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Youth for Western Civilization Takes ‘Patriot’ Plunge

By Leah Nelson on February 14, 2012 - 2:58 pm, Posted in Patriot Groups

Youth for Western Civilization (YWC), the ultraconservative student group sworn to defend “the West” from the “radical left” and multiculturalism, seems to be finding new friends on the radical right – and a new enemy in the federal government.

Founded just over five years ago by American University student Kevin DeAnna, YWC is already notorious for its cordial relations with white nationalists like Jared Taylor and nativists like Tom Tancredo, the former congressman who serves as its honorary chairman. The group is tied up with anti-Muslim activists, and the leader of its Towson State University chapter in Maryland is a member of the neo-Confederate hate group League of the South.

Disparate though they are, at least those affiliations are linked together by the common themes of nationalism and xenophobia. But in a recent blog post warning of avian flu, FEMA concentration camps, and an impending “totalitarian takeover of the United States,” YWC leadership jumped straight into the deep end of the antigovernment “Patriot” movement.

In a post titled “2012: The Year of Police State America,” YWC Vice President Taylor Rose rants about the controversial National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which conspiracists believe is part of a government plot to round up huge numbers of Americans and detain them indefinitely in concentration camps. (The NDAA, which has opponents on both the left and right, does, in fact, broaden the government’s power to detain U.S. citizens.)

According to Rose, the NDAA puts the U.S. on the same level as “Third World nations such as China, Burma, North Korea, Iran and Cuba.”

Even more frightening to Rose is the fact that the Department of Homeland Security monitors social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as blogs covering bird flu, drug trafficking, cybercrime and natural disasters.

“Coincidentally all of this comes at the heels of worsening of border security, increased drug trafficking, and a new strain of avian flu in the United States,” Rose writes. “Does the government know something we do not? Is economic collapse right around the corner? Are we on the verge of an avian flu pandemic that the feds are ill prepared to confront? Probably so, as we know that the federal government is nowhere near as transparent as we could ever hope it to be and we also can know for certainty that the federal government has one thing in mind: the complete and total overhaul of the American liberty system and the destruction of all Christian, patriotic and elements of right-wing power in the United States.”

Ye Gods!

And that’s not all. According to Rose, the government plans to “eliminate” the Internet and redefine terrorism as “American Patriots, rather than jihadists.”

“The only hope that Right-wing and for that matter even radical Left-wing citizens have, is to educated [sic] themselves, network, follow the advice of [racist radio shock jock] Michael Savage and buy guns and most importantly of all pray, for that is all that stands in between us and a total government takeover of our lives. Do not fall for the lie that ‘it cannot happen here’ for in keeping with the numbers, we are far passed [sic] the horrors of pre-Nazi Germany.”

(It’s unclear here which historical period he’s talking about – for all its extremism, YWC has never embraced Nazi Germany as an ideal, as Rose’s last sentence would seem to imply.)

Rose, who has a B.A. in international relations and is fluent in German, is a recent a graduate of the Jerry Falwell-founded Liberty University (home to Mat Staver and Matt Barber of the Liberty Counsel, an anti-gay, anti-Muslim organization that has also flirted with the Patriot movement). He has for some time served as YWC’s unofficial ambassador to Europe. In April 2011, he met in Antwerp with members of the far-right Belgian political party Vlaams Belang, which opposes multiculturalism, advocates for strict limits on immigration, and whose members have traveled in the past to meet with American hate group leaders. A month later, he appeared at the “March for Freedom,” an international anti-Muslim demonstration in Cologne, Germany.

According to his YWC biography (which is unintentionally revealing about the quality of his education at Liberty: the young man apparently doesn’t understand the origin of the term “Tea Party”), Rose is “active in the Tea Party movements both in the United States and in Europe” and lives in Bucharest, Romania.

  • Deep Ecology

    Ruslan is correct, the European movements most in opposition to the EU vision and current zeitgist is the new right, identarian political parties. Tea Party ideology is right oriented libertarian in nature.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    So the great defender of Western Civilization and American patriot Taylor Rose lives in Bucharest, Romania? Sex tourist. Definitely.

    Also, there is no equivalent to the Tea Party movement in Europe. Europeans aren’t that stupid.

  • krissy

    Yes we all must follow Michael; Savage and drink Rockstar Energy drink (TM) and have closeted gay affairs while running anti gay organizations.

  • Reyn

    The article is correct, though it may not go far enough. There is considerably more concern about the National Defense Authorization Act on the Left, where I live – than on any part of the Right that I have seen; and I’m not even “far” Left — just a solid Progressive.


  • Deep Ecology

    Editors, I don’t have strong opinion about the YWC, but do like and support their stand on academic free speech and opposition to speech codes. Would very much like to see SPLC’s opinion on the NDAA. In the academic community (not a rightwing bastion of extremists, trust me) and many environmental advocacy groups that are out of the mainstream shallow environmental organizations, thus somewhat suspect in the eyes of the US Government and their powerful Corporate partners, we are very concerned about expanded powers to detain US citizens.

    Edit note: Really Leah, if he is warning us about the conditions here resembling pre-Nazi Germany, I can’t see your read on them possibly advocating in favor of same said National Socialist Germany. They are for the most part paleoconservatives, right side of the spectrum but not fascist by any stretch.

  • Shadow Wolf

    I supposed Rose doesn’t know that those who register and post in sites like the Stormfront and VNN are already documented by the federal government. To keep tabs on abhorrent WNs, domestic terrorists, and anti-government extremists. Or is this a bad case of Conspiracy Theory? Maybe.

  • Dan Zabetakis

    I don’t think there is a point to criticizing this group for opposing the NDAA. I don’t believe there is “a government plot to round up huge numbers of Americans and detain them indefinitely in concentration camps”, but the NDAA certainly gives the government power to do this.

    Does the SPLC have an official position on the NDAA? I would expect them to be among the first to object if someone were detained under that law…

  • Reynardine

    Dammit, I wish they’d quit projecting; soon it’ll be too hot to wear a flak jacket.

  • Gregory

    Like Gandhi is supposed to have said, western civilization would be a good idea.

  • Aron


    It would be so wonderful if that were really all they were ;)

  • Erika

    Youth for Western Civilization sounds like the name of a really bad hardcore band

  • B.B.

    In a post titled “2012: The Year of Police State America,” YWC Vice President Taylor Rose rants about the controversial National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which conspiracists believe is part of a government plot to round up huge numbers of Americans and detain them indefinitely in concentration camps.

    Nice slight of hand. Rose says nothing about “concentration camps”, but one is given the impression he has since you are lumping him in with the “conspiracists” who do. His criticism of the NDAA is the same as other far-right Patriot extremists like the ACLU have voiced.