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Anti-‘Genocide’ Protests Around Nation Were Organized by Neo-Nazis

By Hatewatch Staff on February 29, 2012 - 4:44 pm, Posted in Extremist Propaganda, Neo-Nazi

Small protests against the “genocide” of white South Africans took place in 11 states Monday, drawing a smattering of media accounts that noted that some leftist counter-protesters accused the demonstrators of being white supremacists.

But the Sacramento (Calif.) Bee quoted Michael Myers, a coordinator for the South Africa Project (SAP) from Oakland, Calif., denying that SAP was racist and complaining that “when a white person tries to stick up for an issue based on race, they’re automatically labeled racist, neo-Nazi Klan members.” The Bee did note that the SAP page later “chided ‘those of you who call yourselves White Nationalists’ who didn’t participate,” but did not further explore the nature of the group beyond noting one marcher’s anti-Semitic comment. The Associated Press also reported that counter-protesters accused SAP of being white supremacist, but, like the Bee, did not report any further on the allegation.

They might have dug a little deeper. The first quote on the SAP website comes from Morris L. Gulett —an infamous neo-Nazi leader and key Aryan Nations official who has served prison terms for assaulting a police officer and for conspiracy to rob banks. A few inches below that is a video of David Duke, the neo-Nazi and former Klan leader, bemoaning the fate of whites in post-apartheid South Africa. The page rails on about the “GENOCIDE of our race” and, a little farther down, proposes a solution for the killings by “racist blacks.” “Why, oh why are we not avenging these deaths? Why are we letting the bastards get away with this?” it asks. “The killing is only going to stop if we hit back and make a few examples out of them.”

SAP says it held rallies Monday in Little Rock, Ark., Los Angeles and Sacramento, Calif., Connecticut, Florida, Idaho, Maryland, New York, Ohio, Philadelphia, Nashville, Tenn., and Spokane, Wash. Photos on its website show groups of up to about 30 people in most of those locations — images of dozens of men with shaved heads, many sporting tattoos and symbols like the triskelion, used by neo-Nazi groups around the world. One photo caption notes that the Arkansas SAP protest was led by Billy Roper, who once led the neo-Nazi White Revolution group.

The protests might not even have gotten the attention they did were it not for counter-protesters in Sacramento, who pelted SAP protesters and police with objects, resulting in two officers being injured and three counter-protesters being arrested. The counter-protesters who were arrested, according to the AP and the Bee, were members of the left-wing populist Occupy Oakland movement.

The South Africa Project shares a Louisiana mailing address with the current “world headquarters” of Aryan Nations, a tiny remnant of a once-important group that is headed by Gulett. Gulett was a lieutenant in Aryan Nations chapter led by the late Ray Redfeairn, the incredibly violent Ohio state leader whose chief claim to fame in the movement was his near-fatal shooting of a police officer. In 2002, after a Southern Poverty Law Center suit bankrupted Aryan Nations, Gulett and Redfeairn founded the Church of the Sons of Yhvh, a group that explicitly supports “white racial supremacy” and the creation of violent “warriors for God.”

Gulett has a serious history with the law. In 1997, he was convicted of assault on a law enforcement officer after he rammed his vehicle into a police cruiser during a high-speed chase. And, in 2005, he pleaded guilty to various conspiracy charges in an armed bank robbery plot. He was sentenced in 2006 to 72 months in prison and only released last September. Most recently, Gulett has been in the news because he recently returned to Louisiana (Gulett is originally from Monroe) where he plans to open a “world Aryan headquarters” in Converse. Local community leaders and residents have not been supportive of his efforts, but in a statement released to the press, Gulett said that he is going ahead: “I or Aryan Nations will not be run off or discouraged by the Jews, Negros, Queers, Mestizos or Mulattoes of the diversity cult,” he said. “As I said of this once great Christian Republic in the interview, diversity is NOT our greatest strength, but our greatest weakness.”

While the South Africa Project is not a pleasant organization, it is true that violence has long been a problem in South Africa. But that violence began among whites.

Between 1948 and 1994, the apartheid government forcibly resettled millions of black people to maintain racial separation, ensured that black citizens would live in poverty, and regularly assassinated and tortured to death its political opponents.  Government officials poisoned and bombed their enemies and encouraged strife in other African countries. The post-apartheid Human Rights Commission found that some 21,000 deaths were the result of political violence under apartheid.

Since 1994, some 3,000 white farmers have been killed, according to a 2010 BBC article, although in 2009 The Economist put the figure at 1,650 since 1991. The magazine reported that the primary motive of the killings was robbery, not racial hatred or any attempt to carry out an anti-white “genocide.” In 2001, Human Rights Watch released a report about the violence in South African farmlands that reported that post-apartheid violence toward black farm workers from employers and law enforcement and government officials was widespread, as well, but less likely to be investigated. The report noted, like The Economist, that common criminality like robbery seemed to be the primary motive in the killings of white farmers.

In his comments to the Bee, Michael Myers’ whiney lament was typical, suggesting that anyone who stands up for whites would be called a racist, a neo-Nazi or a Klan member. In the case of the Monday protests orchestrated by Myers, Gulett and their co-religionists, at least, such a characterization would be entirely accurate.

  • Bobo

    You liberals can accuse those protesters of being white supremacists.that`s fine and it`s your opinion ..The thruth is that white afrikaans farmers and their families are being tortured and mudered on a daily basis.The ANC government downplays this as “Normal Crime”… Normal Crime ???
    Apparantly the ANC see this mutalation,torture,rape and killings as normal…. Nothing but Nobel Savages.

  • Joe

    I think the SPLC is disgusting in saying all WN are neo nazis. prove that “neo nazis” organized this protest. And they have yet to establish that the WN caused any violence or commited crimes. The SPLC is just a vicious and hypocritical anti White racist organization. Thankfully we have the internet to expose lies and the SPLC is one of them.

  • Roy

    It is a shame that this protest was organized by so-called “neo-nazis”. No one else seemed to care. Nobody! Especially Israeli-Firsters such as the ADL or SPLC or other groups.

    Is this anti-Boer policy in South Africa OK now that a protest was organized by a group of people that are being called “neo-nazis”?


  • Howard Mauer

    Genocide Watch classifies South Africa in the preparatory stages for genocide: Please don’t let past injustices encourage you to turn a blind eye to deliberate extermination. 2.2% of ethnically European farmers have been murdered, and 12% have been attacked.

    The horrific torture and maimings that accompany many of these crimes expresses more than a motive of theft.

    The Zulus took their land by conquest, murder, and subjugation just as the Afrikaners did. I hope that we won’t allow past crimes of some of their ancestors to support a rationale for genocide today. By this logic we should continue an intergenerational blood feud of quid-pro-quo genocide or near-genocide ad infinitum. Is this really the world you want? How about peace? Just sayin’. I know it’s quixotic.

  • IludiumPhosdex

    Quoting Lawrence Boxall:

    Apartheid was a form of capitalism that was calculated to use the White Afrikaner working class, impoverished by British imperialism, as a means for the Afrikaner landed aristocracy of super rich farmers (a tiny minority) to make inroads into industrial capitalism which was controlled in South Africa by English speaking Whites of mostly British ancestry. Apartheid also served to produce a significantly accelerated capital accumulation because the workers could be paid a lower wage than was required to reproduce the workforce, a luxury not available at the time to European and North American capital. This was because the wages of the workers were subsidized by the rural landholdings of their families in the Bantustans.

    In fact, the socioeconomic aspect of apartheid (as a means for the Afrikaner to dominate the economy “as of natural right,” replete with the inevitable claims that God called the Afrikaner unto South Africa) was driven in large measure by a manufactured appeal to Afrikaner Pride and Identity under auspices of the quasi-Masonic Afrikaner Broederbond known as die Tweede Trek (“the Second Trek”), a symbolic reconstruction of die Voortrek from the Cape to the Highveldt in 1938.

    It was during its Bloemfontein stop that “Vader” J.V. Kestell fired what could be the opening shot of the call for Afrikaners to seize the economy and “adopt it so that it suits our ethnic character” under the banner of ‘n Volk red homself (“a people rescues itself”); its basic principle held that appealing to ethno-national solidarity, rather than turning to State charity, was a better way to empower a once-proud people “sunken materially and spiritually” socioeconomically.

    Within a year, the Broederbond would convene the Ekonomesie Volkskongres (“People’s Economic Congress”) in Bloemfontein, wherein was elaborated the Volkskapitalisme (“people’s capitalism”) ideal as would lift the Afrikaner out of poverty, calling as it did for Afrikaners to support Afrikaner-owned businesses as would employ poor Afrikaners and train them in “useful trades” to the extent of such creating incomes and purchasing power that would sustain Afrikaner dominance of the economy from everlasting to everlasting.

    (As a matter of fact, anti-Semitism figured prominently in Afrikaner Nationalist campaigns for economic dominance, more often than not using “Hoggenheimer”–a vile, English-speaking, British Jew showing reckless and utter contempt for Afrikaner interests–as an object of hate for prolefeed purposes.)

  • JC


    Good point, but pushing for human rights in other nations doesn’t bring in many donations.

    Fearmongering and over-exaggeration of the “threat” of “domestic terrorists” (counting…*gasp*…John Birch reading clubs as “militia groups”, adding one to its overinflated count for each state’s chapter) is what brings in the donations.

    The SPLC is not about the South, it’s not about the poor, and it’s not about the law. It’s about, as are all things in this country, money and political agenda.


  • Aron


    I think you probably could have ended that second sentence at the word ‘dick.’ But your original version worked pretty well, too.

  • Red

    Interesting how what exactly is going on in SA is far from unanimous amongst those who study and monitor genocide (see, for example) and yet the SPLC chooses a side rather than simply reporting on the diversity of opinion.

    It’s as if the SPLC is so determined to invalidate anything the “South Africa Project” has to say, to deny that there might be any trace of justification for what the group is saying, that it has to actually suppress reporting the range of serious opinion about what’s going on in SA.

    It’s weak, but typical.

    For ideologues, truth is always subject to more important priorities, such as the at-all-costs demonization of their perceived enemies.

    A group that really cared about “hate” would take what’s going on in SA seriously, and would *gasp* even concede that the South Africa Project has a worthwhile point and that attention should be paid to what’s going on there.

    But clearly, for the SPLC, some truths and some forms of racist injustice are more important than others.

    When people see this, they “get” what the SPLC is about, or at least what the SPLC isn’t about.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Neo-liberal economics is the real genocidal killer. But you won’t find WNs protesting that because they don’t know dick about economics.

  • Aron


    That was very well said. Thank you very much for such a welcome addition to the discussion!

  • Martin

    Ironic that Morris Gulett’s neo-Nazi Aryan Nations, which created and runs the South Africa Project (as a front group for Aryan Nations propaganda purposes) that is supposedly against genocide, will commit it’s OWN genocide against all non-whites, all Jews, all non-Christian Identity believers, and anyone else they decide is not worthy of living if they are given the chance.

    This makes Gulett and the rest of his Aryan Nations hatemongers no better than those they indignantly claim to be standing against. Gulett and his bunch are nothing but hypocrites, criminals, manipulators and liars…

    Make no mistake: The so-called South Africa Project really has NOTHING to do with South Africa, and EVERYTHING to do with the neo-Nazi Aryan Nations and Gulett’s self-promotion as they try to con people into getting involved with them that might not otherwise do so. This is the reason why Gulett tried to camouflage the South Africa Project as a stand-alone organization, which it isn’t.

  • Lawrence Boxall

    For the record:

    I was born in South Africa to a white English-speaking South African Father and an Italian mother in 1947. The apartheid government first came to power in 1948 and so I was schooled during the formative years of apartheid and enjoyed the educational and material privileges afforded to all white children in South Africa at the time, while Black children grew up in material poverty and with hopelessly inadequate educational opportunities..

  • Lawrence Boxall

    I don’t think that anyone would seriously want a return to apartheid if they understood that the present intensified pauperization of a significant portion of Black South Africans is a direct consequence of the forces of global capitalism. The ANC rejected the Freedom Charter in favour of neoliberal ideology and the majority of South Africans have paid a bitter price.

    Apartheid was a form of capitalism that was calculated to use the White Afrikaner working class, impoverished by British imperialism, as a means for the Afrikaner landed aristocracy of super rich farmers (a tiny minority) to make inroads into industrial capitalism which was controlled in South Africa by English speaking Whites of mostly British ancestry. Apartheid also served to produce a significantly accelerated capital accumulation because the workers could be paid a lower wage than was required to reproduce the workforce, a luxury not available at the time to European and North American capital. This was because the wages of the workers were subsidized by the rural landholdings of their families in the Bantustans.

    By the 1980s it became apparent that Apartheid was no longer an efficient means of capital accumulation and the leading members of the business elite went behind the governments back and did a deal with the ANC at a meeting in Lusaka, Zambia. In short order, Mandela was released from prison, the Freedom charter was rejected in favour of neoliberalism and the ANC came to power with no intention of making the fundamental socio-economic policy changes required to provide justice for all in South Africa, A few blacks were co-opted into the white bourgeoisie, became board members of large corporations and joined the ranks of millionaires while very little changed for the majority. Neoliberal globalization was a far better way of exploiting the people of South Africa than Apartheid.

    The result today is incredibly high unemploymen amongst Blackst, and high crime rate which has lead to the murder of a great many White farmers. What the neo-Nazis don’t tell you, however, is that the Black murderers are equal oportunity murderers and will kill Blacks as readily as the kill Whites if there is material gain to be had from the murder.

    The problem is that the real culprit behind the historical oppression of the Afrikaner nation as well as the people of colour in South Africa is capitalism and it is in the interests of the ruling elite, the owners of capital, if neo-Nazi groups keep the focus on racialized interpretations of what is happening to deprive White and Black alike of enjoying life in a just society.

    In my opinion, the big mistake of the anti-Apartheid struggle, was to assume that it was purely a race issue. It would be a mistake for White Afrikaners to focus on race as the cause of the present-day suffering and ignore what capitalism has been doing to them for centuries.

    The oppressed Afrikaner would be far better served by reaching out to the global working class who are oppressed by the same Bourgeois elite who are destroying our planet in the never-ending accumulation of capital that makes fewer and fewer more and more rich as the rest of us grow poorer.

    The greatest tragedy that can befall humankind is to come under the sway of those facilitators of capitalist exploitation, the neoNazis, instead of buloding a truly equal society where everyone participates in the democratic decisions that effect their daily lives.

  • Reynardine

    I grant that the ANC, having been co-opted by Friedmanists, has rendered itself persona non grata, but to say that the nonwhite population therefore wants to go back to apartheid is specious. What would benefit South Africa is a fair, honest, humane government, and anyone who thinks otherwise has assumed a physically difficult contortion that is likely to give them a browned-out outlook on life.

    Just because this is an American website doesn’t mean some of us don’t have access to good and varied news services, so please don’t assume that even Americans are universally gullible*

    The word owes its origin to the fact that gulls will swallow anything remotely edible.

  • Francis Marion Braidfute


    “And please somebody educate SAP on the true evil, nasty, murderous, back handed, underhanded, dirty, GENOCIDAL, devil like, dark, mean, crazy and ugly history of the SA government toward the native people of that land.”

    Could you clarify more about this please?

    I live in SA.. and most of the African black people I know; say that they did not want the ANC to rule SA, cause it is so corrupt; and that they miss Apartheid; cause the white Apartheid goverment treated them far better than their own African ANC.

    In a 2002 study, 60% of black South Africans said they miss Apartheid, the Apartheid goverment was more efficient, more honest and provided better goverment services.

    Even Helen Zusman.. who was one of the biggest fighters against Apartheid changed her mind after the ANC came into power and then stated that: Democracy was better under Apartheid. The ANC simply could not care less about anyone’s opinion but their own.

    * Were blacks better off under apartheid? Walter Williams, Jewish World Review Jan. 9, 2001
    * Black man: Life Was Better under Apartheid (BBC)
    * South Africa’s Coloureds Better Off Under Apartheid – New Zealand TV3
    * ‘Democracy? It was better under Apartheid’ – Helen Suzman; By Jane Flanagan, Telegraph

    And on and on and on…..

  • tyrone mixon

    The only thing that even strikes me as remotely interesting about this article is neo-nazi protest to stop genocide. Is it just selective memory or plain denial? Genocide of a people is something nazis should have total recall on, but of course they say it didn’t happen so maybe denial is the answer. And please somebody educate SAP on the true evil, nasty, murderous, back handed, underhanded, dirty, GENOCIDAL, devil like, dark, mean, crazy and ugly history of the SA government toward the native people of that land. Also, to the nasty murderous white folk all over this planet, go ahead and hold your arms out and keep really still, so that them chickens will have a place to roost when they come home.

  • James

    I think what they did was perfectly fine. Why is it necessary to bring up all past things? They weren’t doing nazi salutes or screaming White power. In fact, they were the ones assaulted from what I heard. I get you’re against racism but let’s be fair here. What about what THEY are talking about?

  • Maureen Martin

    Here are some facts from Genocide Watch.

    I hardly think Genocide Watch is unbiased in their reporting but I guess you can decide for yourself you if you think there is a genocide going on there. In my opinion, it is a slow genocide that could very easily end in a massacre.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Antifa Paul sounds like a visitor from Stormfront trying to help bolster their bizarre fantasy of a world where leftists hate white people and want them to die.

    The bottom line here is that WNs don’t care about genocide. They cherry pick something like this and try to use it to prove that “white people” world wide are victims of genocide. Clearly the numbers and real facts on the ground in South Africa tell a different story. It is indeed sad that the ANC turned away from internationalist, socialist values and instead embraced capitalism and “liberal democracy.” Now they suffer for it.

  • Wayne

    Antifa Paul, that is quite a statement! Care to elaborate just exactly why they “deserve” all everything that they have “coming”? What exactly is to come? Are you confirming the notion that white Afrikaners and white South Africans are in actually getting set up for complete and total genocide? That is sure what it sounds like fella!

  • Reynardine

    I am going to have to address this to both Mr. Beria and Mr. Paul.

    No one has “anything coming” for the sins of another, not even the sins of a relative. The Boers were indeed interned during the Boer Wars of the turn of the century, and it did not excuse the slaughter of Coventry in 1940. South African whites, Boers and Anglos, instituted a hideous oppression of nonwhites in the Twentieth Century, and it does not justify random reprisals against South African Whites now. Nor does the latter justify further reprisals against nonwhites. Nobody “has it coming” for what someone else did unless they themselves ordered it or aided it.

    Racially-motivated killings are loathsome crimes, but they are not genocide unless they are the overt or tacit policy of a government or of an entity organized and powerful enough to function as one. They are nonetheless something which all decent people should oppose with focused thought, measured word, and lawful deed.

  • Vladimir Beria

    “But that violence began among whites.

    Between 1948 and 1994….”

    While technically it’s true that the violence in SA “began among whites”, it all really has its roots in the Heinrich Himmler-like murderous and genocidal conquest of the Boer republics by the putrid British Empire, over a 100 years ago. And accompanied with concentration death camps for Afrikaner women and children, as means of terrorizing the Boer freedom fighters into submission, all well over 3 decades before such monstrosity was done by the Nazis, Which should also explain why during both world wars there was a large number of Boers who openly rooted for Germany and some even took part in anti-British sabotage attacks. If anything, Boers have already been victims of genocide once before, and obviously many leftists are itching for it to happen again, and for the final count this time. In fact, I have to ask what is even the actual purpose of this article? Is it just to discredit those who are protesting against the savage murders of white South Africans by the blacks?
    Or is it to downplay and minimize the sheer size and brutality of the murders that the white farmers face and have to live with everyday in the post-apartheid rainbow nation?

  • Reynardine

    Aron, I thought I remembered seeing that about the triskelon tattoo.

    Boer farmers really have been catching Hell, but don”t stand on one leg waiting for these thugs to care. It’s an extremely important bit of propaganda for them, but I’ll wager it wouldn’t be convenient if it stopped.

  • Reynardine

    Well, we see them here all the time, don’t we? Pretty white women refuse to breed with them, and they can’t think why. Healthy women, boys, like kindliness, cheerfulness, and vitality. They like men who are safe to leave unsupervised around tender living things. Skinheads with tatoos, murderous scowls, and constant schemes about who they’re going to get next don’t appeal to sane women, so such men will be left with the ones that slaver and drool.

  • Aron

    They’re wearing triskelon tattoos? Interesting. As I’m sure Illudium Phosdex will elaborate upon, that was (is?) also the symbol of the rabidly pro-apartheid National Party of South Africa. I would really appreciate hearing more about this from Mr IllPhos :)