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Extremists React to Neo-Nazi’s Apparent Mass Murder, Suicide

By Ryan Lenz on May 3, 2012 - 1:43 pm, Posted in Anti-Immigrant

Updated 5.04.12

Nativist extremists and white supremacists wasted little time responding with half-cocked conspiracy theories to the news that J.T. Ready, a neo-Nazi border vigilante, had died in an apparent murder-suicide outside Phoenix. For some, the blame lay with Mexican drug cartels. For others, it was the Zionist Occupied Government, or ZOG, once again silencing a critic.

“Until the bullets are extracted and analyzed, the authorities will not know if one person or multiple persons shot the victims! But I know you La Raza Commie Weenies will spin it just as JT did it. I’ll be on this like white on rice. I will make sure the truth comes out,” Layne Lawless, a prominent Arizona nativist, wrote on Facebook.

Layne Lawless Comment

Others on Stormfront, a largely anonymous white supremacist web forum, took the conspiracy a step further. “They took him out. It’s that simple,” someone named Valkator wrote. As of Thursday, the site had 15 pages of comments related to Ready’s death the night before. (Conspicuously absent from the forum were the posts Ready himself left in recent months. Those appear to have been scrubbed.)

A similar thread appeared on Vanguard News Network, a racist website run by neo-Nazi Alex Linder, with some worrying about Ready’s legacy as a “loose cannon [sic] in the anti-immigration movement.”

“We don’t need another black eye in White Nationalism after we have five convicted pipe bombers in Federal prison,” one post read.

In general, the reaction to Ready’s death seemed to play on a few expected narratives: that Ready was killed by drug smugglers; that Jews running the federal government had come calling; even that Ready was acting in self-defense when he was killed. Whatever the flavor of conspiracy, it’s not surprising that Ready’s death should garner such a response. He was a darling of the movement – a well-spoken and husky presence on the border, almost always armed as if he were going to war.

In 2010, Ready was active patrolling the border with Harry Hughes, a fellow neo-Nazi who took up the Minuteman cause and began patrolling Arizona’s Vekol Valley for migrants. Hughes, who serves as a media spokesman for the new-Nazi National Socialist Movement in Arizona, wrote on his personal blog that Ready was “a most misunderstood American Patriot” who he feared was “forever going to be unfairly branded as a hate monger, as a white supremacist” due to the nature of his death.

A member of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, former member of the neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement and founder of the Arizona-based nativist extremist organization Americans First, Ready advocated deadly force to stop Mexicans from crossing the U.S. border illegally. “I firmly believe in having a minefield across the border,” he said in a widely distributed video. “This is 100% effective.”

More recently, he founded the U.S. Border Guard, a nativist group operating with armed patrols on the Arizona border. On Thursday, the group posted a message to its website. “The US Border Guard is extremely saddened by the untimely loss of our founder, J.T. Ready, and the other souls lost in such a senseless act of violence. Our sympathies go out to all of his family and friends during this time of unbelievable grief and pain.”

The motive for the quintuple killings seems to be a tragic story of domestic violence turned fatal, police said on Thursday. Sgt. Bill Balafas, a police spokesman in Gilbert, Ariz., the suburb of Phoenix where Ready lived, told The Arizona Republic that a witness had heard arguing and gunshots. “Our investigation is directing us to a murder-suicide. … There is no indication of outside players at all,” Balafas said.

Given that reality, others in the movement have taken a far more sober approach in their reaction, calling for patience while the investigation unfolds –– and caution given the horrible light many fear now shines on the anti-immigration movement.

“The whole story may not yet be revealed, but we suffered a blow today,” someone using the name david7700 posted on Stormfront. “The fight against 1 million + illegal immigrants per year may have taken a toll on [Ready], but I’d say he went in the worst possible way for anti-immigration’s image.”

  • jojotheclown

    The best way to dispel these crackpot conspiracy theories is to pass a federal law that makes it mandatory that – even if the assailant is dead – evidence is collected following the same procedures and rules as they would if the suspect was still alive and that a formal trial be held with a jury.

    The problem is that people are innocent until proven guilty. If the killer is dead and no trial is held there is no way to justifiably claim that he is guilty.

    This guy probably did it, but without laws such as that it will always be questionable.

  • C.R. Hovey

    Normally, I feel slight empathy for even the worst of humankind, but not Ready. He was court-martialed twice and thrown out of the USMC thus depriving him of dying for his country while struggling against enemies. Instead Ready declared the Corps and USA his foes. Instead he entered his macho fantasy by becoming a Wannabe…struggling against the Superior Race (which he wasn’t!) foes after adopting Hitlerism…attending/staging Nazi rallies offering bread and circus (at least circus) for photo ops with Russell Pearce, his acclaimed surrogate father, and Joe Arpaio, another afflicted Wannabe; establishing himself as a viable political candidate until either his service record or Wannabeism was discovered; running around in the desert trying to find illegals whether immigrants or drug runners (no luck!); and in the end rather than dying for his country, his Wannabeism or simply a good reason, he takes out a lady friend, the lady’s daughter, her husband and a baby. Then he commits suicide emulating his Fuehrer who killed millions while acting superior although being inferior. Valhalla is for real warriors, not Wannabes like Ready or even Hitler who didn’t have the ability to admit errors. Others paid for their mistakes while some like Pearce scurry to distance himself from his own shadow. Sadly, Arizona empathizers for Ready must now embrace the dark side to understand this brave new world he and others unveiled. The ultra right will mythologize Ready, make up better excuses and trudge forward; the majority will simply convince themselves this act and/or ideology have nothing to do with them. Problem is, the very act proves it has everything to do with all of us.

  • Norio

    I am going to make and wear a button that says “I’m proud to be a La Raza Commie Weenie.”

    And guess what drives nativists craaaaazy? A recent headline from USA Today:
    Minority Births Reach Historic High
    For the first time, more than half of newborn babies are minorities, the Census Bureau reported Thursday [May 17 2012] for the year that ended last July 1.

  • Luke Thomas

    According to the American Psychiatric Association, one out of four people have some kind of mental illness – including mania – and they are all carrying firearms.

  • Luke Thomas

    He probably got his firearms from his nearest Department store. They hand out firearms as though it were candy, and it doesn’t matter if they were nut jobs or whatever.

  • Fush Yumeng

    Valhalla is a place for honorable warriors who died fighting the good fight. JT Ready was a cowardly psychotic killer. Valhalla, if it exists, has no place for him.

  • Reynardine

    Stevieb, who is talking about Zionists at all, except you?

  • stevieb

    Sorry – that would be “Is that what you’re saying?”.

  • stevieb

    Is ‘Intelligence Report” saying that the American government isn’t largely Zionist – i.e following a Zionist agenda? Is this group – who consists of more than a few Jewish members – saying that Zionist Jews don’t make up a disproportionate percentage of Congress and the White House?

    Is that what your are saying?

  • Shadow Wolf

    “J.T. Ready was a lone ranger in his participation in the enforcement of U.S. immigration laws”

    No he was not. In fact, the entire Arizona Republican legislative body(both the House and Senate) Gov. Jan Brewer and ex-Senate President Russell Pearce are major players in that regard. Hence–the SB1070. Not to mention that both Sheriffs of Maricopa and Pinal Counties.

    Ready was a “lone ranger” to the fact that he was also the infamous neo-Nazi of the East Valley, which drove him to start his own vigliante group. All because of his ties to a neo-Nazi criminal organization that many nativist groups tried to keep their distance from. It doesn’t make much of a difference, since they both(neo-Nazis and Nativists) are part of the same agenda.

  • Krissy

    This is the ultimate consequence of hateful rhetoric… so sad for the victims and their families.

  • Sam Molloy

    Luke, the NRA may have some nuts in it, as does the Democratic party, but a responsible firearms permitholder just might save you from a maniac like this.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Ready wasn’t a loose cannon. He was a fat cannon. A fat, stupid cannon.

  • Jim Gilchrist

    J T Ready was a lone ranger in his participation in the enforcement of U.S. immigration laws.

    From my recollection, he was not a member of Chris Simcox’s Minuteman Civil Defense Corps(MCDC) (now defunct). I was told by two MCDC leaders that he tried to infiltrate that organization, but was expelled when he showed up at one of its border observation outposts back in April of 2005.

    I agree with the Gilbert, Az. police investigators that this tragic incident was a case of domestic violence and not at all related to immigration law enforcement activism, or a conspiracy by any pro immigrant adversaries J T Ready may have had.

    Jim Gilchrist, President, The Minuteman Project

  • Luke Thomas’s Arizona. Firearms is their real god and they worship them. The NRA protects the rights of psycho nut cases to carry out their sick fantasies.

  • WGBlomberg

    ” A similar thread appeared on Vanguard News Network, a racist website run by neo-Nazi Alex Linder, with some worrying about Ready’s legacy as a “loose cannon [sic] in the anti-immigration movement.” ”

    Actually, “loose cannon” is used properly in this case. It is spelled properly and in the correct context. No need to sic it.

  • Reynardine

    Ruslan and Cody: You can find a hilarious animation on Youtube called Biorn (lost my link in a crash)

  • cody

    To Mattj70- I hate it when racist idiots like yourself use a legitimate religion like Asatru to justify your racism. Odin would never take a man like this to Valhalla. Going to Valhalla requires honor, something racists have none of.

  • Shadow Wolf

    I believed that bill to reimburse Russell Pearce is now DOA. After the local media reported on it copiously in the past week. It was reported that the Gov. Klan Brewer was in a grindlock with members of her own party over the budget issue. Pearce’s loyalists in the legislature had planned to hijack the budget legislation if it did not include $260K payouts to Russell Pearce. You are 100% right about the Arizona legislatures is full of unbelievable craziness.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    ” He will be missed. See you in Vahalla Brother!”

    No, no he will not. And if Vahalla existed, I doubt Ready could fit through the door.

  • Reynardine

    Michael, all those sites are putrid with it. Don’t think they’re going unmonitored, and quit lying for Shitler.

  • Sam Damnit

    These nazi boneheads need to be under constant scrutiny. It should come as no surprise when people that advocate violent hatred act out like this.

  • wendy webber

    What a tragedy!!!! If he wanted to “take himself out” fine but it is Soooo sad that he felt he had the “right” to take out others.What is wrong with people like this?I have found hate to be largely prompted by incredible fear….so deal with the fear….I come from immigrant stock…mostly.Most of us in the USA do….how can we ever forget this?

  • NAFTA Refugee

    Immigrants are welcome. Illegal aliens are not.

    It really is that simple.

    As for this murder/suicide. I don’t support it.

    Does it represent the anti-immigrant movement?

    Does Obama represent anti-sovereignty?

  • Phila

    “Its funny how La Raza commies are glad their dead. Shows your true colors.”

    Very illuminating. Here I was thinking that Ready had erred by being a violent radical who killed a bunch of people in cold blood.

    But apparently, the REAL crime is that the imaginary commies who live in your head are racist against neo-Nazis. Or something.

  • David

    They would have to have brains to understand them……and he was such a great man why did kill his own defenseless daughter and his baby granddaughter, that to me makes him a coward of the highest level……but what do you expect from neo-Nazi’s not one of them are man enough to go one on one with any of the minorities they hate unless they outnumber them 10 to 1 odds in favor of the moronic “nazis”

  • Michael

    You’ll find very little to almost NO approval of Anders Behring Breivik on Stormfront, Reynardine. Take the time to actually read the threads about him, don’t just shoot from the hip.

    Anytime something like this happens it’s a human tragedy, no matter what was involved or the circumstances this happened under.

    It was the police who backed away from their first thought that it was a murder suicide. Now why would they do that?

  • Reynardine

    Mark, WTF are you talking about? I am glad the nurderer died before he killed any more; I am devoutly sorry for his victims, especially the young people and their baby. I am a member of the human raza. I think I speak for everyone here, even though I’d normally not presume to.

  • MattJ70

    I know JT Ready, he stood up for this land against the tide of drug smugglers, and illegals. Knowing him through Facebook and Youtube he was a true believer in what he was doing, not the opportunist, attention grabbers the SPLC regularly put over as leaders of whites. He will be missed. See you in Vahalla Brother!

  • LTF

    I have noticed that our friend Jason hasn’t yet posted here.

  • Mick

    I’m surprised more people aren’t calling these groups to task over their movement’s name – Nativists. Seriously!? How are a bunch of Euro-Americans living in the Southwest U.S. nativist? I can think of several ethnic and cultural groups that can lay much greater claim to that title.

  • Howard1912

    Posted 24 Jan. 2012
    ParPinal Democratic Party Statement on Candidacy of Jason (JT) Ready for Pinal County Sheriff
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    (0 votes)

    by: Pinal Democratic Party

    Last week, the media reported that recognized Neo-Nazi and white supremacist Jason (J.T.) Ready switched parties to run as a Democrat for Pinal County Sheriff.

    The Pinal County Democratic Party did not recruit, does not endorse or back Ready. It is without question that Ready’s hate philosophy does not reflect the principles and values of the Democratic Party.

    Ready must secure nominating petition signatures from Democrats to get on the 2012 ballot from Democrats in Pinal County.

    The Pinal County Democratic Party urges Democrats not to sign any petitions for Pinal County Sheriff, until all Democratic candidates for the office of Sheriff enter the race.
    ty –

  • Gareyes

    A sad day for Arizona and for the country. People who believe in the danger posed by immigrants end up creating violence for themselves. Don’t we flatter ourselves when we believe that God made a particular race (ours) a special, superior one only to discover we have human flaws like any other? When we fail to empathize with the humanity of others, we end up devaluing ourselves as well. The Holocaust was one example, but the every day examples like this one prove the terribly self destructive nature of group hatred. It ends up consuming ourselves. Nazism was one big suicidal movement, and I’m not surprised it exhibits its true colors in this case as well.

  • Darlene Fields

    What other kind of nonsense would you expect coming out of Arizona. They are trying to pass a bill to reimburse Russell Pearce for his recall expenses-really-It was on Channel 5 news last night. This is a state of crazies and I am looking into getting out of it.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    “Its funny how La Raza commies are glad their dead. Shows your true colors.”

    Please explain the Communist theories of La Raza. Also, grammar. Learn it.

  • Gregory

    Mark, is English your first language?

  • Tom Townsend

    “I’ll be on this like white on rice” – what an odd phrase. There is some very interesting science her in understanding how these people’s brains work.

  • Mark

    Its funny how La Raza commies are glad their dead. Shows your true colors.

  • Megan

    How exactly can one be a Caucasian Arizona nativist?

  • Aron

    Kneel before ZOG!

  • Gregory

    Of course, ZOG the All Powerful did it. What other possible explanation could there be? /idiocy

  • Reynardine

    Ah, yes. The Moonfront Republic, worshippers of Anders Behring Breivik, who saved Norway by smashing the eggs that were the children of its liberals.