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White Supremacist David Duke to be Booted from Yet Another Country

By Leah Nelson on November 30, 2011 - 3:23 pm, Posted in White Supremacist

Ex-Klan leader David Duke is to be deported from Germany, where he was arrested last Friday while on his way to address a group of right-wing extremists.

In a statement obtained by the Huffington Post, German authorities say that the globetrotting white supremacist is “obliged to leave German territory without delay,” explaining that Duke is “not entitled to stay in Germany” because of a travel ban against him in an unspecified European country. This is most likely a reference to the Czech Republic, which expelled Duke in 2009 on suspicion of denying the Holocaust, a crime in that country. ( continue to full post… )

Kentucky Church: No Interracial Couples Welcome

By Marilyn Elias on November 30, 2011 - 3:05 pm, Posted in Christian Right

The Bible commands us to love our neighbors, but members of a Kentucky evangelical church have set strict limits on that love: The Gulnare Free Will Baptist Church voted Sunday to bar interracial couples from becoming members or participating in worship services.

Not everyone at the church agrees, and it may not be the last word.  Stacy Stepp, pastor of the small church in Gulnare, Ky., is appealing the new policy at a regional conference of church leaders Saturday in Pikeville, Ky.  “I want them to investigate the matter and resolve it,” Pastor Stepp told Hatewatch, adding that nothing in the Bible says that interracial marriage is bad. ( continue to full post… )

Confessed MLK Day Bomber Finds Pen Pal in Notorious Racist

By Bill Morlin on November 30, 2011 - 10:42 am, Posted in White Supremacist

Confessed domestic terrorist Kevin William Harpham, facing the likelihood of at least 27 years in prison, became pen pals with notorious racist Glenn Miller after his arrest last March.

Harpham’s sentencing, which had been set for today in U.S. District Court in Spokane, Wash., was continued until Dec. 20 after Public Defender Roger Peven asked during a hearing for more time to explore the federal legal definition of an explosive device.

“Thanks Kevin, for all you give and for all you do for race and nation,” Miller wrote Harpham after his arrest in March for planting a bomb on the route of the Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade in Spokane on Jan. 17.

In another letter, Miller, the former head of the Carolina Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, offered $100 and pledged to start a fund drive for Harpham, a member of the neo-Nazi National Alliance, court documents show. ( continue to full post… )

Ammo Company Fudges Facts and Taste to Sell Its Wares

By Leah Nelson on November 29, 2011 - 5:05 pm, Posted in Extremist Commerce, Extremist Propaganda

Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition! When it comes to finding bargains for its subscribers, the team at WorldNetDaily, Joseph Farah’s conspiracy-mongering online publication, is never at a loss. Yesterday, in an E-mail titled “Gun Control Imminent – Stock Up Now!” they offered up a real sweetheart: “Burnin Hot Deals” from USA Ammo (motto: “Ammunition with Attitude”), which is offering a free Hat, T-Shirt, & DVD with every gift card purchase.

The ammo supplier has some useful information for those who’ve been putting off their gun purchases.

“ believes tyranny is knocking down the doors of American cities daily,” the ad confides. “The recent Occupy Wall Street protests and liberal attempts at gun control are eerily reminiscent to [sic] the rise of Mao Zedong, Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Pol Pot and Idi Amin. Barack Obama and Erick [sic] Holder, gun control advocates, are secretly conspiring to strip American Citizens of the right to bear arms.” ( continue to full post… )

Sovereign Citizen Targets Supreme Court Chief Justice and FBI Director

By Bill Morlin on November 29, 2011 - 4:51 pm, Posted in Sovereign Citizens

Anti-government sovereign citizens will file frivolous paperwork against anyone – even mailing their bogus legal documents to the home of the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court and the director of the FBI.

Those allegations are contained in a 17-page criminal complaint just filed in U.S. District Court in Seattle accusing Kenneth Wayne Leaming of three counts of “retaliating against a federal judge or law enforcement officer by false claim.” ( continue to full post… )

Sheriff Joe on Birth Certificate Probe: ‘Media has suddenly gone missing …’

By Ryan Lenz on November 29, 2011 - 3:44 pm, Posted in Conspiracies

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is angry that no one is paying attention to his investigation into the validity of President Obama’s birth certificate.

“[W]hy has the media has decided to black out all news of our Obama investigation? That’s what I don’t understand. … I’m a controversial guy and usually the media is all over me, but when I decided to investigate Obama, the media has suddenly gone missing in action,” Arpaio told WorldNetDaily, the right-wing conspiracy website that has led the charge to question the legitimacy of Obama’s citizenship. ( continue to full post… )

Arrested in Germany, David Duke Begs Followers for Money

By Leah Nelson on November 28, 2011 - 3:36 pm, Posted in White Supremacist

Globetrotting white supremacist David Duke is asking supporters to send money, and fast, to help him fight unspecified charges stemming from his arrest last Friday in Cologne, Germany.

In a message “composed in a moving Car!” and posted this morning on his website, the former Klan leader claims that he was on his way to deliver a “message of heritage and freedom” when German authorities arrested and imprisoned him “by a gross twisting of travel laws.”

Now, he says, he’s desperate. ( continue to full post… )

Members of Amish Splinter Sect Arrested on Hate Crime Charges

By Bill Morlin on November 23, 2011 - 2:28 pm, Posted in Hate Crime

In the first case of its kind, the FBI on Wednesday arrested the leader of an Amish splinter sect and six of his followers in Ohio on federal hate crime charges for cutting the hair and beards of other Amish men and women.

The hair-cutting was a form of religious degradation and viewed as punishment in a leadership squabble among various Amish clans, court documents say. ( continue to full post… )

Additional Charges Filed in Alaska Militia Case

By Bill Morlin on November 23, 2011 - 8:58 am, Posted in Militias

Heavily armed members of the Alaska Peacemaker Militia, equipped with live grenades and assault rifles, stopped private citizens, demanded identifications and prevented some from traveling to their homes and jobs, a new indictment alleges.

The indictment includes serious additional federal charges against militia leader Francis Schaeffer Cox and commanders Coleman L. Barney and Lonnie G. Vernon. Additionally, the new charging document also provides expanded details about how well supplied and organized the militia group had become before FBI agents arrested Cox and the others in March. ( continue to full post… )

Vatican Assassins: A One-Stop Website for Conspiratologists

By Arthur Goldwag on November 23, 2011 - 8:35 am, Posted in Conspiracies

Coming upon a hate site unexpectedly, you sometimes get this down-the-rabbit hole, Alice-in-Wonderland feeling that you’ve been wrenched into an alternate reality. Such a place is Vatican Assassins, the domain of one Jon Eric Phelps, whose interests and identity are pretty well summed up in the nearly incomprehensible blurb for his 1,836 page magnum opus, Vatican Assassins: Wounded in the House of My Friends: ( continue to full post… )