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League of the South Chief: Whites are Naturally ‘Superior’

By Mark Potok on June 14, 2012 - 1:45 pm, Posted in Extremist Propaganda, Neo-Confederate

Michael Hill, we hardly knew ye.

Sure, we remember how, as early as 2000, you already were denigrating your black former students at Stillman College in Tuscaloosa, Ala., to your friends, mocking their “humorous” names and offering up sensitive jokes like this one: “A quote from a recent affirmative action hire: ‘Yesta-day I could not spell secretary.’ Today I is one.’” Ha! We know all about your 2007 essay, aimed at members of the League of the South hate group you started in 1994, saying that they should quit being afraid of being called “racist” and other, as you put it, “meaningless epithets.”

But, heck, we were still thinking you were just a garden-variety bigot, a rude jerk who’s too dumb to keep his diarrhea-spouting mouth shut.

But now here you come, Mike, and make it all plain for us. We just read the essay you published Tuesday, and we see you’re finally displaying the courage of your convictions. You’re an intellectual, and you’ve got an entire system of thought that explains the failings of black people. By gum, you’re not afraid to tell it like it is!

White people are endowed with a “God-ordained superiority.” Whites of “honor, genius and principle” left us with a “glorious heritage,” while black people “have never created anything approximating a civilization.” It’s a “monumental lie” that all men are created equal. The very word “racism” was “coined by the Communists.” Slavery was “successfully defended from a Biblical standpoint” until “the institution’s legitimacy was systematically undermined in the name of ‘equality’ and misappropriated ‘Christian ethics’” by the Civil War and all that followed. Emancipating the slaves was “a disaster for whites and blacks alike.” “[I]nstead of whites owing black reparations for slavery and its alleged attendant ills … blacks in reality owe white America (especially the South) a debt that likely will be neither acknowledged nor paid.” After all, slaves had “cradle to grave security.”

All great points, Mike! We can see how you were once a college professor.

And then there’s your cool take on Reconstruction. “During the period from 1865-77, whites in the South had seen enough of Negro rule to understand that their (i.e., white) civilization would perish should blacks be given the vote and thus be permitted to control the political system. … Therefore, postbellum Southern blacks were disenfranchised and ‘Jim Crow’ law resulted in a segregated South (today, ‘Jim Crow’ has been replaced by what might be called ‘Jim Snow’ policies that discriminate against whites).” And, as you point out, freed blacks suffered from problems like “family disintegration.” Good point, no matter what those Yankee multiculturalists claim about slavery really tearing apart black families.

There was a time, hard to believe as it may seem today, when Michael Hill didn’t like being called a racist. Then he became an explicit neo-secessionist, urging the South to break away once again. He started to talk in terms of race, opposing interracial relationships and driving away the few serious scholars who had once shown the League of the South some sympathy. He left Stillman College and his black students, much to the apparent relief of embarrassed officials there.

Now, we can call the man who shouts about white “superiority” exactly what he is — a white supremacist with views that are essentially indistinguishable from those of the Klan. Add to that Hill’s recent talk of violence — telling followers that they are at war, and urging them to buy AK-47s, hollow-point bullets and tools to derail trains — and it gets a person to thinking. Perhaps we’d all be better off if we just let the foul-mouthed professor get his wish and secede from the country he hates.

  • wes

    LMAO@ all the idiots talking about ‘teabagistan’.

    You are the failures who couldn’t pass a 6th grade economics class and think medicare is a solvent program.

    If we had to get rid of the weakest links in this county then the dipshits on this site would among the first to go.

  • Reynardine

    Well, Erika, now that I know where you live, it’s clear how you knew of those interesting municipalities, and that you do have access to the sea shore once you get your Peach Bottom bikini. I am sure you will look fetching in it, but since my tastes inclined me elsewhere even when I was young, I will not ask you to Kissimee.

  • Erika

    I guess we can add to the usual Virginia prayer: “Thank God for Mississippi and Kansas to make us look not as bad by comparison”

    although our crazy Bible thumping neo-Confederate Attorney General (who is actually from New Jersey!) is trying his best (especially since he’s likely to run for Governor) to change it.

  • CoralSea

    Erika — Regrettably, Kansas would make a great center for Teabagistan (or Trinity and Teabago). Between the assaults on women’s reproductive health, assaults on doing anything about assauts — I believe it is Topeka that recently adopted a cost-cutting measure for the police department by suspending responses to domestic violence calls; they probably decided that it was more efficient to allow the more effective domestic violence incident to convert into homicides–and a long-standing issue with the teaching of evolution in public schools that goes back at least a decade (well before the teaparty arose, uh, was funded by the Kochs), they are definitely in the running as one of the most embarrassing states in the union. And all of that is without considering the Westboro Baptist Church, which, to be fair, probably doesn’t have a lot of fans in the teaparty because of the appalling way they behave at the funerals of soldiers.

    So yes — Kansas would work. I simply suggested that we not think about them because some of the shenanigans that have gone on there would make Santa Claus vomit with rage (to quote a line from The Simpsons.)