffered a mental breakdown and was dangerous.”

Some things, it seems, never change.

  • Dragonfire

    Maybe its about time Lemons contacts her !

  • Dragonfire

    The story is not over .. there is much , much more that needs to be told . After the end of the abuse and suffering that Alena Simcox and her Son endured . This man is still able to live a normal life . While the imprint of hurt will always be on her family . The shadow of the gun pointed at her head that her,small Son saw still haunts him . The fact that the man needs to pay child support for his two beautiful daughters . The fact that the man turned Alena’s own Mother against her in an epic battle . Please someone tell the end of the story contact Alena Simcox …… find out the truth !!!!!!!

  • skinnyminny

    Thanks Shadow Wolf, I will check it out!

  • Shadow Wolf

    Here’s something to chuckle about. In this blog written by a “Freedumb Fighter” known “Minute Man Pete”, has proudly stated Chris Simcox as a true hero. According to its blog. Underneath SImcox’s mug states:
    “Free Simcox”

    I am not sure if the fool is even locked up. And if he is, well good for him.
    But anyhow, “Minute Man Pete” is a loony caricatured “Americun representin” the “Troo AmeriKKKans”. You can read “Minute Man Pete’s” blog here:

    Whoever authored that blog, I hope they keep em coming. We could all use a laugh.

  • skinnyminny

    Shadow Wolf,
    Yes, I am aware of the losses. I was mentioning this because, he did a fundraiser in Orange County, and the Costa Mesa city council have tried following in Arpaio’s footsteps, they have declared Costa Mesa a non-immigrant city, they are targeting latino lunch trucks…..San Diego, a congressman is trying to repeal the 14th amendment “anchor babies.”

    I agree, he is hated by the majority here, however, the republicans in this state is trying to implement some of the policies of “Aryan-zona.” (Sorry, but, I just love this name, Aryan-zona, so excuse me if I use it. Hopefully that’s okay with you.) Thanks.

  • Shadow Wolf


    In case you haven’t heard of this yet. All of the candidates Shurf Arpayaso endorsed, held fundraisers for, in Cali, have lost. All of them. Not a single candidate won because of his endorsement. It seems that arpaio’s support in Cali, really means nada. You should know this, since you are from California. He is well hated by the majority there. Due in part, because of the rather large Hispanic population.

    Now arpaio is toying with the idea of running for the Prez in 2012. That senile septaugenarian gendarme is s***ing in his pants as usual. But the nativist simpletons love that.

  • skinnyminny

    Shadow Wolf,
    I’m in Calif – I asked about ‘2012’ because it’s repeated here at anti-immigrant marches. BTW, we are neighbors, and Arpaio visits/fundraises here in Calif, as well, our nativists…comes to “Aryan-zona” (gee, I love this, I had never heard this before, Aryan-zona).

    I see your point in Simcox. I guess I see it differently, just like with J.T. running for a local seat. Sometimes, it appears these people can hide their past by moving to different states and changing their names. So most of us will have no clue who they are. Like Beck, most people don’t know he was fired from several radio stations in the past for making racist comments, and his former drug addiction. He (Beck) will talk about his drinking problem, but rarely, if ever, talk about his racist past. But, CNN, being a second chance for people with troubled past, hired him and this is what made him almost famous.

  • Shadow Wolf

    This is exactly why I asked–why give the guy anymore limelight? Reporting on him or not, but it seems quite un-necessary to give the pathetic man any more publicity as of late. Sure, the dude has personal issues with his ex wife(wives) and *WAS* a major player in the anti-immigration movement, hence–MCDC. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to defend the man. To me, he is nothing more than a has been, a washed up hopeless drunk, who lost his reputation after his departure of MCDC. This is why so many prominent anti-immgrant leaders and groups are staying away from Simcox. Which is why he’s been in the dark, since his boot from the Hayworth campaign earlier this year. And may eventually slither away altogether.
    Seriously, there is really not much to report on Simcox these days.
    Unless of course, he makes a huge comeback of sorts…..

    As for Russell Pearce, all this immigration fight, is personal for him. So I won’t disagree with what you said. For hiis worst legislature is yet to come. The one where he revokes the 14th Amendment Rights to “anchor babies” born to illegal aliens. Then who knows what his next plan is after that??? A legislature attacking Hispanic Americans??? Obviously, we all know he hates Hispanics, no matter what their status quo is.

    “2010 is coming for you”

    I don’t know what state you live in. But if you are aware of who’s being voting for in the local election primaries here in Sandland. I guess that is what they meant by that. We have some of the most avid anti-immigrant/Hispanic demagogues being voted for in office. There are almost no good news and alot of bad news about that. The list is just too long to say the least. But here’s is some insight as of what’s at play:

    Good news:
    Arpaio’s favorite sidekick, former & disgraced–County Attorney Andrew Thomas is out of the A.G’s race, after he lost to Tom Horne in the primary.

    Bad news:
    Andrew Thomas’s top aide, Sheriff Joe endorsed lap dawg–Bill Montgomery wins the primary for the C.A.
    This means he may re-hire Thomas as a legal advisor or something like that. But we’ll see what happens. But we hell know, he’ll defend arpaio and his atrocious racist Hispanic “crime suppression sweeps” and other MSCO criminalities.

    Bads News:
    The Democrats in Arizona are woefully weak and inept. They have no chances against virtually any Republican. None, nada, nyat.

    Jan Brewer will no doubt be our next Gov. pandering to extremists like Russell Pearce and arpaio, all while playing sock puppet.(noticed she has no mind of her own, how sad.)

    Tom Horne, who designed the racist legislature banning “ethnic studies” in public schools, will no doubt be the next state’s A.G. Only the Lord knows what he’ll do as the next A.G.

    You can rest assure, that Arizona will not be Hispanic friendly come 2012.

  • skinnyminny

    Shadow Wolf,
    I normally agree with your comments. But this one about not reporting on Simcox, I disagree. Here’s why, these racists are creating a hostile and dangerous environment for all minorities. This is, what I believe, will be handed down to future generations. I believe that when people get involved in activities such as this, it should follow them for the rest of their lives, much like a credit report/criminal record. For instance, with Russell Pearce, I found that he had an ongoing dislike of legal/illegal brown people – back when he was a deputy and a dog bit off part of his finger, up to his son being shot by an undocumented immigrant. I personally believe this is what help shape the laws they are creating in “Aryan-zona.”

    Yesterday, in Thousand Oaks, Calif – swastikas and the words ‘white power,’ was scrawled on garages and cars throughout this neighborhood.

    In Los Angeles, the Westlake area (in the Rampart police district) since Sunday, we have been having large protests, with police officers/police buildings being pelted with rocks, bricks, eggs…reason, a Guatemalan immigrant was shot in the head twice and killed by police. Police allege the immigrant charged them with a knife – the community says the migrant didn’t have to be killed. (BTW, I had mentioned months ago that police were shooting people in the head).

    IMHO, Simcox may have stopped bashing immigrants, however, with this movement widespread, I’m thinking he’s saying to himself, ‘my work is done.’ Meaning, he doesn’t have to go out publicly because others have picked up on this and they are doing more than he alone can do. MCDC may be defunct, but, I believe their legacy will live on.

    Now, here’s a question I have for you (I’m not being sarcastic, I just believe you are more informed than I am), is this what the racists meant by “2012 is coming for you?” That this was about the elections in November and 2012 – is this a prelude, meaning all the racial hostilities is what to come when the GOP gain all seats (house, senate, and admin)? Thanks for your reply!

  • Shadow Wolf

    So the saga continues on the pathetic and miserable life of Chris Simcox. Recently, the wife-beater was booted from “the Huckster” aka “the informercial pitchman” J.D. Hayworth’s campaign, as a campaign manager(or was it?). When it was discovered that he was “WANTED:[dead or alive]” by a friend of Alena and former member of MCDC, handing out fliers as a supposed bounty hunter. It just gets wacky from there.

    Anyhow, now that the self- described “consistent conservative” J.D. Hayworth lost the campaign bid for Senate against old man McCain. It seems that Simcox may be unemployed as of now.

    Heck, I don’t think its even worth reporting on the loon any longer, if things are going downhill for him. And that he’s already been out of the immigrant bashing bandwagon for quite some time. Because of all the recent negative publicity. Thank God, eh?

    And btw, the MCDC is now defunct.