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Beck’s Latest Racist Remarks Draw Hate Group Accolades

By Mark Potok on August 22, 2011 - 2:56 pm, Posted in Anti-Black, Extremist Propaganda

The white supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC) is reacting with obvious delight to the latest racist rant from former Fox News host Glenn Beck. On Sunday, sandwiched between snippets of “shocking statistics” about black crime, ads for books by Holocaust deniers, and “news stories” like “Philadelphia School Cheating: Blacks in Charge,” the CCC posted a video of Beck’s remarkable Aug. 11 commentary on the 2012 election.

On that day, while discussing the prospects of various Republican presidential candidates, Beck said that if Barack Obama loses to a Republican next year the Obama Administration will try to destroy America on its way out the door.

“The next president needs to be willing to sacrifice his life, because the choices the next president is going to have to face is [sic] going to be awful, and I firmly believe race riots are on the way,” said Beck, who was in a studio speaking with a sign behind him advertising his new television show, “GBTV: The Truth Lives Here.” “They are being encouraged. This administration… What do you think these people are going to do? … They will take this country down. If it looks like they are losing, the uber-left, they will take it down. ‘If I can’t have it, no one will.’ … This is their chance of fundamental transformation. This is it. They’ve waited a hundred years and the uber-left will take it down on the way out.”

Got that? Beck’s grammar is a little convoluted, but it’s perfectly clear what he’s saying. The Obama Administration is “uber-left.” It’s part of a leftist plot a century old. And Obama and his colleagues, if denied a second term, will do what they can to bring on race riots in a bid to destroy the country they’ve been denied control of.

Kind of like treason. But with a special dose of race talk thrown in.

It’s not the first time for the news and radio host who’s known for his far-right rants and conspiracy theorizing to take up race without any evidence to back him. Most famously, in 2009, he said: “This president, I think, has exposed himself as a guy, over and over and over again, who has a deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture. … [T]his guy, I believe, is a racist.” Earlier, he insisted that Obama’s health care bill “is reparations [for slavery]. It’s the beginning of reparations.” As a radio talk show host, he once had to apologize for mocking Asians on air.

  • disgusted

    What an epitome of hypocrisy you all are. Free speech is only welcome to call people you disagree with names,,,tell people to go to straight to hell…call them sons of bitches…call them racist as if your whole group stands in some pure light of non racism….at least be honest with yourselves and admit that racism is not owned exclusively by one group, nationality, color etc. it exists in them all. How about pointing out all incidences instead of only those convenient to your agenda.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    What you have to understand is that Beck is leading a cult. If you have a family member who has bought into that cult, you can probably relate. Do they…

    -Get noticeably upset if you question or correct the claims they regurgitate from Glenn Beck?

    -Do they go into long rants about “they” and “them”(the liberals/socialists/Muslims) without giving names or specifics?

    -Do they get more upset when pressed for evidence?

    -Do they seem to be reading from a script without addressing anything you say?

    -Do they use a lot of jargon from the Beck show, such as “union thugs, community organizers, twelvers,” etc.?

    -Are they obsessed with George Soros, yet they don’t even know his basic biographical information?

    -Do they talk about how persecuted Glenn Beck is?

    -Do they attack you personally?

    Beck works by pretending that he is discovering something on his own for the first time. In a sense he is, because Beck had virtually no knowledge of politics before the late 90’s. He got into conservative talk radio because he noticed it was easy and lucrative.

    Beck uses people’s fears of a complicated world, and weaves them into a simple, easy to understand tapestry of good guys and bad guys. The audience feels they are privy to some kind of revealed secret knowledge. A lot of times they can’t even explain why they believe him.

  • skinnyminny

    Shadow Wolf,
    that’s why I said we all need to put aside the petty differences caused not by us, but by someone else. This is something that has been bugging me, there are no outright discriminatory policies, or race-bashing with the Hindu Indians. This is because, most of them will say outright that they don’t like blacks or Muslims. In fact, they say they hate blacks and muslims. Also remember, what I wrote last year, rumors that the neo-Nazis was supposed to take over the radio/television at the London 2012 Olympics to say they have taken over the world. Yeah, this sounds crazy on the surface, but, then look what is happening around the world.

  • Shadow Wolf

    This is why I called BFERC “a CBA part 2″ in the previous thread. A CBA-clone if you will. I am fully aware that these odious WN groups are merely using non-Whites(mainly Blacks & Latinos–“You Don’t Speak For Me”) as fonts and sock puppets for their insidious cause. I was deriding the so called “Black Leader[s]” of BFERC, to which no one knows who they are, if they actually exists at all. Non-White memberships in the lesser WN created “minority subgroups” have always been woefully insubstantial.

    As for Obama, regarding government jobs, I praise the guy for basically hiring more non-Whites into his adminstration than any other administrations before him. Despite job losses on all fronts(from government to small businesses). I have not seen more Native Americans ever worked for a president than that of Obama’s. Should a Repugnant become the next POTUS. Native Americans in high ranking government positions(e.g. Dept. of the Interior, BIA etcetera) would virtually be wiped out and replaced with a White man, or a non-Native with bias views.

  • Aron


    The Business Plot HAS succeeded because the White House is essentially owned by Big Business. And while it may not be a Fascist dictatorship or any permutation thereof, I think we’re a lot closer to what Senator Bush, the DuPonts, etc. wanted than any other time in history.


  • ModerateMike

    Beck may not have the exposure that he had at Fox, but I suspect that the seeds of rage and ignorance that he has planted will continue to grow without him. I remember having looked forward to better times when Lou Dobbs was ousted, but there were plenty of other people waiting to take up his banner. I like to think that the majority of Americans do not agreee with Beck or with hateful politics in general, but that is not enough. Too many reasonable people refrained from voting in 2010 because they were discouraged, but that is just the kind of broken spirit that allows extremism to flourish in politics.

  • Reynardine

    DARVO (Distract, Attack, Reverse Victim and Offender)

  • Jonas Rand

    “As a radio talk show host, he once had to apologize for mocking Asians on air.”

    Him too? Rush Limbaugh once claimed to have “phonetically transcribed” Hu Jintao’s speech in Mandarin at the White House, and mocked his accent. Racism spreads around so frequently in the right-wing echo chamber. Responsible for trying to stop progressive measures towards racial equality are the propagandists who promote racism and appeal to the lowest common denominator.

  • Jonas Rand

    The Business Plot to overthrow Roosevelt would probably never happen to Obama, because he just doesn’t match up to FDR. He is more a puppet of big business than FDR would ever dream of. Obama has not done anything to anger the banking cartels or the wealthy ruling class of CEOs, and he hasn’t created government jobs.

  • skinnyminny

    My first comment didn’t go through. So, I’ll try it a different way. The republicans had their chance to prove they can not only excel at running campaigns, but to govern, and they have failed most of us.

    Most of us are tired of all of the race-baiting. We are tired of being excluded by being called foreigners and occupiers as they yell ‘we are taking our country back.’ We are tired of being excluded from voting, either through intimidation, trickery about the actual voting dates/polling places/discrepancies over proper identification, and now they are charging fees – I assume this is a form of poll tax – if people are having a hard time paying bills, can’t afford gas, have no job, lost their homes, they have to pay to have a say – almost like ‘pay to play.’ This will cause the poor to be discriminated against because they can’t afford the ‘pay to have a say,’ policies.

  • skinnyminny

    Shadow Wolf,
    that is one of the reasons many of these so-called black organizations fail! Just because it is a ‘black organization,’ doesn’t mean all blacks will join just because it is black. This is the problem that most racist don’t understand, they think that we support people just because they are black (i.e. Michael Steele, Travis Smiley…) we don’t, as Boehner says, “get your a** in line,” because they put on pedestals people they like as opposed to people we like. Personally, I think this is a way for the sponsors to think they can infiltrate the black community. LOL!

  • Aron

    But the 1934 Business Plot never happened, right? And it sure isn’t reaching fruition right this moment, right?

    Beck would make me laugh if he didn’t possess such a fervent and rabid audience. He simply scares me.


  • Shadow Wolf

    As Blacks are the main topic of Uber-BECKanoid’s “convoluted” gibberish. I have to wonder what the so called “Black Leader[s]” of BFERC think of this latest tidbit. Being that FAIR is an ardent close ally of the white supremacist CCC. Something’s gotta give.