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FBI: Washington White Supremacist Plotted to Kill Obama in 2010

By Bill Morlin on May 10, 2012 - 4:50 pm, Posted in Hate Crime, Neo-Nazi, Racist Skinheads, White Supremacist

The FBI in 2010 disrupted what its agents now believe was a terrorist plot that involved killing President Obama, according to testimony and court documents filed in U.S. District Court in Spokane, Wash.

The revelation came at the two-day sentencing hearing for white supremacist Wayde Lynn Kurt, the accused mastermind of an alleged plot that was foiled with his arrest on federal firearms and forgery charges.

At the time of his arrest on Aug. 30, 2010, Kurt was associated with a gang of violent neo-Nazi skinheads and white supremacist Odinists who proudly talked of carrying out “coon-hunting” racial attacks in the Pacific Northwest. Their conversations were captured on a videotape that was later turned over to the FBI and shown in court during Kurt’s sentencing hearing.

“I believe Mr. Kurt had a terrorist plan that involved the president of the United States,” FBI Special Agent Joseph Cleary testified Thursday.

U.S. District Court Judge Frem Nielsen granted prosecutors’ request at the hearing for a “terrorism enhancement” to Kurt’s  prison sentence. The judge ruled that Kurt’s activities met the definition of terrorism after hearing testimony that included newly released excerpts from secret tape recordings from conversations Kurt had with an FBI informant.

“You are a risk to the public because your criminal life is serious,” the judge said today in sentencing Kurt to 13 years in prison – two more than requested by federal prosecutors.

The judge noted the 54-year-old defendant has six prior federal felony convictions and shows no remorse for his acts. During his almost 20 years in federal prison, Kurt associated with other white supremacists and militia leaders and became a high priest – or “gothi” – in the Asatru religion popular with a growing segment or racists.

Kurt’s “final resolution” terrorist plans were given additional credence, federal authorities say, because Kurt is a master counterfeiter who not only made counterfeit currency but embossed driver’s licenses, Social Security cards and other forms of identification. He had 24 different names with his photo on forged Washington state driver’s licenses and even obtained a set of dental records using one of his false identities, investigators said.

But it was his talk of violence with other white supremacists and illegal contact with firearms that concerned the FBI the most, testimony and court documents disclose.

In a conversation recorded on Aug. 12, 2010, Kurt referred to President Obama as “Barry Soetoro,” the name used by those in the so-called birther movement who falsely claim the chief executive wasn’t born in the United States and is actually an Indonesian citizen.

Kurt talks on the tapes about setting up a paramilitary group or “militia-type organization “based loosely on concepts of the Northwest Front headed by Harold Covington” and using polygraphs and voice-stress analyzers to screen prospective members.

Kurt talked about other white supremacist groups, including the Aryan Nations, being bankrupted and put out of business by lawsuits filed by Morris Dees and the Southern Poverty Law Center (publisher of this blog).

On the transcript, Kurt boasts that his antigovernment, white separatist militia would avoid such civil suits by leasing buildings and equipment and using debit cards for cash transactions “so (they) can’t even be traced, you know. Morris Dees and his pig shit wouldn’t even be able to figure (it) out.”

Kurt then refers to discussions “about how to rip off nuclear materials,”  assassinating the president, replicating the April 1995 deadly attack on the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City, suicide missions and using an aircraft to turn a city into an inferno.

“Just fucking, I mean, you know, killing the President of the United States ‘cause he is a fucking nigger and how to do it,” Kurt says on the tape excerpts, admitted as a public court document.

Obama has “got no interest in the United States whatsoever other than running us right into the ground,” Kurt says, quickly adding: “He needs to be killed. He needs to be killed.”

Later in the tapes, Kurt talks about spending almost 20 years in prison for various federal crimes, including counterfeiting, and how he now wants to deal with “the rats” whose testimony helped convict him. In 1989, he was acquitted of aggravated first-degree murder in Snohomish County, in western Washington, after being found in possession of Mac-10 machine gun ammunition linked to the murder of a 6-year-old child.

On the stand Wednesday, Kurt said he wasn’t involved in that child’s murder but admitted breaking other federal laws that he doesn’t consider crimes.

“They’ve got to answer for what they’ve done,” he says on the tapes of informants who have testified against him, “but business first. Take care of business. Got to stop Barry Soetoro from being re-elected. Absolutely.”

After learning Kurt was planning a terrorist attack that he described as his “final solution,” the FBI used terrorism task force agents and an aircraft to follow Kurt to a shooting range in northeastern Washington. Nine days later, in line with the FBI’s stated goal of disrupting potential terrorist plots, the decision was made to arrest Kurt on Aug. 30, 2010, in Spokane.

“You could say you were ‘just talking,’ but that talk was really serious and of great concern,” the judge said as he sentenced Kurt. “I don’t know what that ‘final solution’ was you talked about, but I think the FBI was living up to its responsibility by stopping this before something happened.”

At the time of his arrest, Kurt was associated with an Odinist group, Vanguard Kindred, and a sister neo-Nazi skinhead gang called Valhalla Bound Skinheads, whose members had carried out racial attacks in Eastern Washington and North Idaho, referring to the forays as “coon hunting.”

While previously in prison, Kurt befriended another Odinist, Richard Kemp, a convicted member of the 1980s terrorist group The Order, which went on a murderous rampage in hopes of starting a race war, in an effort funded through armed robberies and counterfeiting.

At Thursday’s hearing, the prosecutors played a video of a group holding an Odinist “blot” ceremony, in which the master of ceremony asks four Norse gods for protection from “niggers, beaners and chinks” as Nazi swastikas and National Socialist Movement flags hang on nearby trees.

When he voluntarily took the witness stand at the sentencing hearing, Kurt testified he is merely a race separatist and doesn’t condone violence. Under questioning by defense attorney Richard Wall, Kurt flatly refuted his involvement in any terrorist plot or plan to assassinate the president.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Earl Hicks later argued that Kurt was committing perjury in a failed attempt to dispute overwhelming evidence against him.

“I don’t know specifically what he had planned,” FBI agent Cleary testified. “He was desperate. He was old, and he was going to make something happen.”

The agent’s testimony was supported in a 22-page sentencing memorandum and dozens of pages of additional evidence submitted to the court by Hicks and fellow Assistant U.S. Attorney Stephanie Van Marter.

The Justice Department believes the evidence supports the conclusion that Kurt intended to carry out a “terrorist act against the government to include ensuring that President Obama would not be re-elected,” the prosecutors’ memorandum says.

Portions of the tapes were not played for a jury last October that convicted Kurt of being a felon in possession of a firearm. The following month Kurt was indicted on additional federal charges of aggravated identity theft, two counts of unlawful production of an identification card, two counts of unlawful possession of an identification card, and making a false statement.

On Feb. 8, Kurt pleaded guilty to unlawful production of Social Security cards and making a false statement to federal investigators. The judge sentenced Kurt to the maximum 10 years on the firearms conviction from the jury trial and added three more years for the false identification conviction.

  • Ian

    The manner in which this is written is typical of current news articles globally. The defamation of the Asatru community is everywhere now. White Supremacy is an idealogy that stands on it’s own regardless of faith. There is a Catholic branch of the Ku Klux Klan now and there are Atheist Globalist White Supremacists as well. Extremism comes in many forms and it is about time that the media becomes realistic. Muslim extremists, the Vatican, and Puritans have done far more damage than people who are a member of a folk-religion community such as Asatru, Judaism, Shinto, or a First Nations community. I am getting really tired of reading these defamative statements everywhere about my peoples.

  • Concerned Citizen

    I have read that some of these so called racist have married and have minority children in their households. It appears that a trend with some of them be it that they are fence sitters or what is to hide their hate. Hide it from spouses, neighbors and only expose it to those in their groups. This is a new kind of cloaked racist.

    There are racist here in Wisconsin that run their hate games like cloak and dagger…very organized, feeding information to one another and setting up psychological attacks. It really makes you wonder where people like this come from. How it is that they believe the entire world is oblivious to them and their actions. And that people would not be intelligent enough to catch on. It’s a very scary scenario when communities embrace such stupidity, and it floors me even more when they deem their hate games to be some form of higher intelligence. Being an idiot is bad enough, being an zealous idiot is simply perplexing to me.

  • Adam Logan

    To Doc Holidaye,

    That quote was also from a SPLC web page. I just read the article the link you mentioned led to. There are so many historical inaccuracy’s, cherry picked quotes and spin in that article I don’t even know how to began to respond to that.The wording they use is very similar to that used in Neo-Nazi propaganda, they simply spun it extremely hard in the opposite direction.There portrayal of modern Asatru is based on fringe groups and prison gangs that only clam to be Asatru. These do not represent the average member of the Asatru community. I do have to say the SPLC on the avaverage has had a very positive impact on the world, but when it comes to Asatru it offers a somewhat distorted portrayal of our religion. The only members of our religion they have had contact with are extremists from the lunatic fringe. Human beings as a hole tend to see the worst in that which they don’t understand. I urge anyone that cares about truth to double check any information that you find on this site, or any linked to it.

  • Doc Hollidaye

    My husband also wondered why there is a Coon Valley in Wisconsin. I probably wouldn’t have thought anything about it but after seeing and experiencing the serious racial divide in the smaller communities I started to wonder why they would have a place with such a name. Was it just because they have a lot of raccoons or is it something more distasteful festering in the community.

  • Doc Hollidaye

    Asatru Religion, I clicked the link and read, “Also in the prisons, Valgard Murray is now finding a new audience. The Asatrú Alliance’s publication, Vor Trú, lists seven prison ministries in five states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida and Indiana.”

    I seriously wonder what the hell they are selling here in Wisconsin because they do have organized groups of people who employ methods of racism. If we’re lucky God will wash them all away and only leave the good people behind.

  • Adam Logan

    I feel it nesosary to point post what the A.D.L. (Anti-Defamation League) has to say about Asatru. I found this on there oficial website.
    “Asatru, often referred to as Odinism, incorporates the worship of Odin, Thor and other gods and goddesses and is not innately racist.”
    Sorry to chime in a second time, but i thought those reading this might find it relovent what some someone that took the time to understand what they were talking about has to say about the subject.

  • Adam Logan

    If the content of this article is correct, the religion these extremists were practicing bore little resemblance to the one I chose to honor.

    White supremacy, or Nazism is not embraced by the greater Heathen community. In fact its generally despised, and is one of the few things that will get you kicked out of most of the National, and International Heathen Organizations

    Most Heathens find them as offensive as most Christians find Fred Phelps, or the nut jobs that bomb abortion clinics in the name of Jesus.

    For what its worth I happen to be engaged to an African American woman. Asatru is not about hate, and has nothing to do with your physical characteristics, or your ethnic background. Its about living a life you can look back on with pride.

    Bill Morlin, the man that posted this article seems to hold to a few bigoted views, and stereotypes of his own. And could stand to do a bit more resourch before posting hate filled propaganda like this on the net.

    Hail Odin the alfather, may he grant you wisdom, and guide you to the truth.

  • Jax Garren

    I want to stand with my fellow Heathens in the comments who’ve come out against the actions of Kurt and his men. I practice the Faith of the Aesir, but I do not claim kinship with anyone who would make racism a part of their faith. The Neo-Nazi/Asatru connection which seems to flourish in jails is not the same Asatru that is practiced by those of us not in prison. Nobody hears about us because we’re a pretty quiet bunch, but we’re here and we’re the real faith, not this hybrid atrocity. Calling an Odinist who plots to kill the president Asatruar is like calling a member of the KKK Christian.

    ~ Jax – an Asatruar who voted for Obama and is in the process of adopting multi-racial children… because race doesn’t matter.

  • Jess Spiers

    Not every Odinist is like this bag of turds.. Nor does Asatru or Heathenry in general condone this loser’s mindset. In fact, MOST true Heathens / Followers of Asatru despise racism. There is no Honor in hating someone simply for the color of their skin. As one of the other comments stated, ours is a way of Deeds, not color, and we hold ourselves to a higher standard.

  • Alföðurúlfr Óðinnson

    We have a saying in the Asatru/Heathen religion, “we are our deeds.” This means your actions show the type of person you are. With this, true Heathens/Asatruar judge each and every person on an individual basis, based on deeds, NOT race, NOT religion, NOT sexual preference. DEEDS. We believe in tolerance and equality. All people are free to be who they are, just dont infringe on the rights and freedoms of others. Dont force your beliefs on others. THIS is true Asatru/Heathenry.

  • Kilmrnock

    i’m a centrist, a political independant . Extreme views from the left or right are not good . unfortunatly a good religion in some cases has been hijacked by racists , asatru. Just as the Republican party has been by the RR. From my understanding Nichols was a religious zealot , what he did was in retaliation for the Branch Davidian debackle . Extremme views from the right give us , itelligent design , extreme from the left gives us eco terrorism , niether is a good thing . At this point our govt is broken , forced to opposite sides by extreme views on both sides . Our system is supposed to work with compromise and balance.Extremest views on both sides have created to mess we have now .And please in a pluralist society , religion has no place in Government . As far as crazies like Kurt , people like him need to locked up in the deepest hole we can find . And Asatru needs to police it’s own ranks , clear this racist infection it now has .I belong to the CR movement ………….luckily we don’t have this problem , yet . Racism is like an infection in our society as well , has and will be w/ us for quite some time . We need to be ever vigilant so it can’t raise it’s ugly head to high and beat it down when it does. Kilm

  • Frith

    Is anyone familiar with this quore from the Religious Tolerence web site ? :

    Corruption of Ásatrú:
    It is not unknown for otherwise decent religions to become corrupted by incorporating racist, sexist, anti-semitic, and homophobic beliefs. For example:

    The Christian Identity movement is one wing of the Christian religion which has adsorbed such beliefs.

    During the early part of the 20th Century, The National Socialist Party in Germany under Adolf Hitler attempted to pervert Ásatrú by grafting parts of the religion onto the Nazi racist beliefs. This blasphemy died by the end of World War II, although some neo-Nazi groups — largely in the U.S. — are now attempting to continue the practice.

    This type of activity is in no way related to the restoration of Ásatrú as a legitimate Heathen religion. There is a very strong anti-racist, anti-Nazi stance among national Asatru groups in the Scandinavian countries. This is also found in almost all Ásatrú groups in English speaking countries. They typically have a clear rejection of racism written into their constitutions. Unfortunately, some anti-racism groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (in its Megiddo report) have mistakenly accused the entire religion of racism.

    Many people are exposed to the name “Ásatrú” through role playing games, such as Mage: The Ascension. Unfortunately, the Ásatrú of these games bear little resemblance to the real religion.

  • john houston

    So President Obama Knows how I feel Maybe he should take a look at Loreen and his set of crazies

  • tyrone mixon

    Please be patience with me as I say/type/write this just one more time. These groups are so heavily infiltrated that the only way they’ll do anything is unless the government allows it for whatever reason.

  • Lone Wolf

    Well, on a lighter note, Kurt got what was coming to him…I appreciate that domestic terrorism is becoming the accurate jacket or hood for Odinists and militia types who plan cowardly attacks on their perceived enemies…very insecure people who are threatened by a President who is black and intellectually superior, but doesn’t flaunt it…he is just that way…it is such a slippery slope, to make threats, leaning on the bed of a pickup and your camoflauged buddies, get tired of hearing it and you are supposed to put up or shut up!

  • Erika

    While Jason’s latest attempt at comedy was weak overall, I do give him 2 stars for the hilarity of a confirmed Nazi lover claiming that people of Spanish descent are not White or European in origin.

    Apparently he was sick the day they discussed the Spanish Civil War at Brownshirt University..

  • Reynardine

    Ah, yes, classic morgue humor.

  • Aron


    That was genuinely hilarious. In somewhat poor taste, but hilarious.

    Well done!

  • Sam Molloy

    The Oklahoma City Bombers merely took the technical drawings of a Ford van literally. Namely the Exploded View

  • nicole

    Can any of you tell me how these comments are related to this article? This article is about how someone was planning on KILLING the president! I even agree that the current president should not be reelected, so this is not about politics. This is about one person (or a group of people) hating others simply based on a characteristic that they had no control over: the color of their skin. How many of you have been harassed or ostracized (I know, it’s a big word) for something that YOU have no control of, such as your height?

  • Phila

    Jason Smith:

    “White supremacists, never marry inter-racially.”

    Right. And white supremacist border-security fanatics don’t date Latinas. Except when they do.

    And anti-gay bigots never have anonymous gay sex in truck stop bathrooms. Except when they do.

    And anti-gay, anti-immigrant activists never have homosexual relationships with undocumented immigrants. Except when they do.

    The lesson here: Obsessive hatred and obsessive attraction are not nearly as far apart as people like you would like to pretend.

  • Leslie

    “He was desperate and he was old…” That sounds like a description of many Tea Party supporters.

  • A.D.M.

    No, Jason, you’re the one who is stupid, have a low IQ, and won’t listen to actual facts. Who said Terry Nichols was a white supremacist? And I guess the KKK is okay with you since they loved lynching black people and the Nazis were great for the war they unleashed upon Europe. You are stupid and you know nothing. Period.

  • Reynardine


    Josef Stalin was cloned.

    Yours truly,


  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Jason will probably tell us how the Red Army Faction was responsible for the Oklahoma City bombing, acting under orders directly from Josef Stalin.

  • ModerateMike

    You’ve got it all wrong, everyone!

    The Oklahoma City bombing was carried out by a conspiracy of gun control advocates, socialists, FEMA employees, U.S. Patent Office employees, and Mothers Against Drunk Drivers. Their objective? Why, to steal the idea for fuel-and-fertilizer bombs from Terry and Tim so that they could patent the technology themselves and make a fortune. Anyone with a high enough IQ who has studied history and knows the facts already knows all of this anyway, but for anyone who doubts me, I have proof…well, I didn’t say that I had the proof right this minute, but then, if you need proof, you’re too dumb to understand anyway! Take that, lefties!

  • Dan Zabetakis


    Are you saying that Terry Nichols was not involved in the Oklahoma City bombing, or are you saying that the bombing was morally OK because he was not a racist?

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Sorry Jason, but that’s too stupid to merit a response. Better luck next time.

  • Aron


    Nice copy/paste. Those computerboxes sure are magical, ain’t they?

  • Reynardine

    Chenoviposition: bombs away!

  • Jason Smith

    The Oklahoma city bombing was carried out by Terry Nichols, who was in an inter-racial marriage with a Filipino woman. “White supremacists”, never marry inter-racially.
    What is your explanation?

    My explanation is simple. The entire narrative is juvenile, superficial, just plain wrong, or a bunch of lies. The Left’s world view is essentially a religion. Replete with sin, heretics, holy books, and a pantheon of gods and holy saints. The far left has a narrative of evil white people who are ‘Nazis’, or ‘kkk’ members, and they’re bad. It is a child-like understanding of history and current reality based only on Hollywood movies. They won’t listen to facts. It’s just like how they branded George Zimmerman as ‘white’, when clearly he is not a European individual, has brown skin, and is a Mestizo. Essentially, leftist/academic/media types are just crazy, have low IQs, have never studied history, will not look at facts, and are just plain dumb.

    Radical egalitarianism has all the characteristics of a religion
    Racist = Heretic
    Racism = Sin
    Gods = Martin Luther King, plus every minor diety/holy person in their world view
    Redemption = When a ‘racist’ has a change of heart
    The Devil = Hitler
    Icons = worshiping junk in Holocaust museum
    Holy Books = Das Kapitol, etc …

  • Reynardine

    Tommy, dear, I don’t know whether your mala fides exceed your reading incomprehension, or vice versa.

  • Aron


    Perhaps you might BLOODY LEARN TO READ before you post another asinine comment on HateWatch.

  • tommy

    so whats the problem he just didnt want the present boss to get re-elected. i fail to see a problem. he knew it was a tough job when he hired on.

  • Aron

    ‘Coon-hunting?’ No, no, no. As George Zimmerman has told us, the word is ‘cold.’ They were obviously ‘cold-hunting.’


  • Reynardine

    Something tells me this is not unconnected with the subject of the article just previous.