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American Front Founder David Lynch Shot to Death

By Heidi Beirich on March 2, 2011 - 11:49 am, Posted in Extremist Crime, Racist Skinheads

Early this morning, a man was killed and a woman injured in a shooting in Citrus Heights, Calif., a suburb of Sacramento. Law enforcement authorities said the man, who was shot in the head and torso, was found dead inside the home. The woman, who was shot in the leg, was taken to a local hospital for treatment. Local media reports said that two children were believed by law enforcement to have been inside the home at the time of the shooting.

Law enforcement sources have confirmed to Hatewatch that the man who was shot was David Lynch, 40, and his death is being treated as a homicide.

Lynch was a clever and charismatic racist skinhead organizer whose history of racist activism dates back to the late 1980s, when he became the eastern states coordinator for American Front, a nationwide skinhead coalition modeled after Britain’s racist National Front. After American Front’s power waned in the mid-1990s, Lynch lived for a time in Canada, then relocated to Sacramento, where he gradually assumed control of the Sacto Skins, one of the oldest skinhead gangs in the country.

While he maintained a strong presence in the Sacramento white supremacist subculture from the late 1990s through 2005, at one point meeting with then-National Alliance chairman William Pierce when the neo-Nazi leader visited Sacramento, Lynch for the most part limited his activities to that city alone.

Later, Lynch’s empire expanded. In 2007, law enforcement officials told the SPLC that Lynch had united skinhead crews in northern and southern California, Utah and Florida under the banner of a newly energized American Front. He had also established a United States division of Troops of Tomorrow, an international skinhead organization, and helped to launch Prison Skin, a prison outreach campaign to support and glorify incarcerated skinheads.

Skinheads and neo-Nazis from around the country are posting memorials to Lynch on Facebook. Expressing what seems to be the common sentiment, Billy Roper of White Revolution wrote: “Dave Lynch: My Friend, and one of the best men I’ve ever known, a hero of our people and our cause. We are in shock.”

No further details were immediately released about the shootings.

  • Joe11b

    I am an army vet myself and I have seen David Lynch on Jerry Springer and Geraldo speaking out. I understand that he loves his people and i do not have a problem with that. I simply have a problem that some of his people who constantly state that they hate and like to kill all persons of non-european descent and start race wars. that is unacceptable in my book. i see good and bad folks of all kinds regardless of race.

  • Charie’s wife

    So everybody is ok with a man being sent to prison for a boxed up lab and 1.4 ounce of dope and trumped up gang alligations and a 2nd lab that didnt exsist for 105 yrs! People who kill children dont even get that much time. In america everybody has a right to freedom of speech and are free to have our own political stand. We dont have to like it 105 yrs is wrong!!!

  • Charie’s wife

    I am not a skinhead and I am not anti anything I believe to each their own. I have however witnessed first hand the way this case is being handled and no matter your beliefs your color or your background what the Citrus Heights police are doing to Charlie is the most shameless thing I have ever seen happen and when we americans allow officers to openly commit perjury as these officers are doing we are all going to pay not just Charlie. We should worry more about this than any race or immigration issue we have because it is unacceptable and hurts society worse than a couple dumb asses being racist!!!


    I think the loss of my brother was one of the hardest times ive been through all you who choose to judge are just as hatefull as you propose we are yet lets let the almighty himself judge and i cant wait to be there when its your time when he calls upon his people the white aryan race to serve justice upon you in YAHWEH YESHUA HOLY NAME I PRAY that we are there to see you cast to HELL AND IM GLAD TO HAVE THE LAST WORD FOR MY BROTHER HE WOULD SAY VICTORY HAIL VICTORY WE WILL WIN WE LOVE YOU DAVID

  • Skin1girl

    Whats worse a clueless skinhead with politically incorrect views that are sillybut not hurting us personallh or the Citrus Hsights police and the Da allowing purjuryand false evidence to clean up tbeir error in this case? Myself I know I rather ignore the skinhead and address tbe immorral and dishonest acts of the people who are supposed to act modally. Black white brown purple nazi anti nazi law enforcement should be honest and moral. Chpd is hurting our society far worse than Dave lynch ever could! Demar i not guilty yet they making sure he get life sentence. Preliminary transcripts prove it but no authorities will listen.

  • Constitutionalist

    He did not hate anyone. He wanted all of us whites to not be forced to be around ppl we dont want to be. He wanted our race to be safe and survive.

    Thats hate right?

  • Gershom

    Sounds like the hate groups are imploding and vanishing. Finally! Now the left needs to understand the difference between “hate” and “disagreement” because the radical left has been labeling any conservative group that disagrees with them as “hate groups” and that is uncalled for, period. Even the SPLC has been hijacked by leftist loons who have placed almost every conservative group on the hate list, along with Neo-Nazis and other pukes. Hello?? Are they now guilty of the very crime of hate themselves with that action?? The “New Black Panthers” and “La Raza” need to be listed as Hate groups and they need to be prosecuted with the same fervor as skinhead/neo-nazi groups. How many leftisat hate groups have been plotting acts of terror against Americans? We simply don’t know because the Left has a HUGE blind spot!!!! I noticed that two hate group leaders have been assasinated. People need to STOP taking the law into their own hands and they need to let the police take care of Hate groups. I have a quibble with the title of this blog: “Far Right”…….truthfully hate groups are secular humanist and that places them on the LEFT. So say “Far Left” please. “Right” is reserved for polite Christian conservatives who make this great nation a great nation. So don’t group us in with the haters.

  • stand up

    One man who speaks his mind to defend his race is a monster. So what was malcom X. All other races are catered but the white man but that is fair.

  • Lilly

    What a man soweth, may he also reap……if you live being evil, you will die at the hands of evil…..I hope his children will live a different kind of life….

  • Dori

    I don’t care if anyone thinks this is cruel to say. Though his family may grieve. We also must realize all the other families that this Lynch has caused fear, intimidation & hate crimes against. He was a Monster. I believe all Hate groups are dangerous. They are Terrorist’s in our own Nation. I am white and I am against them.

  • james

    All i have to say is; shame!
    I’m sorry for the love one’s he left behind. As for his belives, i totally don’t agree that hating any one is right. Hating another human being is just the same as hating yourself! We all bleed red and are all God’s children regardless of color, race, sex, and orientation! That portion of freedon of expression might not be illegal in the world today but it sure is in the eyes of God! Spread love not hate!!!!!

  • Bill

    Dawn, you are one true idiot.

  • you are all a bunch of hypocrites

    I think it is funny how the header of this webpage states Hate Watch, yet in these comments I have seen nothing but a bunch of people talking shit about a dead man they hate as well. Practice what you preach. Oh and btw the SPLC and the ADL have a lot of information wrong about AF. It even says on there banners they were founded in 1984 yet SPLC and ADL cant even get that right. They constantly lie about the activities that go on in the American Front, and have nothing but negatives to say. How is the SPLC and the ADL run by? And why would they have a reason to turn people away from groups such as AF who no longer allow there members to use anything that hateful towards other races, religions, etc. Because they agree with the government enslavement of the American people because it aids in there own zionist views. Maybe you should look into what these people are saying. Dont believe everything that you read and see on t.v. Try being open minded and finding the information on your own. And most people who read this will probably say I am a piece of shit and have all sorts of choice words to describe me, but have I said even one thing bad mouthing another person? No, I have not. There are a lot of people with some big mouths over the internet who try to promote peace when they have nothing but hateful things to say. Shit Id rather be a Nazi then sit here and read all the disgusting shit that you all have to say. Rest in Peace Dave. Eva we love you! and to his daughter who I will not name, Your dad is still with you. He helped us all in life and he is still with us all in death. The valkyries flew and took him away but they did not take him far. LLD!

  • Jack Smith

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • Matthew Bright

    I’m glad all the haters come to this site for a breath of fresh air, but I don’t think they’re able to appreciate it. And all the outrage they express to those of us who would criticize this man’s terrible legacy, I only have this to say – this guy made a career out of saying terrible, scurrilous lies about people based on their race and fomented violence against them. That’s the legacy he made for himself and so I believe the world is better for his having left it.

  • Jim


    I can’t really understand what you said, as you misuse several words. But I don’t consider his group of friends principled. They are clearly ignorant, deluded and dangerous.
    Society is indeed complex and multi-faceted, but hate groups like the Sacto skins are part of the problem and in NO way part of any solution. I don’t celebrate murder but society is no doubt better off without this professional hater.

  • Aleacat

    We are a nation of many beliefs and many skin tones. We all love, hate, cry, feel shame, privilege, joy, hunger, fear and we all share a sense of pride in being an American. It is a shame that Mr Lynch had views that placed his race above all others when we are all Americans however, as a minority I find myself feeling only sorrow for those who loved and lost him. For all of those who praise his death, remember what what Dr. Martin Luther King preached. We are not justified to show hatred in response to hatred and celebrating the death of a fellow American, no matter how adverse his beliefs, is against everything that Dr. King taught. My condolences to his friends and family no matter what your views may be. May God bless and keep you.

  • Jessica

    Josh and other small people sporting narrow horizons like “Westboro will mourn him” need to tuck tail and go home. Quietly.
    If you didn’t know the man, or his broad yet close-knit, rather inclusive if principaled circle of friends, consider quiet observation.
    The problems here are complex.
    The solutions are their own multifaceted puzzles.
    Read a book, or maybe just a wikipedia entry. Start with Westboro, and smirk at the measure of irony in that comparison.
    I pity the Citrus Heights PD for relying on a remote body to offer local history, and for their linking that with contemporary context.
    And I don’t have a clue as to what happened. Don’t recall seeing the man, much, outside the feral fellowship of our formative years. But I mourn him.

  • Dee

    The wages of sin is death…and God hates hate?

  • mike

    Hate will always breed hatred, this is why whats called “racism” will never end. Having once been in a “ne0-nazi” prison gang i know this all too well. I once corresponded with Richard Barrett of the Nationalist Movement, up until about two weeks before his vicious murder. Much like Lynch he will now be hailed as a martyr to the “cause”. What cause this is, i am not certain. I joined a little known white nationalist group in the spring of 2006 from a maximum security prison in Wisconsin. Being the “minority” for the first time in my life was an odd experience. Under those conditions it is real easy to get sucked into the “oh my god our race is dying” mindset, which is the whole premise of many of these WP/WN groups. Of course, when you live in a major metropolitan area or behind a prison wall and are white, the statistics of racial residency are not going to be in your favor. It is real easy for someone to talk you into feeling like you are being suppressed in so many ways. Books by historical figures you may read tend to make sense with your surroundings and you learn to believe all that you see and read. Granted there IS “racism” on both sides, and an awful lot of racism directed at whites within prison, that doesn’t make it right to fall victim to another mans hate and embrace it yourself. I am proud to say that I am no longer a white nationalist. I am an American citizen, resident of the state of wisconsin and just a typical working class individual concentrated on the only creedo that matters: Family. They will scream it from the mountaintops “We must secure the existence of our race and a future for our children” Really? If that was all you were concerned about, then why not focus on your family to do so? Because in all reality at the end of the day all you have control over is you. Would you teach your children that people of non-european ethnicity are evil or somehow wrong? I would hope not, seeing as you would be robbing your child of knowledge and youth by doing so. I like how the nationalist/supremacist groups always claim they are not racist. I found myself being attacked verbally and morally for having a female friend who was both white and hispanic. Apparently being a friend to someone who is not pure white is a crime. So while they will all preach that they are not racist groups, test them and they will prove otherwise. Most so called SUPREMACISTS are as fake as they come anyways. They claim not to use drugs, they claim to be clean cut, upstanding, working class people. Get involved in a WN/WP circle and you will find out otherwise. Heroin shooting, meth dealing, sex addicts, even the grand daddy of all…”inter-racial breeding” exists and is widespread amongst the WN/WP movement. How can a man bear a swastika and marry what he calls a “beaner”? Thats the nature of the WNWP world today. It is falling apart, filled with misfits and sendoffs, and i couldn’t be happier that it is falling real quick, especially here in my homestate.

    For the record, one of the 8 hate groups in the state of Wisconsin that SPLC has listed on their hate map is one i founded MYSELF. White Ethnic Preservation Coalition. This was founded as a cover group for the Wisconsin based Ironwood Brotherhood, an offshoot of the AN. I am proud to say that i no longer carry their beliefs or values.

    Your family…..the only “clan” you should be allegiant to.

    God Bless.

    Mike Haskins

  • Freespeechtalking

    Finally…Karma at work. I guess we must all remember that the people he has harmed and tortured were someone’s sons and daughters too.

  • Col. Anderson

    Simply put, without SPLC and its dedication to the reality of the reich wing agenda and the move this nation has made toward a theo/fascist society since June 6, 1968, it would be all but over now. The industrialists and corporate/financiers (Ford, Rockefeller, Hearst, Mellon, DuPont, Prescott Bush (yes, that same Bush family), all were and still are pro-fascist. But before anyone gets too excited, so were FDR and Allen Dulles. FDR patterned his public works programs directly from those done by Mussolini, and only implemented just enough stimulus to stem off the more radical elements of the union movements and concepts of social and economic equality that really needed to be implemented. Theodore R. was actually more progressive in these areas and Eleanor had major falling outs with FDR on his foot dragging and limited ideas about social and real justice. He opposed integration and he and Truman had several battles over that issue. He also opposed the concept of the GI Bill when Truman proposed it prior to FDR’s death.

  • Matthew Bright

    What a legacy. The best thing he’ll be remembered for doing in life is leaving it.

  • Mike

    Known Dave for 20 years,and he was the reason I DIDN’T become a full fledge hammer skin.He never pushed anyone to join the movement,he tried to discourage kids from it,I’m living proof.Dave was a good man,a good friend,and regardless of his beliefs I loved him like a assholes bad mouthing him need to back off,you only know what you have heard and read.Dave encouraged me to get an education,to stay outta trouble and pursue something more than being a skinhead…..and now I sit here at 34 years old and reflect on where I could have ended up.
    Dave loved his friends and family and stood up for his beliefs,and whether you agree or not with his beliefs is your decision.I am proud to have known him,and I will miss him
    RIP Brother

  • Jordan

    You have always been outnumbered and you have always lost. “Your side” is hate, “your side” lost the American Civil War, “your side” lost WWII, you are far more outnumbered today than in the past. In the future, you will face even more overwhelming odds. There are almost 310,000,000 people in our nation, most of them are not on “your side”.