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After Conviction, Kreis Quits as Leader of Tiny Aryan Nations Faction

By Bill Morlin on January 19, 2012 - 10:17 am, Posted in Christian Identity, Neo-Nazi

Long-time racist August B. Kreis III says he’s stepping down as leader of a splinter faction of the neo-Nazi Aryan Nations, just weeks after being convicted of federal fraud-related charges.

Kreis, who’s reported to be suffering from diabetes-related health problems, doesn’t give a specific reason for quitting in his Internet posting, but says his successor is Pastor Drew Bostwick, who has lived in Iowa and been active in the neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement.

Drew BostwichThe Aryan Nations splinter Bostwick (right) now heads, with a tiny but unknown number of followers, will be renamed “Tabernacle of the Phineas Priesthood-Aryan Nations,” the new leader says. The term “Phineas” refers to a Old Testament character who killed both an Israelite man and a Midianite woman as they were having sex — a story that is used by white supremacist to biblically justify acts of violence against “race-mixers” and others.

Kreis claimed in his Jan. 6 post that he was named in advance in 2001 by Aryan Nations founder Richard Butler to succeed Pastor Ray Redfeairn, who took over from Butler, if Redfeairn, who died unexpectedly in 2003, was not able to continue as leader for any reason. But Kreis was never able to really revive the organization, and other extremists fought him in their own bids to take over in the wake of Butler’s 2004 death. Few extremists saw Kreis as the real leader of Aryan Nations, which was nearly destroyed by a 2000 lawsuit and Butler’s death.

In following years, while living in South Carolina, Kreis came under FBI investigation after making statements supporting Al Qaeda terrorists. Nothing came of those statements, but the probe did lead other allegations against Kreis, and last August he pleaded guilty to a federal charge of lying to the U.S. government while drawing military veterans’ benefits. The 56-year-old racist was given a six-month prison sentence and just released in mid-December. He still must pay $192,387 in restitution in $100-a-month payments to U.S. government he despises.

“You may or may not know, and none of you will be surprised to hear, but ZOG has done its best to destroy me and my family, imprisoning me and removing me from my wife and 8 children as well as my congregation,” Kreis said in what were his first public comments since being sentenced in December. ZOG is an acronym for the neo-Nazi phrase Zionist Occupied Government, meaning the federal government.

“We will not be held hostage by the tyranny of our enemies [and] we will prevail,’’ Kreis said. “I will remain devoted to our cause as pastor in the church. However, in light of these circumstances which are beyond my control, I find myself in a position, for the better of the Nation, to pass leadership to Pastor Drew Bostwick.”

Kreis said Bostwick “holds many treasures from the teaching of our esteemed elders,” including Butler. Bostwick “is a great teacher,” Kreis said, adding, “Yahweh will work through him leading us all to eternal victory!”

Bostwick, in a follow-up posting, claims he is the last living Aryan Nations pastor “ordained” by Butler just days after a historic lawsuit that bankrupted the Aryan operation in North Idaho. The 2000 civil suit, resulting in a $6.3 million jury verdict, was filed by the Southern Poverty Law Center on behalf of a woman and her son who were assaulted by Aryan guards.

“[That] was a terrible time for everyone,” Bostwick said. “The church was being destroyed by external enemies and internal rats and traitors.”

Before bulldozers moved in and firefighters burned down the buildings at the bankrupt Aryan compound for training exercises, Bostwick said he was “divinely called to the ministry.” He claimed he was “ordained in [the] war-torn church” on Oct. 28, 2000, by Butler, Kreis and Pastor Neuman Britton, while “evangelist” and fellow neo-Nazi R. Vincent Bertollini and others in the congregation were witnesses.

Bostwick said he first visited the Aryan Nations compound, near Hayden Lake, Idaho, in 1992, when he was “still a little rebellious” in his neo-Nazi skinhead days. “I turned off Rimrock Road, onto the long tree-lined lane [of the Aryan compound] which led me to the gates of my redemption,” he wrote.

Bostwick lived briefly at the Aryan compound and learned the tenets of Christian Identity — a kind of neo-Nazi theology based on the Bible — under Butler’s tutelage. “I found, while walking through the buildings, constructed by the heroes and martyrs of our race, such as Bob Mathews [the late leader of the terrorist group The Order] and others, a warm, soothing comfort that I had never felt before in a church,” Bostwick wrote.

“I studied the Identity message under Pastor Butler from March of 1992 until his passing in 2004,” Bostwick added. The racist religion known as Christian Identity holds that the Bible is the history of white people and that Jews are the biological descendants of a mating of Eve and Satan in the Garden of Eden; it describes non-white people as soulless “mud people” created as “beasts of the field.” Like his mentors, Butler and Kreis, Bostwick appears to weave these theological beliefs together with worship of Adolf Hitler and National Socialism.

“I hold lifetime credentials of ministry to certify that I am a licensed and ordained minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ in good standing and am recognized as being in the Church of [Jesus] Christ Christian,” Bostwick said, referring to the theological arm of Aryan Nations. “I studied the Identity message under Pastor Butler from March of 1992 until his passing in 2004.”

Even before Butler’s death, various splinter factions of the Aryan Nations sprouted up in the wake of the lawsuit that literally leveled the hate group’s 20-acre compound in North Idaho. Kreis, then in Pennsylvania, led one faction with a very active website, while Morris Gulett in Louisiana led another, interrupted by a prison term he served for conspiring to rob a bank. Last September, after Gulett emerged from prison, his faction sponsored the 2011 Aryan World Congress, the first time that event has been held since Butler’s death in 2004. Gulett has been named “World Leader” of that Aryan Nations faction, the largest.

Briefly, there also was an Aryan Nations faction in Alabama that now appears to have morphed into a White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan group.

In Ohio, Paul Mullet, who lived in North Idaho after Butler’s death, also has claimed to be the real pastor of the Aryan Nations. And in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, Gerald O’Brien boasts that it is he who is the new pastor of the Aryan Nations, though he does not seem to have attracted a significant following or done much.

Bostwick said his group will no longer use the title “Church of Jesus Christ Christian,” which was used by Butler’s organization.

The late Olive Lorraine Swift — widow of Wesley Swift, the original founder of the Church of Jesus Christ Christian that was taken over by Butler — “has requested *NO ONE* use the name ‘Church of Jesus Christ Christian,’” Bostwick wrote. He offered no further explanation.

When Swift died in 1970, Butler, his follower and protégé, moved from California to North Idaho and established the Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations.  Swift’s widow died in 2005, and it’s not clear why she insisted other groups not use the Church of Jesus Christ Christian name.

Bostwick said “it is with the deepest respect” to Swift’s memory that “we have chosen to represent ourselves under the name ‘Tabernacle of the Phineas Priesthood-Aryan Nations.’”

Meanwhile, the years of infighting among the various self-proclaimed Aryan Nations leaders doesn’t appear to have ended. Bostwick said in the months after Butler’s death almost eight years ago, there was “another flock of vultures, hovering around, who picked at his bones after his passing before he was even cold.” “We know who you are,” Bostwick warned them. “I know who you are. You know who I am! Hope to see you soon!”

  • A.D.M.

    You say you have no sympathy for Stormfront visitors, but you sound like one. Dan, I took apart the stats you posted and saw most forcible rape, robbery, and aggravated assault arrests in Missouri in 2010 were white adults and the fact that these crimes are decreasing (crime is decreasing nationwide). And just so you know, there are non-whites living in Ireland and the United Kingdom. I guess you’re going to say any crime committed over there is because of them. It’s not “PC” (whatever that means), it’s recognizing that people, no matter their physical characteristics or income or nationality, can commit any crime. That includes white people.

    As for this site, you really don’t know the point. It’s to highlight folks that perpetuate hatred against a group of people because of who they are, where they come from, or what they look like. It’s disingenious for you to act like these folks are not influential when they really are. It’s not fringe, it’s mainstream. I also live in a neighborhood that has blacks, Mexicans, whites, etc. There are no problems here. But go ahead and believe what you want to believe. You already exposed yourself as a racist anyway. And if race is real, which it isn’t, please show proof. Your attitude makes you look foolish.

  • Dan

    I’d like to get back to the main point I initially made. You really are spending a disproportionate amount of time on the dingbats of the right, and blowing their influence out of all proportion. I’ve no sympathy for the lunatics who go around goose stepping and Heil Hitlering. Nor for those who wrap themselves in a Swastika and wallow in Christian Identity or visit Stormfront etc etc. I think the GOP stink as well. If anything I’m sympathetic to the Democratic Party.

    However your disingenuous concentration on the fringe of the fringe misses something that is undeniably the case:

    If you want a good idea of any area’s crime rate the percentage of black people is (at minimum) a very good correlating factor. I propose that is determines higher crime stats. Your site ignores a wave of urban crime and decay that cannot be explained away by socioeconomic conditions. Conditions of poverty that exist in the UK, Ireland where no comparable murder or rape rates exist.

    At a certain point people make the reality that they live in (or wallow in, if you prefer.) grown ups make their own beds, they allow their kids to run wild or they actively encourage it. You choose to ignore it completely, salivating over a handful of antisocial losers on the right.

    Even if white people make a stochastic (you would call it racism, which it is!) judgement that they wish to live as far away from black people as possible they are reducing the likelihood of their own victimization from violent crime 55 fold. It’s a perfectly rational decision to make. Income levels cannot explain this increased threat, as income inequality exists in other societies without a similar disproportionate rate of crime to suffer.

    Where would you live? University City, St Louis or South County? If you were picking public schools, a quiet place to raise children and a safe working commute, what choice would you make?

    your PC attitude just makes you look foolish.

  •, Aron


    Make sure you cite your sources. You’ve got to be able to back up your claims!

  •, Aron

    Oh no! Some WN dingbat has claimed to have beat me in an argument!!!

    If ‘race’ is indeed a ‘real thing,’ would you mind defining ‘white’ for me?

  • Dan

    No, I don’t think or write according to a script.

    But that would never stop a smug, credulous person like yourself from putting words in my mouth. Would it?

    If that’s all you have to argue with, ie putting words in my mouth, I’ve proved my point and clearly won the argument, as crude and unpleasant as it sounds to your sensitive ears. Believe you me, I take no pleasure in pointing these things out. I was a fairly conventional leftie until a few months ago.

  • A.D.M.

    More nonsensical garbage from Dan, a person with no sense.

  •, Aron


    You forgot to finish your little blurb with ‘Anti-Racist is a codeword for Anti-White.’

    I hope this helps.

    (Oh, and you might want to pick up some Preparation H for all of that butthurt…)

  • Dan


    Interesting. You’ve no agenda? Ulterior motive?

    Stupid aggressive people will almost always end up broke and in jail.

    That’s why black neighborhoods are avoided like the plague
    by sensible house buyers. By people looking for a school. The dishonest hypocracy of liberal whites, knows no bounds.

    Institutional racism? Race is not a social construct. It’s actually real.

  • Aron


    Thankfully for us, Jason is a stopped twenty-four hour clock. So he’s only right ONCE a day.

  • Kiwiwriter

    Aron, Jason is a stopped clock.

    So he’s right twice a day.

    So the Nazis didn’t kill an “white, heterosexual, normal people?” All those corpses at Buchenwald and Belsen and neat rows of crosses at St. Laurent sur Mer and Bayeux Commonwealth War Cemetery are not “white, heterosexual, normal people?” Or they didn’t happen?

    Jason’s starting to sound like the Westboro Baptist Church.

    The sad part is, Jason probably really believes it, too.

  • Aron


    I hate to admit it, but Jason’s descriptions regarding the gas chambers in California are correct. But the gas chambers in Birkenau were FAR different from those used in prisons. Not the smallest part was the use of crystallized potassium-cyanide as the toxin versus the hydrogen-cyanide used in California and elsewhere.

    He’s still massively wrong, but he got at least one thing right…

  • Ithink

    “I’ve seen the door of the gas chamber at Auschwitz. There’s a big crack at the bottom and there’s no way it’s air tight. At one time the state of California used gas to execute criminals and that gas chamber (a real one) had a door like a submarine — completely air tight. The Auschwitz ‘gas chamber’ door also has a window. Not modern safety glass but the old time glass that was easy to break. If hundreds of people were crammed in there them would have broken the window and the gas would have leaked out killing the German guards outside. Any gas chamber would also have to have an elaborate pumping mechanism to create a negative pressure, thus containment, and also to pump the gas out. The California state gas chamber had to be pumped for hours before it was safe to open the door.”

    (White Nationalists—wrong about everything since Prez Thomas J. committed statutory rape on one of his darkies…)

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    I think it’s time to give Jason’s historical views the coup de grace.

    You accuse Stalin of killing and enslaving millions of “white heterosexual normal people” or whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean, yet you support Holocaust denial. The principle claim of Holocaust deniers is that those Jews who did die in the camps died mostly of starvation(yet the guards and the local population around the camps weren’t starving) and typhus(no significant outbreaks of typhus reported by the Germans). In other words, you’re claiming that the Jews weren’t exterminated, but they died due to extreme conditions.

    Now, those who claim that Stalin killed 20, 40, or 60 million people aren’t saying these people were executed(maybe a few idiots are); they’re claiming that these people died in the GULAG due to extreme conditions, starvation, disease(this actually IS recorded in the early USSR), and so on. This is the only way you can get such high numbers because we know almost exactly how many people were executed in the period of 1923-53.

    So this creates a problem for you: You want to claim that famines, deportations, GULAG conditions in the USSR equate to extermination and genocide, no doubt of “whites” which is ridiculous for so many reasons. Yet at the same time, you think the Holocaust is less of a genocide or crime because you deny that there were gas chambers.

    Contradiction. You have one.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Jason, had you been on a tour at Auschwitz, I’m wonder how you could have seen the “door on the gas chamber.” Krema I was converted into a bomb shelter and the doors were removed in that Krema. Anyone who took the tour would know that the gas chambers where most of the killings were done were in the other Krema, particularly at Birkenau. These were destroyed before the Red Army arrived, but at least one airtight door with a protected peephole was found in a junk heap. Also, the air-tight doors appear in the plans for the gas chambers.

    Assuming your entire story isn’t BS, which seems to be the case like everything else you say, I’m not surprised that one of the doors got a crack in it after being blown off its hinges when the krema was dynamited.

    I’ve heard a lot of Holocaust denial in my day but that has got to be the stupidest claim I’ve ever heard.

  • Kiwiwriter

    Jason, you’d better come up with some evidence for your ridiculous claims from a reputable source.

    Another Holocaust denier trundles up!

  • Jason Smith

    I’ve seen the door of the gas chamber at Auschwitz. There’s a big crack at the bottom and there’s no way it’s air tight. At one time the state of California used gas to execute criminals and that gas chamber (a real one) had a door like a submarine — completely air tight. The Auschwitz ‘gas chamber’ door also has a window. Not modern safety glass but the old time glass that was easy to break. If hundreds of people were crammed in there them would have broken the window and the gas would have leaked out killing the German guards outside. Any gas chamber would also have to have an elaborate pumping mechanism to create a negative pressure, thus containment, and also to pump the gas out. The California state gas chamber had to be pumped for hours before it was safe to open the door.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    I really didn’t think I needed to point this out, but Jason, you just failed history class. F-.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Nice work, A.D.M. He probably wasn’t expecting you to actually check his numbers.

  •, Aron


    Ape/human hybrid supermen? Wow. In a lifetime spent studying every aspect of the Second World War, this is a new one to me.

    Maybe you need to cut down on your LSD intake, hmmm?

  • A.D.M.

    Another thing, Dan, the idea of you calling anybody evil is laughable. Given the kind of mentality you have, I’d say you’re the evil one.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Dan, did you remember to control for income and population density when doing your little amateur criminology study? And you can cry all you want, but institutional racism is a proven fact. The ghettos were created by decades of policies which had nothing to do with the wishes of black folks.

    If you deny that economics and other factors are responsible for this, you’re going to have a hard time explaining why lily white Eastern European countries went from virtually crime-free to crime-ridden in a short amount of time since the late 80’s.

  • Gregory

    I think those in the WN movement who revel in their pure white heritage would be in for a big surprise if they submitted themselves to DNA tests.The number of those who actually had a clean sheet, no pun intended, would probably be unable to field a baseball team, even if they added Jason Smith to their roster.

  • Kiwiwriter

    I actually feel a sense of pity for Kreis and the rest of those guys. They have a passion, misplaced as it is, and they are wasting their passion and energy on a crusade that is not worth the candle.

    If they put that passion into positive works — and there are plenty to do, left, right, and center — their energy could do some good in the world.

    Instead they waste their lives, and drag other lives down with them. It’s a sadness and a shame.

  • A.D.M.

    I looked at the graph in the first link again and it showed that over 50% of forcible rape arrests were white adults ans 52% burglary arrests were white adults in the state of Missouri in 2010, the most recent.


    You need to do your homework better, dude. Of course, it also showed all those crimes are decreasing. But I’m not like you. I don’t make conclusions of an entire group of people due to the actions of a few.

  • Jason Smith

    In the closing days of WWII the Soviet army was an entire army of rapists. Stalin had a secret agreement with Churchill and Roosevelt to take 4 million German civilians as slaves to Siberia to work in the Gulags — German women, old people teenagers, children. German babies were even taken for medical experiments. Stalin has a nightmarish dream of breeding humans with gorillas to create a super race of human/ape hybrids, which of course, failed. Read yourself in the Yalta agreement. It says the Soviets can take civilians as ‘labor in kind’ — meaning SLAVES! Slaves to work in the gold mines of Kolyma in Eastern Siberia! Or digging Uranium in the Ore mountains of the Czeck republic — children, women, young girls, all German civilians. Then, after the war, the Communists built their fake gas chambers and crematorium at Auschwitz — like a Hollywood movie prop. All lies! Your entire narrative of history is a lie. They created their fake Holocaust myth as a cover story, to cover up their OWN atrocities against civilians.

  • A.D.M.

    It seems like the self delusion of WNs is dangerous.

  • A.D.M.

    Dan, I saw the graph in the first link. It actually shows whites committed more aggravated assaults and robberies. It also showed whites and blacks are pretty much even in the categories. So your idea that whites don’t commit crimes or one group commits all the crimes is false. And the second link does not have anything concerning ethnicity. Like I said, I’m glad you don’t hide who you are.

  • A.D.M.

    Dan, you openly admitted you’re a racist. At least you’re not like the rest who want to try to hide it. And since you are a racist and clearly know nothing of the civil rights movement besides what you see on WN websites, you are stupid.

  • Dan

    Let me take it out of the realm of anecdotes then. That’s fine by me.

    Take the crime stats of St Louis: A city with a population that is about 50-50 white-black.

    The black population is responsible for approx 78% of sexual assault and rape. 92% of homicide, 93% of robbery, 87% of assault, 82% of burglary.



    I can begin to detail the lethal cases if you like. The self delusion of liberal opinion is itself dangerous. It’s also willfully blind to the obvious.

  • ModerateMike

    “It’s actually an ideology of victimhood drilled into people from kindergarten onwards.”

    So who is doing the drilling? Watch the movie “Waiting for Superman” and you may get some insight into this.

  • Dan

    Showing through?

    My dear fellow it’s quite open.

    The rapid destruction of urban centers like Philly and Detroit,
    by the residents themselves, is a product of the civil rights movement. Interview the knockdown kids extensively and you’ll find they’ll have all sorts of funny ideas derived from that source about whites keeping them down about institutional racism blah blah blah once the tap is turned on they’ll run at the mouth about racist this and racist that. Utterly predictable and damn near scripted. And you call it disorganized? It’s actually an ideology of victimhood drilled into people from kindergarten onwards.

  • Mitch Beales

    Dan the difference is that these groups of kids attacking people are not organized nor are they part of a political movement trying to take over the government. As to the “uniform”, while hoodies were apparent in two of the reports nobody’s pants seemed particularly baggie so I must assume that’s just your racism showing through.

  • A.D.M.

    I guess Dan is another one of these guys. I can bring up numerous examples of thuggery and evil among whites, too, and they’re not nationalists.

    You see what I’m doing? Saying all people are like one characteristic from news articles is not smart for individuals are different from each other in many ways. Thuggery and evil comes from all walks of life. Trying to pin it on one group is ludicrous. And blacks are not the only ones wearing hoodies for I’ve seen plenty of whites and Asians wearing hoodies and baggie pants (baggie is different from sagging).

  • Pickwick

    In the Bible, the actual purpose of Phineas’s action was not to eliminate “race mixing”, but to end the adoption of idolatrous practices which, it is implied, stem from exogamous sexual relations. As usual, Christian Identity groups have subverted the original meaning — and this only recently — to exalt the racist message.

    Just after the capture of Timothy McVeigh, there was a great deal of chatter on militia and Identity websites about solo terrorists acting as Phineas Priests, i.e., ones who take it upon themselves to right perceived wrongs. I’m not certain when the Identity groups co-opted the idea of Phineas Priests, but it seems to me a more recent development.

  • Dan

    I would like to ask the author exactly how the following criminals and their acts are not just like the Sturm Abteilung in the Weimar republic during the 1920s:

    I think your concentration on the fringe merchants of white supremacy is laughable in the face of the voluminous examples of thuggery and evil originating in the black community in America. These are the non lethal examples of SA like roving gangs of bully boys.

    The hoodie and baggie pants are as much a uniform as the brownshirt imho.

  • Aron


    If they’re of ‘no importance’ why do you keep reading them? And more importantly, why do you keep commenting?

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Jason, have you ever been able to construct a coherent, relevant argument in your life?

    Look at this poor old guy, wasting away, and all he has to show for this life is he is “white.” He spent a life time being butthurt that society at large won’t recognize his being “white” as something admirable or impressive. Unless you get out of the movement and come into the real world, that will be YOUR wasted life.

  • Jason Smith

    These little stories the SPLC runs are of no importance. In a country of 320 million people I could just as easily find a story that ‘fits’ my worldview of some Communist wackos.

  • Shadow Wolf

    And while we’re at it–on the subject of virulent and racist white supremacism. SPLC you may want to take a peep at the Feathered Bastard’s latest scribe(which is listed on your blogroll to the right). In it, Arizona’s most famous bone-head: neo-Nazi J.T. Ready is considering running for Pinal County Sheriff. This, as Sheriff Paul Babeu runs for Congress.

    Welcome to AZ PolitiKKKs.
    Where nothings wackier than the wild wild west.

  • Shadow Wolf

    So Phineas justifies the killing of “race mixers” and race mixing. I have no doubt that either one or more members of that “tiny Aryan-Nations” splinter group, may have some small quantums of Native blood, and/or Native ancestry in their family lineage. Unless, they all just emigrated here from Europe recently….
    But that would make them “immigrants”(legal or not). The sort of mantra their kind has been strongly opposed to, for the past decade or so.

  • RockyMissouri

    Pam Geller would be right at home with this bunch ……….