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Fox News Host Embraces Conspiracist With Race War Theory

By Leah Nelson on October 15, 2010 - 3:37 pm, Posted in Anti-Latino, Conspiracies, Media Extremism

Gravelly voiced conspiracy theorist Alex Jones touts himself as one of the few daring souls willing to tell the “truth” about 9/11 being an inside job, the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s plans to intern dissidents in “death camps,” and the “New World Order” plot to exterminate 80% of the world’s population. The Austin, Texas-based radio host suggests that he is a lone voice “in the wilderness” of a corporate media too cowardly to tell the truth about looming disaster.

But at least one member of that media has shown Jones nothing but love. Judge Andrew Napolitano, senior judicial analyst for Fox News and host of the Fox Business program “Freedom Watch,” calls Jones a “dear friend” who is “doing more than anybody I know” to “educate the public” with “courage and fearlessness.” Jones responds by calling Napolitano the “best person” on national TV. Last Friday, according to liberal watchdog Media Matters for America, Napolitano was on Jones’ show for at least the sixth time, and promised to soon bring Jones on to “Freedom Watch,” which he announced was expanding from the weekend to weekdays.

Maybe they’ll get a chance to discuss a Jones theory that’s a little more racially charged than much of his usual fare: a purported secret plan on the part of undocumented Mexican immigrants to murder all whites over 16.

Jones has been railing on about the so-called Plan de San Diego since 2005, when he began to talk about the genocidal plot by radical Mexican immigrants — a “Hispanic Klan,” in Jones’ words — to start a race war against U.S. whites. As Jones described it then in his “Nightmare Racism and Open Call for Revolution” blog post, he found out about the plot at an Austin event where a number of Latinos were wearing “Plan de San Diego” T-shirts. A group of Jones’ unnamed pals — including a “Hispanic friend,” a Spanish-speaking University of Texas professor and someone “who has taken Latin-American studies” — told him the rest: A “powerful revolutionary core” of “extremist Mexican hate groups” is currently “dedicated to overthrowing Texas and setting up a racial state.” Jones did not name the groups.

Buzz about the purported conspiracy is still making the rounds today. It’s hit the message board of, the world’s premiere white supremacist website; bounced to a racist Facebook page calling for the boycott of Robert Rodriguez’s movie “Machete,” and showed up on the nativist hate site

In his September 2005 blog post, Jones claimed that a third of the Latinos he spoke to at the Austin event “said that Texas was [part of] Mexico and that they were taking over.” Some, Jones claimed, even said that “all whites would be killed and that the entirety of the Americas would be only for ‘indigenous peoples.’” Jones doesn’t explain why the people he spoke to would share all of these details of the anti-white conspiracy with an obvious Anglo.

As it happens, there was a real Plan de San Diego. But it emerged from a Monterey, Mexico, jailhouse in 1915, during the Mexican Revolution of 1910-1920. The plan called for Mexicans to kill whites over 16 in Texas, which had been part of Mexico until 1848. Several dozen U.S. citizens were murdered, but the U.S. hit back hard. A 1919 Texas legislative inquiry found that between 300 and 5,000 Mexicans were killed by the Texas Rangers, an elite police force, in retaliation.

And that was the end of that.

What Jones later described as the “illegal alien rally” in Austin where he learned of the purported Latino conspiracy was actually a Mexican Independence Day celebration. If anyone there was wearing a Plan of San Diego shirt, it was at worst a statement of nationalistic pride in a lost cause, basically akin to a Confederate flag T-shirt. Poor taste bordering on the offensive, yes, but hardly a coded call to arms.

And the “frothing and screaming” Jones says he encountered at the hands of the Latino celebrants? Jones brought a bullhorn and a crowd of “Texans for Freedom” — an antigovernment group he heads — “to educate other well-meaning celebrants” of Mexican Independence Day about the “racist groups that were preaching their message in the Hispanic community.” The “well-meaning celebrants,” apparently, did not welcome Jones’ message.

So far, Jones’ main platform has been his radio show and two Internet websites. But now, thanks to Napolitano, that may be changing. In a March 2009 appearance on Napolitano’s “Freedom Watch,” which then was only on, Jones expressed appreciation for the Fox website’s decision to have him as a guest. “Thank you, Fox,” he said, “you guys are getting radical having me on over there.”

It isn’t clear if Napolitano knows about Jones’ ideas about a murderous Mexican plot to kill whites and bring Texas back into the Mexican fold. But last Friday, on Jones’ show, he did bring up the topic of Texas secession. “Guess what?” he told Jones. “That time has come. That may actually happen.”

  • Rolf

    Hi Beverly! Glad i’m not the only one. I wish you well!

  • Beverly Kurtin, Ph.D.

    Today is election day. I’m disgusted with the number of people who didn’t bother to vote. It’s raining and for every inch of rain a certain percentage of people don’t vote. I spoke with my wheelchair repair technician and discovered that he hadn’t voted. I thanked him for giving me two votes. “Two votes? How do you figure that out?” I told him that I voted, he didn’t, thus my vote counted twice.

    I’ve made arrangements to leave the United States if the Republicants win and our present governor wins. I love the United States but REFUSE to live with the tyrannical way that the so-called GOP’s number one goal: Make President Obama a one-term president by DELIBERATELY blocking his agenda even when it is a REPUBLICANT goal!

    The Tea Party is a mishmash of what they term “ideas.” Sharron Angle scares the hell out of me; she won’t tell us what she intends to do BECAUSE SHE DOESN’T KNOW WHAT SHE WANTS TO DO.

    The number one issue is supposed to be the economy. That was left to us by the most useless excuse for a president ever: George W. Bush. He destroyed the economy by his wars that has killed thousands of our kid’s blood and the innocent citizens of the wars he caused.

    I will not watch what I feel is one of the best presidents we’ve ever had being lied about. “We want to take back our country” is Tea Party talk for “Let’s kick the nig*er out of office” even to the point of attempting to impeach him! FOR WHAT CRIMES?

    I am saddened to have to leave the country of my birth, but the ignorance of people who will not vote, who are not even registered to vote turns my stomach.

    Good bye, America. I love you, but I loath the Republicants.

  • Rolf

    What I find strange about this is that for years, Alex Jones had been against Fox, and throughout the years, I’ve seen him slowly warming up to them and vice versa. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that they both share right-wing ideologies. I’ve also seen how fringe groups on the right and the mainstream right once fervently against the other, have come together. The Tea Party was once considered a joke by the mainstream has now garnered support from such as the likes of Fox News and Palin. All of these ideas, many right and center are coming together on the Right. I don’t want to say this is anything more than reminiscent to the sinister political divide that allowed the nazis (considered a joke party) to take power during the economic woes that struck Germany after WWI, but there seem to be similarities. We’re suffering from our own economic disasters, and there’s this extremist party of ‘patriots’ that came from “out of nowhere” that seems to be gaining popularity among a certain strata of our society.

  • Frank

    Alex Jones is a bit of a joke, when it comes to conspiracy researchers. He’s been called out on his lies many times by fellow researchers. He even had the gall to insult David Icke, who has done far better and far deeper research into these matters for longer than Jones has, when he should be trying to work with him and learn from him.
    That doesn’t mean that everything Jones says is wrong, but it’s too simplistic and reaches the wrong conclusions. He’s just another right wing shill who can’t see the forest for the trees. I think the 9/11 Truth movement would do good to distance themselves from this man and carry on with their work.
    Also, I would say that those calling him ‘delusional’ and ‘nutjob’ need to do some research themselves before typing away. There are people and groups who do a far better job at revealing the truth behind what’s really going on in the world than Jones does. Stop smearing people who have a different view of things with juvenile remarks that they’re ‘crazy’ and need ‘psychiatric help’. It doesn’t help anything.

  • Cannabis

    It’s easy to rip on Jones, however, the larger story is the fact that journalism on a whole has steadily got worse year after year in the US. MSNBC and Fox no longer tolerate dissenting views because they found out that viewers are more likely to keep watching a show they agree with. That’s why on Keith Olberman he’ll interview the head of Media Matters, meanwhile on O Reilly, he’ll bring out Dennis Miller. It’s all an attempt to keep people from switching the channel. Then we have CNN which displayed its true colors during the Avange interview. Instead of highlighting all the new revelations from the largest leak in the history of US history (which also proves the entire Iraq war has been one big lie) they choose to talk about how Avange yelled at a former employee. All they care about is ratings, at least adding Jones to the list makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is what we actually call journalism any longer in the US.

  • J Carlson

    The word ‘nutjob’ doesn’t seem adequate to describe this guy’s delusions. May he remain a ‘lone voice in the wilderness’, emphasis on ‘wilderness’.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Lou, do give us a list of all the violent acts committed by Muslims in the US, providing some direct sources.

  • Walt Mansfield

    AZTLAN!! No, that doesn’t come from my lips but from those who wish, plan, desire the annexation of the Southwest US. I agree with the comment that it will take luck to do that to Texas and that California will willingly give up. That latin plan has been around for some time and SPLC knows it well.

    About Alex Jones… while so many “news outlets” poo-pooed” the idea that FEMA was developing camps and planned to be the strong-arm of any martial law declaration, InfoWars took a stand and covered that news daily. He along with others helped break the story that FEMA was recruiting American Clergy to assist in martial law plans with their Clergy Response Teams. Not that he and the other news sources needed any validity, but a CBS affiliate in Shreveport LA, a year later, covered those teams as they operated in the aftermath of Katrina, assisting law enforcement with gun confiscation.

    SPLC may just receive an award from La Raza.

  • skinnyminny

    Tom Clark,
    you’re so funny! Wow! ROTFLMAO – and loudly! You are accusing us of being pro-muslim, lalala, yet, you are watching FOX which is co-owned by a Saudi Prince. That’s right, the second largest shareholder is none other than a Saudi Prince. Ha, whose your daddy? Or should I say ‘Man Up!’

  • Loretta

    Fox programming is so bias I can’t stand to watch over one minute and I have to change the channel. These people with their insanity could cause major problems for the American government and that is very scary.
    Thanks for all the work that SPLC does to keep us informed because most of this information would never be known to the majority.

  • Lou Stouch

    Economy in Texas is clicking on all cylinders, and the Governor – who I saw on CNBC here a month or so ago, gets it. It all starts with business. Too bad the White House hasnt figured that out.

    And Tom Clark may have been overly detailed in his comments on muslim hate groups, but his assertion is 100% accurate. SPLC has given coverage only to anti-muslim acts. Nothing on the Holyland Foundation Trial, nothing on the plethora of violent acts by offended muslims. Least, not that I can recall.

  • Sam Molloy

    The current governor of Texas is of Hispanic descent, es verdad? seems like most people there want to live together in peace.

  • Ethan

    Tom, pardon me for asking,but would you happen to have a confederate flag hanging out side your home.listen tom stop weeping,blame your folkes.But don’t worry,the GOV is not going to come and take your weapons,so if i were you,i would stick to reading comic books! Hang in there MR.T life is much too short to be so angry.

  • Tom Clark

    You people make me sick. You pick and choose your hate groups based on political slant and personal opinion. You have no problem with Islam and it’s relentless encroachment activities. The Imam’s praying on the plane scam, the Ground Zero Mosque, the Saudi schools all over the place, the Saudi funded mosques all over the country, the placement of “devout Mulsims” in sensitive positions within the DHS, the Shoe Bomber, the Times Square Bomber, the Christmas Underpants Bomber, The Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, ISNA, MAS, MSA and on and on and nothing from you p eople and today NPR firing Juan Williams for saying Muslims in native attire on an airplane make him nervous. Give me a break. Did I mention that you make me sick.

    Thanks for the opportunity to speak,

    Tom Clark
    Virginia Beach, Va.

  • Snorlax

    Three years ago, Alex Jones was spewing the exact same conspiracy theories. Except that he was saying Bush and Cheney were building the FEMA death camps and were behind the 9-11 inside job.

    The only difference is that Jones has replaced the name “Bush” with the name “Obama”.

    Blaming a different bunch of people for the same conspiracies is ridiculous.

    Alex Jones needs to get a mental health intake eval and get the help and meds he obviously needs.

  • Lou Stouch

    Fox this and Fox that. People, Fox is trouncing MSNBC, CNBC and all of the other news networks in viewers because we are sick and tired of the liberal pablum which they spew. So we have one network to balance the liberal MSM, and it just kills you people, huh? They must be doing something right.

    As for the Mexican plan to take back Texas and/or California, well, good luck with Texas – haha! California, they’ll just roll over and die like spineless good little boys and girls. Cali is where most of the “sanctuary cities” are, no? Heck, they are halfway home already.

  • IludiumPhosdex

    UPDATE: Media Matters for America and People For the American Way have just launched an appeal called, which uses the Tides Foundation’s call for national advertisers to pull all advertising from Fox News altogether as its rallying cry.

  • skinnyminny

    I forgot to add, the general public that subscribes to cable is also paying for this crap and the millions paid to political candidates – here’s how I gather this opinion, FOX have, in my opinion, strong-armed cable companies for higher fees, in turn, our (the general public-subscribers) have all received higher cable bills.

    The question is, is this LEGAL, for subscribers to foot the bill for political candidates?

  • skinnyminny

    Here are some other suggestions, at least what I can think of. There are people that pressure companies/pensions/churches, not to invest in corporations that sell tobacco, alcohol, sex….meaning, they pressure them not to buy stocks (shares) in these type of corporations.

    There are people that pressure media/FCC that have programming during family hours that is assumed to be non-suitable for children/young adults. Meaning, some shows must come on after 11p.m. and it must have a rating.

    Fox may have sports, however, if the public is successful in their voices, the sports franchises will run for other media outlets, i.e. NBC.

    I mentioned the part about investing in stocks (investors) because as a shareholder, you are considered owner of the corporation. If the company loses, you lose. If you are a bondholder, you are considered a creditor. If the company loses, you will be paid before the shareholders. This brings me to mention that at the recent shareholder meeting, Murdoch told the shareholders that if they don’t like that he and the board paid out millions to political candidates they can vote them off the board. In reality, the shareholders can sell their shares and get their money back. To me this is a ‘up yours and in your face’ type attitude for Murdoch tell the crowd if they don’t like it with their money? I haven’t checked, but I am certain if there is a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual dividend, it is a small dividend (money they pay to investors when they make money). Again, shareholders need to take control of their company, afterall, it is their company – Murdoch may be the largest shareholder, but that doesn’t mean he has to be on the board of directors either! And it doesn’t mean that people don’t have the decision to sell their shares and invest in a company that will use their money appropriately or in line with what they want.

    Finally, I really think people need to see the movies Wall Street, and the movie Other People’s Money with Danny Devito to see how arrogant rich men will come in to buy companies then destroy the unions and break up the companies or just outright sell the company just to show they can (out of spite).

  • IludiumPhosdex

    As for other sites identifying Fox News advertisers, two I can think of are (as deals primarily with Glenn Beck’s programme) and Turn Off Fox, a project of Buzzflash/Truthout.

    But then again, how do we know Alex Jones’ claims weren’t under the influence of Al Cohol, Mary Jane Warner and/or Old Doctor Snow?

  • Carter

    I can think of a response other than a boycotting some products: logical dialog in the face of bigotry or lack of logic.

    I have been on most every large scale right-wing radio show that the general public is aware of except Alex Jones (he’s next). I have some experience from those episodes that I would pass on to others who may want to confront stupidity straight on.

    I learned some VERY solid lessons from my experiences. One of my first experiences and one where I got a serious beating was with Rush Limbaugh in the very late 1990’s (’99?). I leaned a lot from hard knocks.
    Radio talk show hosts have generally several things going for them. They have a fact finder right next to them. They also have a piece of paper which they take notes and don’t simply wait their turn to speak, they LISTEN [while you are talking very carefully] to what you are saying. They also have a time-technique where they can cut to commercial if they get punched too many times. And they TAKE NOTES copiously.

    I learned to ALWAYS have a computer on and connected to fact checking web-site, as well as having statistics READY and notes from where they were obtained from (make sure to use government sources). I always have writing paper and take NOTES while listening very carefully to what the person is saying – SPECIFICALLY.

    If it’s Alex Jones and the “911-Truthers”; make sure you get your information from scientific journals and articles from sources such as the International Society of Explosive Engineers (a member from which; beat the pants off a 911-truther previously in a debate). Be very polite and always stay on message even if personally attacked.

    I had a WONDERFUL bout with Micheal Savage because I didn’t loose my temper when he called me names (when he became frustrated) in loosing a discussion vividly on his show.
    I had facts from noted medical journals (the discussion was on sexual preference & if it’s a distinct causation of contagion). When “Dr.” Savage got put in the corner from medical Journals (always name the Journal first then the article, then the response); he called names & had his traditional tantrum…..
    Don’t be intimidated to call him out & explain that the host is off message and that the discussion bears impact on medical fact; don’t pause politely – then but throw another “zinger” such as “he is obviously ill prepared to discuss something of this nature due to his faulty facts”
    Always try to end the conversation politely and even laugh or lightly chuckle when you know he’ll got to commercial or hang-up……try for the last word.. If the host looses his temper remind the audience that he is loosing his temper!

    These are the techniques that Rush has perfected and people like Savage or Alex Jones (who are very emotional & ego-centric) don’t do that well.

    It’s much more productive to publicly prove someone wrong than to attempt to keep them from speaking freely (w/ boycotts & the like) in my opinion. The public’s perception is important. Shutting someone up may do more for their point of view than meeting them straight on and allowing the public to make up it’s own mind!

  • P

    The only response I can think of (other than supporting SPLC, of course) is to boycott companies that advertise on Fox, and to let those advertisers know. Here’s one place to start: . Does anyone know of others?