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Internet Evangelist: Glenn Beck is a ‘Wolf of Satan’

By Leah Nelson on December 13, 2011 - 2:28 pm, Posted in Anti-Muslim

Even stopped clocks are right two times a day, so why can’t hate group leaders be half as accurate?

Internet evangelist Bill Keller, head of the anti-Muslim, anti-gay, anti-Mormon hate group Bill Keller Ministries, spoke the truth exactly once in a press release issued yesterday. Exhorting Christians not to follow Glenn Beck, he observed that the former Fox News entertainer “views himself as a modern day Paul Revere or Moses,” and makes money – “mostly from gullible Christians” – by scaring them into “buying gold, safes, and food insurance.”

Truer words were never spoken – unfortunately, they were spoken by a lunatic.

Beck, Keller explained in a press release yesterday, is Satan “masquerading as an angel of light.” His Mormon faith is a “satanically inspired cult” that plans to “suspend the US Constitution and enact a Mormon theocracy.” And evangelicals like David Barton and John Hagee – both major Beck champions – “have sold out the faith like Judas to give this cult member credibility within the Christian community,” thus “leaving a huge void for wolves of Satan like Beck to easily fill.”

Keller has been flogging this theme for years. In 2007, he made national news by declaring that a vote for Republican Mitt Romney, a Mormon, was equivalent to “voting for Satan.” He doubled down on that claim in November 2011, writing in a “daily devotional” sent to subscribers to his website, LivePrayer, that the 2012 presidential election would most likely “pit satan vs. satan.”

In September 2010, he proclaimed that, as subscribers to false religions, Beck and Ghandi (even though he was a “nice person”) are condemned to hell.

Unsurprisingly, Keller’s bile extends to Muslims as well. In July 2010, he announced plans to build a “9/11 Christian Center at Ground Zero” as a counter to Park51, the so-called “Ground Zero Mosque” (or “temple to satan,” in Keller’s words) being constructed nearby.

“Islam is a 1400-year-old lie from hell, dreamed up by Mohammed after being visited by angels of satan in his sleep,” Keller declared last year in an email begging followers to donate money to the cause. “NOW IS THE TIME, THIS IS THE MOMENT, IT IS OUR TURN TO STAND FOR CHRIST! THE SOUL OF THIS NATION HANGS IN THE BALANCE!!!” he wrote. “We will combat the lies of this world and Islam with the TRUTH. We will combat the hatred of this world and Islam with LOVE. We will combat the violence of this world and Islam with PEACE. Finally, we will combat eternal death this world and Islam brings with LIFE EVERLASTING!!!”

Keller, whose late-night TV show (which aired in Florida, where his Internet ministry is based) was cancelled in 2007 after he called the Prophet Muhammad a “murdering pedophile” and the Koran “a book of lies,” also hates President Obama. In 2009, he produced a 28-minute infomercial offering a “special look at where Barack Hussein Obama was really born.” Its featured guest was lawyer Gary Kreep of the United States Justice Foundation, an ardent birther and subscriber to antigovernment “Patriot” ideology who earlier this year filed a friend-of-the-court brief on behalf of antigovernment icon Bernard von Nothaus, creator of an alternative currency called the “Liberty Dollar” and head of his own marijuana-smoking church, who was convicted in March on charges of conspiracy and counterfeiting.

Keller has a sticky past of his own. According to his LivePrayer biography, “God got Bill’s attention in 1989 when he became involved in insider trading of the stock market, was convicted, lost everything, and spent the next 2 ½ years in federal prison.” While incarcerated, Keller “rededicated his life to the Lord” and earned a degree from Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University, an affiliate of the anti-gay, anti-Muslim Liberty Counsel. He launched LivePrayer in 1999.

  • Guardian

    It’s no use trying to reason with the disciples of liberal lunacy that worship at the altar of political correctness. They have been schooled by their liberal prophets on how to avoid addressing the true issues. If they had to answer real points with real answers they would have to be truthful. And they can’t have that!

  • Sam Molloy

    To me, Glenn Beck is an opportunistic con artist. John Hagee has gone back to a mostly “Sexual morality will save America” theme but, before the Arab Spring, had some interesting predictions that may still prove accurate. I’m not familiar with this Bill Keller, but it sounds like he is a rambling nut, and a magnet for others like him.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Difficult questions Dick? Perhaps you can tell me why you never bothered to answer my question as to whether you have contacted law enforcement agencies in regards to the Muslim terrorist training camps you claim exist in America.

  • CM

    Ay caramba, now Dick Lancaster has joined the trollfest, and not surprisingly he’s in total agreement with Rroberts. Both want to claim that anyone who persists in disagreeing with them just refuses to “listen to reason.” “They do not argue facts,” says Dick, apparently hoping we’ve all forgotten the many times we’ve confronted him (and Rroberts) with the inaccuracy of his purported facts and the speciousness of his reasoning.

    Guys, the topic on this thread is actually the self-evidently extremist remarks made by Bill Keller, not your accusations of bias against the SPLC. In other words, you’re trying to change the subject and hijack the discussion, which is precisely what defines a troll. Deal with it.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    As is typical with conservative claims, most of them were easily shot down. For example you made the 50% don’t pay taxes claim, and then you were forced to admit that A. it was 46% in 2009, when there was a large tax cut as part of the stimulus package, and B. These people still pay payroll and sales taxes.

  • Dick Lancaster

    Author Leah Nelson agrees here with “lunatic” Bill Keller concerning Glenn Beck who “views himself as a modern day Paul Revere or Moses,” Keller’s objection is theological and Nelson’s political but they do make strange bedfellows. John Lennon also considered himself a modern day Moses more popular than Jesus Christ. He was nothing but an entertainer who had far more influence than many world leaders. The same is true about Beck. That’s a big problem for the left and thus, he must be ridiculed.

    RRoberts is correct that the SPLC endorses hate speech but did not go far enough in pointing out the SPLC generates it as well. Commenting upon or trying to reason with some of the more vitriolic, gutless pseudonyms on this site is like trying to empty the ocean. They do not argue facts, they ridicule.

    Deputy Editor Robert Steinback gave me the opportunity to submit a list of left wing hate groups back in September but warned me I’d be wasting my time if I were to submit “known moderate advocacy groups” such as La Raza. When I declined this set up I was “moderated” making it appear I had not responded. Such are the pitfalls in debating those who cannot debate.

    I would advise RRoberts to ignore the insults and just keep posing the uncomfortable questions.

  • RRoberts

    Interesting, I will put my claims up against anyone here.

    Please check out the SPLC post on 11/21 on OWS. My comments that follow that post include a number of facts and figures.

    So now I am crazy, stupid, and evil. Hmm..

    Could it be that I just make solid points that don’t fit your picture of the world. That I really believe in unbiased media. That I recognize that there are some conservative whacko’s out there, but there are also some liberal whack’o’s. That I believe that all whacko’s should be treated the same. That I believe an organization like SPLC does have a place in the country, but if they want to be taken seriously, then they must treat all such whacko’s the same.

    Could it be?

    No. Of course not. Being a conservative, then I have to be evil, asshole, crazy, stupid, troll, bigot.

    I guess life is good when you can call everyone you disagree with names such as those, and then pat yourself on the back for being “tolerant.”

  •, Aron


    Care to make a comment that ACTUALLY STAYS ON TOPIC?

  • CM


    I’ll endorse daemonesslisa’s comment and add that you might get a friendlier reception if you would occasionally say something different instead of endlessly repeating the same obviously false claims ad nauseam. We’ve heard you, we’ve answered you, and you just plug up your ears and go Lalalala, then come back and pollute another thread. Like this one, where instead of discussing Keller’s Bizarro version of Christianity, we’re dealing once again with the question of which term best describes you: crazy, stupid or evil. Do you have a preference?

  • Ben

    I’m so sick of political correctness. You can love a person for who they are, but HATE the things they do!!! We don’t need no stinkin’ hate watch, we need free speech watch.

  • daemonesslisa

    Nope, you ARE a troll.

    A troll goes on threads with a hit-and-run post, such as some crap about how the SPLC is anti-white, etc. They have no examples (or claim they do have examples that get “censored”), and when called on the lie they display their improvised drama skills.

    And there’s so much trolling that even the mods can take, before they decide to let more rational people let that troll have it. It’s the closest that a troll will ever get to learning anything, because they refuse to.

    A troll could just take the hint, leave, and never post on the thread/forum again. Or, as Aron says, they can cry some more.

  •, Aron

    Hey RRoberts:

    Cry some more.

  • RRoberts

    My point was, that reading the first two paragraphs of the post, that SPLC appears to be agreeing at least partially with what this person was saying regarding Glenn Beck. Therefore, I was asking if that was what SPLC was, in fact, saying. They are free to disagree or say that I misinterpreted.

    But, since my comment, you tolerant liberals have called me a Troll and a person who apparently needs to take meds. My question then is:

    Why does not SPLC attempt to restrain the hate filled comments posted by their own bloggers (who always agree with SPLC)?

    I have NEVER said anything derogatory about another individual posting on this blog. And while certain of my comments have questioned SPLC’s bias and motives, I have never called anyone at SPLC names.

    In return for my comments, I have been called Asshole, Bigot, Troll, etc.

    SPLC: Serious question here: Are you in business to attempt to lessen Hate in this country, or are you in business solely as a conservative bashing organization? If you truly want to lessen hate, then I suggest you consider addressing your cohorts who always agree with you, but who believe that calling those who disagree with them Asshole and Troll is acceptable and “Tolerant.”

    And by the way, Linnea. I have provided numerous examples to support past posts. Only some of them get posted because SPLC also seems to like to censor those who disagree with them. (I can’t prove that, by the way.) I have even provided SPLC with examples of hate incidents that they do not seem to want to post either.

  •, Aron

    Honestly, idiots like RRoberts are much more fun to harass than to simply ignore. Normally I don’t feed the trolls, but the arguments posted here are usually too silly to let be.

    Plus Ruslan’s rebuttals are usually very interesting.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Yeah, part of me knows that. For example every time one of these yahoos comes in here and says “WHY DON’T YOU TALK ABOUT ALL THE LEFT WING TERRORIST GROUPS?” I ask them- please, name them. That’s when they suddenly disappear.

  • Linnea

    He won’t. RRoberts and other trolls like him like to throw around those accusations, but they never provide proof. When you ask them for it, they either disappear for awhile, or else attack back, trying to distract from the original issue. I’ve seen enough trolls on this page and on Facebook to know how they function… or don’t…

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    “Just to clarify: SPLC fully endorses Hate Speech as long as it is used up Christians or Conservatives. ”

    Prove it.

  • Aron


    The problem is RRoberts was never ON his meds.


  • daemonesslisa

    Just to clarify: RRoberts is off his meds.

  • CM

    The world’s real wolves should sue Keller for libel.

  • Gregory

    Wolf of Satan? I was thinking more along the lines of those little dogs that yap all day and night, sort of a Purse Poodle of Satan.

  • Aron

    Ahh, Florida. I spent five years down in Gainesville in order to receive a BA in the History of Science, the last degree awarded in that field (Thanks, UF! You jerks…).

    And I cannot even begin to proclaim my joy at being able to move back to Massachusetts. They don’t call Florida ‘The “F” State’ without reason.


  • RRoberts

    Just to clarify: SPLC fully endorses Hate Speech as long as it is used up Christians or Conservatives. That seems to be the point of the above item.