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Tea Party Nation: Oath Keepers is Last Line of Defense Against Tyranny

By Ryan Lenz on July 10, 2012 - 4:50 pm, Posted in Antigovernment, Conspiracies, Hate Groups, New World Order

The Tea Party Nation, one of the more extreme factions of the Tea Party movement, has dipped deeper into the conspiratorial waters of antigovernment lore, most recently promoting the Oath Keepers and other antigovernment “Patriots” as the last line of defense for Americans increasingly confronted with “a government verging on evil.”

In a post published over the weekend on the Tea Party Nation’s website, regular blogger Alan Caruba painted a dire picture of the threats to freedom that lie in wait under President Obama, whom he calls a “red diaper baby” and a far-left functionary “raised from birth and mentored to embrace communism.”

“Obama’s disregard for the Constitution, its separation of powers, and Americans suffering greatly from his policies, suggests that he is not beyond making the greatest grab for power using a bogus ‘national emergency’ or manufactured ‘crisis’ to declare martial law,” Caruba wrote. He goes on to cite three recent executive orders as proof positive that Obama is setting up the nation to abandon its constitutional mandates and wage an all-out campaign against freedom.

And that’s where the Oath Keepers comes in.

Founded three years ago by former Army paratrooper and Yale Law School graduate Stewart Rhodes, the group operates under the defiant banner of “Not on our watch,” plying thousands of politically disaffected men and women with ideas of a totalitarian “New World Order” looming on the horizon. The group is composed of active and retired military and law enforcement personnel who vow to uphold their oath to the Constitution and disobey orders they deem to be in conflict. Inherent in the group’s “Ten Orders We Will Not Obey” is a roster of far-right conspiracy theories involving domestic prison camps, the dismantling of the Second Amendment and more.

Caruba is also the communications director for the anti-New World Order American Policy Center, so it’s no surprise that he would repurpose the Oath Keepers’ paranoid talking points. “The biggest question facing Americans is whether the members of our military and our law enforcement authorities would obey [Obama],” Caruba wrote. “My bet is that they would not.”

In a series of articles last year, Caruba lashed out at immigrants, Muslims, the LGBT community and, of course, Obama. In one of those articles, he likened Obama to Casey Anthony, the single mother from Florida who had just been acquitted of murdering her 2-year-old daughter. He has also been a perennial opponent of Agenda 21, a benign multinational agreement signed 30 years ago to protect the environment that has increasingly been compared on the far right to a blueprint for the New World Order.

  • Jimmy

    SPLC has become the governments character assassin for hire. How about all you true believers do some research and aka why the SPLC is being sued for slander by Sherrif Mack. Another honorable man routinely stacked by the SPLC. The everything is secret puppet president Obama has done nothing to change the path the neocons have blazed in foreign policy. Why do people praise the man who signed the NDAA and fought to keep it when was declared unconstitutional by Judge Forrest. He signed the Patriot Act and HR 347. His NSA is spying on every American and keeping a record. Lied about the Afghanistan withdrawal. Lied about transparency. Prosecuted more whistleblowers than all previous presidents combined. He’s fighting for dictatorial powers over the Internet. Negotiating the fascist Trans Pacific Partnership in secret.He supports the killing of civilians in Pakistan and Gaza Strip. Worst of all, he supports the private, fascist Federal Reserve and its relentless theft of American wealth and value. When are you all going to wake the hell up and see this man fore what he is? A globalist central banker puppet. The very type of person JFK and Eisenhower warned America about. All of which is easuly reserched and are FACTS! Instead you attack the very people trying to fight this madness. Our government has been usurpt by globalist/central banker interest who do not have the interest of Americans at heart. Time to wake

  • Shawn C. Bugbee

    I would like to weigh in on this, but first, please allow me to tell you a bit about myself.

    I’m an Army vet and I am a practicing attorney. I am a libertarian (lower-case ‘L’) and am also an Oath Keeper. I come from a family with a long history of military service, and was raised to believe that the Constitution, and its Amendments, are vital to our way of life.

    Years ago I would properly have been labeled a conservative. Today, definitely not. I do not agree with the inclusion of religious views in governance; I do not agree that the government should have the ability to exceed the restrictions placed upon it by the Constitution. I am very much in favor of equal rights, including LGBT rights, for example, and do not believe the government should have any basis for preventing marriage between same-sex couples.

    Bush frightened me, the Patriot Act scared the daylights out of me. In 2004 I voted third-party. In 2008 I voted for Obama, not only because I hoped he would follow through on his promises to change things, but also because Palin is entirely too much of a religious nut for me to be comfortable with her being in office.

    So, we went from Bush to Obama. Instead of rolling things back, Obama has only built on the policies left to him by his predecessor. Not only do we have the Patriot Act, not only is Gitmo still open, but now we have the NDAA, we have drone strikes killing American citizens who haven’t even been charged with a crime, let alone convicted. We have the creeping regulation of ‘free speech zones’ which render First Amendment rights ever more impotent. We have a degradation of our Fourth Amendment protections against unreasonable search and seizure (think stop and frisk, as a prime example). The list goes on and on.

    As a vet, I feel very uncomfortable with the FBI and DHS memos that label vets as potential domestic terrorists or extremists. It sort of makes me feel like I am being singled out for special attention, and not in a good way. When I see guys like Brandon Raub being taken into custody for exercising free speech, when I see police crackdowns against Occupy protesters…it makes my blood run cold.

    In short, my beef isn’t with Democrats or Republicans. It is with both, since neither party seems to have any inclination to reign in their gross abuses of unconstitutional authority.

    Obama, to me, is not different than Romney, and is not different than Bush. I could care less about whether he is half black, I served with several African Americans in the Army, and they were outstanding human beings. I cannot stress enough that my concerns do not stem from race or position on the political spectrum. It is a matter of policies that have been continued and/or expanded.

    As an Oath Keeper, I do not see it as my mission to initiate a revolt or join a militia. In fact, if you take the time to review our principles, it is abundantly clear that the organization does not stand behind such things. As with any group there are some who may hold views that are not in lockstep with our organization’s mission, I cannot dispute that. However, it is worth pointing out that vast majority of us are not a bunch of tin-foil hat wearing, conspiracy theorizing, racist, religiously motivated right wing nutjobs. Being a non-partisan organization, we do not, as a group, support any party or candidate; rather, we support a return to Constitutional governance. Our members, individually, may hold certain beliefs, or support certain parties or candidates, but that is not indicative of Oath Keepers as a whole.

    If that sounds like extremist screed then I can’t say anything more that might disabuse you of the notion that we are violent fearmongers.

  • Guardian

    Thank you once again for making my point!
    It’s not even trying with you guys. You just make it too easy.

  • Aron

    Guardian, Rey didn’t give you a real response for the simple reason that you’re not worth our time.

    Try harder in the future!

  • Guardian


    All I’m hearing from you is Hammerhead, hammerhead, hammerhead. How about trying some intellectual input and using your words to tell me where I’m wrong. And try some actual facts ‘a piece of information presented as having objective reality’.

  • Aron

    Rey and Erika,

    And THAT’S why you don’t dope your skin with thermite!

  • Erika

    multiple times :)

  • Reynardine

    Erika, he already blew up.

  • Erika

    Newt would definitely need a zeppelin – filled with hydrogen, of course like the Hindenburg :).

  • Aron

    I’m imagining a David Duke ornithopter, if only because after pissing away all of his campaign contributions, that’s all he could afford.

    This game is fun!

  • Reynardine

    True, Erika, but a Newt Gingrich blimp would have had more physical versimilitude. And let us not forget Gov. Christie.

  • Erika

    Joseph, unfortuantely Virginia has more than its fair share of Ron Paul supporters – my guess is that many of the LaRouchites (supporters of Lyndon LaRouche who are responsible for the funniest “political” thing I have ever seen – standing at a Metro station in Northern Virginia yelling stuff into a megaphone and handing out little magazines proclaiming Dick Cheney to be the Son of Satan). I think that Lyndon LaRouche and Ron Paul have similarly insane positions.

    The second funniest political thing I have ever seen is the Ron Paul blimp – which originated in Virginia. Such a perfectly symbolic symbol of the man – a crazy windbag :)

  • Joseph

    Erika, Ron Paul has had scary cult following in Texas that is growing with the Tea Party. We used to get his faxes at the law firm I worked at in Houston because it was tax defense, and of course Ol’ Ron is anti-IRS.

    You cannot have propaganda like that – go out on your letterheard and then say “I didn’t know what it said” to cover your tracks.

    Does he honestly think people are that stupid? I hope he keeps wasting his money trying to run for President – sad thing is it just might make him a martyr and give his son more steam.

    They’re all a bunch of damn…don’t get me started. Hammerhead doesn’t even begin to describe that camp.

  • Erika

    Reynardine, I believe that RTP’s open support for censoring people who he disagrees with may well provide him with extra hammerhead points.

    Joseph, when I first heard about Ron Paul he merely seemed like an amusing loon – I mean, how seriously can you take a “libertarian” who supports having the government dictating medical decisions to women? The more I learned, I found out just how toxic he is (and his son may well be even worse).

  • Erika

    Aron, I actually forgot that it also violates the free speech rights of a right winger when you accurately post what they say or criticize them for what they say.

    Its also racism to point out that a right winger is racist.

  • Joseph

    Real Tea Party:

    The same Ron Paul who endorsed sending Black people back to Africa?

    But in True Right Wing form, you’re a one poster right? No witty comebacks?

    Ron Paul??? I think I’d rather vote for “Slick” Rick Perry. I got news for you and all Tea Partiers out there. You don’t endorse racisim for YEARS and then forget about it when it’s not convenient because of the internet.

    Have you ever read Ron Paul’s “faxed” propaganda???

  • Reynardine

    Actually, Ruslan, I believe we hate *things* here, such as bigotry, meanness, invidiousness, and hammerheaded stupidity. Those who identify with these *things* believe we hate them.

  • Aron


    Well DUH. ;)

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    RTP: If the SPLC is a hate group, not to mention the biggest, then please explain who they hate.

  • Reynardine

    Sorry, Guardian, you were too late to qualify for the Hammerheads this morning, and the chances of winning those for this week are greatly diminished by the probability of contestants showing up whose originality eclipses yours.

  • Erika

    Aron, don’t you know that according to the Tea Party First Amendment, an unacceptable violation of free speech is when an advertiser pulls their ads from the Rush Limbaugh Show or that Glenn Beck is no longer availble on cable television – but its okay for the government to suppress speech for liberals because the Constitution only applies to Republicans.

  • Reynardine

    RTP just craves one of those Golden Hammerheads, but by the end of the week, he probably won’t even rate the tin(foil) lapel pin.

  • Aron

    Also, did anyone here notice Mr RTP’s desire to suppress the SPLC through the use of a censored Internet?

    I thought these idiot Teahadis were strict ‘Constitutionists?’ And isn’t there something in the Constitution regarding the right to free assembly, redress of grievances, anti-establishment, and freedom of petition?

    I might be missing something, but I’m sure Real Tea Party can help me out.

  • Supersonic250

    You know, I think Real Teabagger is right! I think it’s time to admit that the SPLC IS the biggest hate group in America… We hate idiots! Honestly, it’s the last form of acceptable discrimination. But if making the world a better place by calling out morons on their outright bullcrap is wrong… well, I don’t wanna be right. So, yes, I freely admit, I am a hater against racists, idiots, dweebs, radical wingnuts, and more.

    Y’know, this website fills me with a mixture of both pride for humanity and utter despair, since it shows both the best and worst we have to offer at the same time. ^_^;;;;;

  • Erika

    Real Tea Party, trying to claim that you aren’t racist because you are backing Ron Paul who besides being a total nutcase also published a racist newsletter using the White Citizen’s Counsel’s mailing list is not a very good claim.

  • Real Tea Party

    I read the first sentence and laughed.

    TPN is not even recognized as a legitimate tea party!

    It was formed and is run by a GOP consultant as a PAC in 2009.

    The real tea party was formed in 2007 and their candidate is Ron Paul.

    But of course since SPLC is probably the largest most well funded and notorious HATE GROUP in the country, it will attack anyone with an ounce of common sense or patriotism.

    I think when internet censorship comes along this group ought to be deprived of its right to be on the internet for spreading so much hate, fear and uncertainty about average people.

  • Reynardine

    As nearly as I can determine, the Silver Hammerhead, with Special Recognition for Histrionic Performance of Narcissistic Rage over Refusal to Admit Double Hearsay Evidence, goes to *Dr.* Zabetakis. A bronze Anvil to Erika. Too many dreary little tin(foil) Hammerhead lapel pins to enumerate.

  • Erika

    hammerhead sharks obviously :)

  • Erika

    Reynardine, but hammerheads are so cool looking :)

  • Erika

    Ken, as you prove the Tea Party really is just the latest incarnation of the aptly named “Know Nothing” Party.

    No, the Tea Party didn’t start until the black man was in the White House. The Tea Party is completely corporately backed by the Koch Brothers who never would have gone against George W. Bush because he was the oil company’s puppets and the Koch Brothers own Koch Energy, an oil company.

    The Koch Brothers primary interest in cutting taxes for the rich, oil industry giveaways, eliminating the estate tax to assure a permanent aristocracy, etc. They likely don’t care about bigotry or racism but use it as a tool. They knew that in association with hte right wing media they could use the bigotry and outright lies about tax increases when President Obama actually has cut taxes.

    The spending – again, Obama has actually been much more responsible than Reagan or George W. Bush when it comes to spending. The increases under Obama were due to including the costs of the wars in the budget.

    The fact that hte Tea Party is just the latest incarnation of the “Know Nothings” is best demonstrated by the fact that the majority of Tea PArty members are elderly people who depend upon Social Security and Medicaid yet they have been led by corporate conmen to support people who want to completely abolish Social Security and Medicaid and essentially leave the elderly and people with disabilities for the wolves to devour. The fact that the Tea Party is so ignorant that one of the most commonly seen signs was “Government Hands off of Medicare” (never mind that Medicare is a government program) speaks volumes.

    Basically you are a very ignorant person who has been mislead by conmen – and I’d respect you more if like the Tea Party predecessor the 1920s KKK you’d admit that you are mainly fueled by bigotry (if you ever study the 1920s Klan you know that they really were all over the place in their hatred and who to blame for the problems – kind of like the modern Tea Party). Just look at all of the laws being passed or proposed by Tea Party candidates and you can see that the Tea Party is bigoted against women, immingrants, blacks, people with education, homosexuals, Hispanics, the poor, and “liberal elitists.” The most telling laws are how Republicans across the country are trying to prevent as many people as possible – but especially if they are Black, Hispanic, female, or poor (a poor Black Hispanic Female is pretty much doomed if the Tea Party takes over everything). Much of that hatred including the anti-immingration hatred has been present among the right wing since the “Know Nothings” of the 1850s.

    At least the “Know Nothings” had an appropriate name – your so called “Tea Party” which is so ignorant that they are actually protesting against tax increases for the rich (which few if any Tea Party members qualify as) but in favor of plans that would substantially increase their own taxes (the Ryan plan would dramatically increase taxes while slashing services for the middle class and poor – but it would virtually eliminate taxes on the wealthy). You Tea Party idiots are so ignorant that you are actually protesting to increase your own taxes and destroy your own Social Security and Medicaid benefits.

  • Erika

    Dan, so basically just to make a point you are willing to vote for someone you believe is a nutcase. And what sort of point are you making anyway? I’m willing to let a rancid ultraright winger in office than to vote for a moderate who I only partially agree with. Smart stategy there :P

    The similarities to the Christian Supremacists who are backing Romney despite their [accurate] belief that the Mormon Church is a bizzare cult should be noted. Apparently their shared racism, mysogny, bigotry against homsexuals, and authotarian impulses are sufficient to reach common ground.

    I mean I have been disappointed with Obama (who in my admittedly small sample was the only candidate I have ever actually felt excited to vote for and not just voting against their opponent), but I’m not stupid enough to believe that things wouldn’t be worse for causes I believe in if McCain won. And that goes double for Mitt Romney who actually seems to be even worse than George W. Bush.

  • Guardian

    Erika, I think you have a point.

    We can either assume the reason Obama has run the country into the ground is that he is too dumb to know any better…

    Or, we must assume he is an evil genius who has manufactured the demise of this great country to recreate it in his own image of a socialistic utopia with himself as supreme leader and Rev. Wright his spiritual advisor…

    Or, is he just a political puppet carefully maneuvered by the evil puppet masters of the radical left. And as such was only supported for the office of president because he is easily controlled.

    I find it hard to choose just one, so I’m going with dumb, evil, puppet!

  • Gregory


    The notion that the Second Amendment is the last line of defence against tyranny is, gently put, a wishful fantasy. It has been that way since at least the early 20th Century, maybe longer. If you wait until you think you have to use your guns then you’ve waited too late.

    The guns most people own give them a good chance against a criminal home invasion but anyone who thinks, despite the size of their personal arsenal, that they can go mano a mano with any military or paramilitary force backed by the Federal or State government is whistling past the graveyard. Indulging this paranoid fantasy may, in fact, lead to behaviour that not only defies reality but could get you hurt.

  • aadila

    Orwell21 quoth: “the tea Party is not a radical right group. thier basic principals are smaller government and less taxes.”

    My dear, if this is so, why all the jingoism from the Tea, given that 2/3 of our national budget is consumed by defense spending? If you don’t want tax, don’t attack Iraq, that’s my motto.

  • Aron

    No Ken, there was no room for doubt. No room for doubt at all.

    Nice rant, by the way. Do you feel better now?

  • Reynardine

    It is almost sundown, which means the ultimate Hammerhead presentations should see print Monday morning.

  • Caoineach

    First, the Oath Keepers are not the last line of defense against tyranny. The right to keep and bear arms explicitly recognized by the Second Amendment to the Constitution is that last line.

    Second, The TEA Party has nothing to do with bigotry, and nothing to do with hatred of anyone….or any thing for that matter, except perhaps increased taxation and criminally negligent government spending, INCLUDING, I might add, these ILLEGAL WARS!

    Perhaps most readers here don’t realize this, but the TEA Party got it start while George W. Bush was President, not Barack Hussein Obama.

    The TEA Party agenda is nothing more or less than Constitutional rule of law for the United States. And that doesn’t just mean for us “little people”. That means our elected and appointed representatives are equally, if not more, responsible for upholding that rule of law in their own actions.

    But time and again, accelerated quite a bit since 9/11/2001, representatives in government service break long established law, including procedural law, in order to expedite some draconian measure under the pretext of public welfare, public safety or “national security”.

    If you folks can’t see you have more in common with the vast majority of TEA Party activists than with oath breaking, “Bankster” puppets in Washington and on Wall Street, you’re blinded by fear, hate or willful ignorance. Perhaps all three.

    Has there been a single significant indictment or prosecution for the outright FRAUD that led to the real estate market crisis? Has Jon Corzine or anyone else from MF Global or from JP Morgan Chase been indicted or prosecuted for outright THEFT of $1.2 Billion USD from trading accounts?

    No. And there won’t be any such thing so long as we keep electing weasels and jackals to office, and continue allowing them to commit perjury and sedition in the name of safety and security, and continue being distracted by non-issues while the Public Treasury is looted, the Supreme Law of the Land is trampled and crimes are committed by people we put in positions of authority.

    Oh, and I’m an Oath Keeper. Just in case you were wondering, though I doubt if I left any room for doubt in my statements above.


  • Reynardine

    Erika, in your case, just shoot for a Platinum Shark award, with nothing Hammerheaded about it.

  • Erika

    Rather than using a lead center for a custom Hammerhead Award, wouldn’t it be cheaper just to paint a hammer the color of the Hammerhead Award?

    Of course, if there is a custom Hammerhead Award – and it is in the shape of a shark and the right size, then I want to win the Platium Hammerhead Award – I’m thinking it could make for a cute necklace or a good addition to my charm bracelet :)

  • Dan Zabetakis

    “While I agree with many Green Party sentiments, I still think McKinney is at best, a goofy goober, and at worst, a disgrace to the office of Congresswoman.”

    I agree with you. But what is the alternative?

    You can either vote for a minor party with a clear conscience (and in full knowledge that it will only get at max 1% of the vote).

    Or you can be a complete tool and vote for a major party and project onto them the values you wish they had.

    The new Center is somewhat to the right of Ronald Reagan. Reagan’s main theory was “deniability”. He new that some actions (Iran-Contra, for instance) were illegal, but pursued them through the security services with the view that no one would ever be able to “prove” anything.

    Today, we have the fulfillment of the Nixon/Bush/Obama view which is sometimes called “Unitary Executive Theory”. It holds that there are no checks on Presidential power, including the law, Congress or the Courts. I.e. As Nixon stated: if the President does it, it is legal.

  • CoralSea

    Reynardine —

    Thanks for the explanation. Yes — you are totally right. I think that the symbolism of plated lead is spot on (and let’s make sure that the electro-plating is sort of spotty and cheesy looking).

  • Erika

    A winner of the Lead Hammerhead Award shouldn’t despair however – as I understand it the best hammerhead alchemists are busy at work trying to discover how to turn lead into gold.

  • Reynardine

    See here, Coral Sea, they’re always lead, at heart, but we distinguish the degree and talent of Hammerheadedness by the color of the plating. In the event of Uranium and Plutonium Hammerhead awards, though, the lead had better be on the outside.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    ” Our Constitution is the guiding light by which other free nations have modeled their desired freedom, yet for all of our enlightenment and forthrightness I am saddened to see so many who enjoy the fruits of our liberty woefully fail to recognize their responsibility to protect it.”

    Actually our Constitution wasn’t the “guiding light” of most other free nations, but I know one nation whose leader asked his American comrade to write down the first sentences from the preamble, because he wanted to use them in his own constitution when his nation was free of occupation. The leader’s name was Ho Chi Minh. How did we treat him and his people?

    ” The Oathkeepers, the Tea Party, and other like groups recognize that obligation and do so willingly and with the desire that ALL Americans continue to live as a free people.”

    Bullshit. If it were about “freedom” you wouldn’t have so many people openly opposed to gay marriage or who favor restricting women’s rights to abortion. If they cared about freedom they would have appeared back in 2002 when talk of the Patriot Act appeared. If they were about fiscal responsibility they would have been outraged when Bush started pushing for a war in Iraq. But they weren’t in the streets then. You can claim you were outraged then all you like, the fact is that people like you didn’t label Bush the way you labeled Obama, and you weren’t in the streets like I was in 2003.

    Moreover, your idiotic Tea Party movement is so obsessed over taxes they neglected to actually LOOK at the history of US tax rates. They were screaming the loudest at the very time when Obama had actually LOWERED their taxes. Yeah, I want to put the future of the country in THOSE hands.

  • CoralSea

    Reynardine – I think the Hammerhead award should always be lead. Lead it what best typifies the Hammerhead mindset and intellect.

    Erika — Thank you for your discussion above regarding the historical Know Nothings and the on-going eruptions of Know-Nothing-tude that continue to plague us. And I would add, in regard to the whole “blame the immigrants” thing — this is despicable because at the same time many of the corporate sponsors of the Tea Party mindset are cynically manipulating people to embrace a far-right agenda (which will ultimately crush all of the “plain folks” and the rest of us, too), they have used and abused immigrant labor to keep wages down and to avoid paying medical and disability claims for immigrant workers, who are simply “sent away” if they get hurt. We should ALL be pushing the same things — a living wage, decent infrastructure, schools, and healthcare, and the ability to live without the constant fear of being downsized or outsourced–two shadow monsters that currently stalk all working people, but that get a complete pass from the Tea Party people.

  • Reynardine

    Erika, I am, and always have been, worried about the Plutonium Hammerhead, likely to be the last one ever.

  • Erika

    Rey, as long as you don’t give out an Uranium Hammerhead Award.

    That may well bring about too much radiant joy :)

  • Aron


    While I agree with many Green Party sentiments, I still think McKinney is at best, a goofy goober, and at worst, a disgrace to the office of Congresswoman.

    Considering her assault on the Capitol security guards, her obsession over the ‘Tupac Shakur Files,’ and her many other silly and embarrassing quirks, I think the GP may not have chosen the best candidate. (Still more likable than Ralph Nader, though.)