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Racist Leader Billy Roper Shutters White Revolution, Joins Klan

By Bill Morlin on September 8, 2011 - 3:31 pm, Posted in Klan, Neo-Nazi

Billy Roper, one of the country’s leading professional racists, says he’s closing the doors of his 9-year-old White Revolution organization, which he concedes has been a failure, and will join forces with long time Klan leader Thom Robb.

“As the leader of the organization, I am solely responsible and accept full responsibility for White Revolution’s lack of success as a membership organization,” Roper writes in “an open letter to the white nationalist movement.”

Effective immediately, Roper says, “White Revolution will cease to accept new membership applications and will suspend all recruitment activities as a membership organization while we undergo a period of reorganization and dismantlement …”

His organization may be disbanding, but he’s still a racist, Roper says. “This is not really an occasion for sadness, because I am not retiring from the movement. I am just putting aside my pride and my ego and doing what is best for my family, my race and our cause.”

There may be a gas-mileage component to Roper’s decision. He lives in Russellville, Ark., and Robb’s operation is in Harrison, Ark., just 66 miles down the road.

Roper earned his racist stripes in at the feet of the late William Pierce, founder and long-time leader of the neo-Nazi National Alliance, ultimately serving as a deputy membership director. But not long after Pierce died on July 23, 2002, Roper began to openly champion working with other racist groups — an anathema to the ideology of Pierce, who saw the Alliance as the only group capable of leading an “Aryan” revolution and famously called the members of other hate groups “freaks and weaklings.” Roper’s attitude ended in a major split, with Roper quitting the Alliance amid much acriomony later in 2002 and leaving the organization’s headquarters in West Virginia to return to his native Arkansas, where he started White Revolution.

With the collapse of White Revolution, Roper already is getting a new round of barbs from some of his former colleagues and fellow racist activists, particularly for his newly stated commitment to Christian Identity, a racist religion that argues that Jews are the offspring of Satan and Eve.

On Vanguard News Network (VNN), one poster said: “This proves that Roper is what Dr. Pierce would call a ‘hobbyist.’ [Roper] was a member of the National Alliance which at the time expressly stated that belief in a super spook in the sky was anathema to its ideology. Yet now [Roper] is joining the hooded klan klowns and spewing nonsense about God. Good luck saving the race at those Klan BBQs and prayer meetings. Dope.”

Another VNN post said Roper’s “group was so small and insignificant, he couldn’t even find a successor.”

VNN administrator Alex Linder questioned when Roper took up a belief in Christian Identity. “He surely wasn’t one at NA [National Alliance], was he?”

As usual, Roper doesn’t appear to buckle under the stinging criticism. He says he is proud of his 20-year racist career, having stood alongside Aryan stalwarts including Pierce, Aryan Nations founder Richard Butler, Tom Metzger, the founder of White Aryan Resistance (WAR) and Matt Hale, the imprisoned founder of the World Church of the Creator.

“I have, admittedly, risen to the top tier of the white nationalist movement,’’ Roper boasts in his letter. “I’m infamous. If you don’t believe it, just Google me!”

But then Roper goes on to say he just doesn’t have what it takes to continue being a good racist leader.

“Thousands of white men and women have passed through White Revolution, but I feel that I lack the stamina, strength or wherewithal to effectively continue to provide the kind of leadership which would inspire a resurgence of followers in this organization,’’ he writes.

Roper cited health issues and his “financial situation,” but didn’t elaborate.

“I have enemies in the movement,’’ Roper writes, conceding some will “sneer and jeer at this decision, and say that it is a mark of my failures as a leader, or my weakness, or is the result of past failure of judgment …”

Roper says there may be too many racist organizations, competing with each other and trying constantly to “reinvent the wheel” and subdivide the movement’s “scarce human and capital resources.”

The time has come to find “a better model” of a racist organization, Roper said, pointing to Robb’s Knights Party, also known as the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, as just that example.

“They are saying what America needs to hear, in a way that more white Americans are willing to hear it,” Roper writes. “That is why, as a Christian Identist, I will be applying for association in the Knights Party led by Pastor Thomas Robb.”

Roper encouraged his White Revolution followers, who also share the Christian Identity beliefs that he now apparently adopts, to also join Robb’s organization.

Robb’s racial roots are with the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, an organization that rose to some prominence through the work of effervescent David Duke.

Robb was a long-time confidant of Richard Butler’s and frequently spoke at the Aryan Nations “world congress” in North Idaho – an annual gathering of hate mongers from various organizations.

Robb, the national director of what he calls The Knights Party, is a gifted speaker — a charismatic racist with a softer and gentler tone, who, like Duke, has attempted to branch out into the political world with limited success.

  • Anonymous

    No, Roper was not an adherent of “Christian Identity” during his National Alliance days. He once referred to Easter as “dead Jew on a stick day” in a conversation with me.

  • crusader

    I return, and find we rightists have been psychoanalyzed. Of course, if all activists and ideologists are to be treated this way, there must be 100x the failures among liberals, given their love of vain demonstration and protest. Not to mention that he fails to consider successful racialists like Dr. Pierce, and Alex Kurtagic and Harold Covington, whom I assure him are phenomenal writers.

    As far as racialist ideology and eugenics, Mr. Amirkhanov seems to assume that all Far Right activists are completely doctrinaire and immoderate. Actually, a quick browse of any pro-White website’s comments reveals many shades of belief, and many takes on the issues. Just because some point out differences between White ethnicities, that does not mean there must be any bloodbath. Noting that there is some difference between Anglo-Saxons and Celts (perhaps–I am not versed in it) would be demanded by intellectual honesty, and certainly the sign of a better mind than those who claim to believe that Celts and Africans are divided by no more than culture and ‘socio-economic’ factors!

    As someone else wisely noted before me: I don’t know whether a rainbow has 6, 7, 8, or 12,000 hues of color, but I still know that red is not blue is not violet. When thinking of race, ethnicity, etcetera, think of this analogy.

  • Randall J Fuqua

    Ruslan Amirkhanov I can tell that what you know about the Klan and Christian Identity equals zero. The Klan is totally about race, faith and country. There is not a worl in any of it’s literature about hating anyone. The hate you claim is there is from the embellishments of people like you and ‘Mo Dees’ and ‘Ab Foxman’ who actually couldn’t relate one factual detail about it, even if someone offered to pay you money grubbers.

  • Mikie Chess

    Well the National Alliance and NSM88 are two good organizations for ex-WR’s to join. For Irish, a good nationalist organization is Republican Sinn Fein.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    They can’t, crusader, because it’s not about “love for their race”, but rather about finding a catharsis to alleviate their anger and sense of failure in life. The other part of it is that these organizations have a small section of the population to fight over. When the pie is smaller, competition is fierce.

    What many of these individuals don’t realize is that in an “all-white society”, they would probably still be failures. What’s worse for them, is that because of the tenets of their ideology, once everyone was “white”, then virtually nobody would be white. You see, if all the non-white folks suddenly disappeared, you’d still have a stratification amongst the remaining whites. Racialism doesn’t allow for environmental factors to explain such inequality under capitalism, so a biological deterministic explanation would be necessary. They will find it.

    It will be determined that certain groups aren’t “white” enough. Irish, Polish, Slavic, Italian- these groups with a higher percentage of working class people and a lower percentage of middle-upper middle class would be deemed lesser than “real whites”, or something to that effect. In fact, some hardcore racialists who know their history of eugenics still make similar statements today. The only reason why they are marginalized within the movement is that they come in to conflict with those who are playing the numbers game. Again, it’s a small pie they’re fighting over.

  • crusader

    At least this was a fairly decent piece of reporting. I feel sad for how Mr. Roper is getting barbecued for having a little humility.

    Nonetheless, I find it truly strange that some racialists felt the need to create their own Christian reconstructionist sect. Given the endless vitriol between different pro-white organizations, a little Catholic love thy neighbor would only do the white race good!

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Couple mistakes in the article. 1. White Revolution could not possibly be ten years old as it was founded sometime in 2002 or 2003. 2. Pierce died in 2002, and I believe Roper left some time after that, but it was definitely in 2002.

    I find it funny that a VNNer would attack him while invoking BBQs, since that’s what the whole movement seems to be exceptionally good at- having BBQs. In fact it would be nice if they just dropped all the hate, Holocaust denial, and phony revolutionary rhetoric and instead concentrated on grilling.