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Conspiracy Theorists: Isaac Caused by God, Gov’t, or Maybe Chemtrails

By Leah Nelson on August 29, 2012 - 10:46 am, Posted in Antigovernment, Conspiracies, Media Extremism

Hurricane Isaac has inconvenienced a lot of people.

Many thousands of Gulf Coast residents have boarded up windows and sought shelter inland. And many others are now facing the prospect of cleaning up and rebuilding flooded homes and businesses.

But the inconvenienced people we’ve been hearing about most are the pundits and politicians who gathered in Tampa this week for the Republican National Convention.

If you’re been paying much attention to the fairy tales of the far right in the past few years, it should come as no surprise that not everyone thinks it was merely a coincidence that the swirling mass of rain and wind known as Isaac appeared on the radar screen just in time to disrupt the GOP’s nominating party and the news coverage of it.

Rush Limbaugh says Obama may have had something to do with it.

The fabulists at Joseph Farah’s extreme-right WorldNetDaily (WND) think it was the wrath of God.

And a clutch of Web-based antigovernment paranoiacs are sure that “chemtrails” and “chembombs” affected the storm’s path.

Let’s start with Limbaugh. On Monday, the conservative radio host told his audience that the government’s weather scientists had colluded to mess with the GOP’s carefully choreographed show.

After assuring listeners that he was not alleging a conspiracy, Limbaugh said, “The hurricane center is the regime; the hurricane center is the Commerce Department. It’s the government. It’s Obama.”

Not that Obama is controlling the storm per se – that’s a theory best left to the chemtrails crowd. But Limbaugh is sure that something funky is going on. The storm “was being reported [on Sunday] in a way that resulted in the Republicans canceling their convention [Monday] when it’s nowhere near there. And that there were model runs Saturday night that showed Tampa was not gonna be hit at all, massive shift of models that was not reflected by the hurricane center for 12 hours.”

While most reasonable observers understand that storm track predictions are imperfect and that hurricanes can, and frequently do, change course, Limbaugh apparently believes the administration intentionally withheld potentially life-saving information for the purpose of fouling up the Tampa convention. Then, he pivoted and whined that the weather service had shifted its prediction and, rightly, predicted landfall in New Orleans.

“Again, I’m alleging no conspiracy,” Limbaugh said. “I don’t want anybody thinking I’m going somewhere with this. I’m just telling you what happened.”

“[T]hey’re gonna turn this into Katrina and they’re gonna scare the hell out of New Orleans and they’re gonna revive, ‘Bush doesn’t care about people’ and revive all of it. They’re gonna politicize everything ‘cause they do it. And now they had the model runs allowing them to do it.”

OK then.

Shifting our view to the mad propheteers at WorldNetDaily, we find that William Koenig, a “Bible prophecy expert,” believes the source of the storm is divine retribution. According to Koenig, Obama’s Middle East policy and GOP “platform committee decisions to support further division of the land of Israel to pave the way for the creation of a Palestinian state” have angered God, who sent the hurricane as punishment.

“What does this have to do with Bible prophecy?” WND asked in an article published Sunday. “It goes back to Genesis and God’s pledge to bless those who bless the children of Israel and curse those who curse them. It’s a prophecy that many Christians and Jews believe is behind the fall of all the world’s empires of the past. That is a prophecy that has seen every empire of the world come and go – yet Israel remains.”

WND and Limbaugh haven’t cornered the market on Isaac-related unhingedness. In another corner of the Internet, a coterie of conspiracists who peddle vague theories about malevolent plans to geoengineer the planet are saying that “chemtrails” and “chembombs” were deployed to change the storm’s course.

For those not familiar, the “chemtrails” conspiracy theory posits that the government uses contrails (the puffy strands of exhaust that trail behind jets) as a cover for releasing dangerous substances into the atmosphere.

According to a widely republished article that originated on a website called Chemtrails Planet, Isaac’s path was affected by “huge aerosols over the storm in conjunction with aerosols that had been deployed in advance of the arrival of the storm.” Chemtrails Planet goes on to suggest the perpetrator was Evergreen International Aviation, a private company with reported connections to the CIA.

Chemtrails Planet doesn’t bother to explain why the government would want to affect a hurricane’s course – but influential conspiracy theorist Alex Jones had one idea.

“We would be weird to not say it could be government-created as some type of disaster for the election,” Jones said in a video uploaded to YouTube Tuesday. “That’s not outside the realm of possibility.”

Yes, that would totally weird. To not say it.

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  • BungalowBud


    Beware of them. We only have a rough idea of Revelation
    as it will unfold in due time. Higher education is good in most fields but the Seminars lead astray at times. Give me his name and web site and I’ll test him out. I sent an
    email to 2000 Bible Colleges and ask them to prove that the USA isn’t the Israel referred to in Ezekiel 38 & 39. None could. Rather go with a proven evangelisty & prophet. Prof may be good in some but I bet he doesn’t know where the bottomless pit is. Glad you had some training.

  • Erika

    should be “if no” rather than “if so”

  • Erika

    Bud, much of what i know about the Book of Revelations came from a seminary professor of the New Testament whose doctorate came from an actually accredited institution and who is an internationally recognized expert on the life of Jesus and the early church. He even is able to read Aramaic and ancient Hebrew.

    Can Terrell read Aramaic and ancient Hebrew?

    Can you?

    If so, i’ll defer to someone who actually can read the original languages as to understanding what the Bible actually says.

  • BungalowBud

    I know why some snake oiil works but ministers are supposed to annoint with oil & pray for the sick which is better. They have just discovered why it works. Remember Harold Camping end of the world, I called him false in the 80’s and warned on another web site that it wouldn’t happen. Our best prophet Terrell would never tell when Jesus would return. However, you let the Devil fake you out by not believing who Jesus sends because the Devil put his false ministers in the Church too. Read Revelation.. However, Jesus has put his prophets in his church. I read the Bible enough to know who is false & real, I now know more about Halloween than Chick does, You better read the Bible more so you can check me out.

  • Erika

    Bud, Jack T. Chick’s anti-Halloween tracts are easily available on his website. i think its even a specific category.

    And you know that Jesus said that those who attempt to predict the future about when His father would return are lying conmen because not even He knows when that day will be.

    Maybe you should try actually reading your Bible for a change rather than listening to what a snake oil salesman like Terrell says about it :)

  • Bungalow Bud

    Dear Erika,

    You can bet about that Halloween. Last year at this time. the NE had a record snowfall – heaviest of the year – not even winter till 21 Dec. I had to run my generator then and now here a year later. I’m 35 miles north of Philly. Also, my son in law went to Disney World and did a big Trick or Treat I’m told – but it poured. Then last weekend, he went to Lancaster,PA Sat for a corn maze & Halloween scene. That previous night Friday night,a tornado ripped apart the corn maze & silo and delayed.ythe opening.

    David Terrell said about 4 years ago, he saw NYC really bad with a Hurricane. He might have confrimed it in Ashdowne, AK a few days ago. I’ll find out. So, this confirms it with you I hope that I am not kidding.
    I didn’t write it up as a sermon even yet on my web site.

    If they don’t start Tebo soon, maybe he will be disgusted and preach, hoping with his reputation, he won’t turn Anti – like you said. I remember reading Chick Magazines but don’t recall the Halloween one. Tell me?

  • Erika

    i’m disappointed that there is no word yet from that like obviously so perfect vessel that is Mr. Bud on what caused Hurricane Sandy.

    And what i really want to know is how was Tim Tebow involved. Or was it connected to Halloween – was Jack T. Chick right about Halloween? And how exactly was Santa Claus involved? Was Santa Claus’s sled seen in the area of the storm steering it towards the United States?

    And bud, this imperfect weaker vessel of a woman is way smarter and better educated that you are. Think about that, sweetie.

  • BungalowBud


    I am wrong about what? Time should prove before the nukes? Just try 1 at a time instead of gut reactions?

  • Aron


    You’re wrong about me. I know the truth. And I know you’re wrong.

    And if you’re not, I am happy to die in nuclear holocaust.

    Better dead than crazy.

  • http://www, BungalowBud

    Poor Aron,
    It is all so simple for those who understand. Professional help? If you can’t understand this, you don’t know who is professional either. Besides what so called professional can stand up or judge the word of God. You get the “professional” and I’ll give them a piece to help them too. You realize, they are limited by their training? Leave your common low level spiritual plane and come up a few steps. Doesn’t the world even show you it’s wrap up time? You can’t be that numb. Anyhow, your a waste of my time tp prepare the US and those who will listen to help escape the Nuclear War before it’s too late. You can bluff all you want but deep down, I know you can resist the truth.

  • Aron


    Nothing you have written so far has been ‘simple.’ It has been convoluted to the point of frank psychosis.

    I implore you to seek professional help before you hurt yourself or others.

  • BungalowBud


    Thorazine regimen = thanks for telling me. I don’t know about drugs as much as Aron – and I don’t want to know
    as I avoid all those mind bending screw up suggestions.
    If Aron would leave the druggie bit alone, he might get educated. He must be on something to have his mind blocked so bad.

    I did a wild guess and sorry you didn’t have any kids yet?? Don’t know how old you are. However. didn’t your mom
    give you Santa? I have a great sermon exposing Santa Claus on my web site. You read this, you will understand. You don’t know the Bible that well now to know how Satan’s holiday destroys kids faith. Weaker vessel is the Bible quote and I see it’s true. We don’t condemn the feminine but cherish her and understand them better now.
    The worst sin was her and that apple then Adam – the 2nd worse was listening to her instead of God. It’s that simple.

  • Aron

    Erika, I think you may have misunderstood the reasoning behind my suggestion of Thorazine.

    It was BECAUSE of the side effects! Don’t let nobody ever tell you I’m not a vindictive donkeyorifice.

    As I most certainly am.

  • Erika

    Aron, Thorazine is way outdated and there are much more effective medications which much less horrific side effects availalbe.

    Bud, you are obviously very confused because i do not have children and i was never taught that Santa Claus was a diety.

    And you simply have not shown any legitimate reason why Santa Claus who does not even exist is a stronger anti-Christ candidate than Tim Tebow.

    And as far as who is a “weaker vessel” whatever that might possibly mean (it is connected to the perfected woman issue? – which you still, i should add, have not explained exactly what that means), i’m not running around saying that a fictional character who was primarily a construct of advertising is going to destroy the world.

  • Aron

    Bud, you ask what medications? I’m thinking you should start with a heavy Thorazine regimen and go from there.

    Because you are quite obviously warped.

  • http://www.radfo,info Buddy McCloskey

    Hope you don’t become too scared by the close path of the asteroid tonight. Just a glimpse of the sights & signs Jesus told us to watch for. I knew you loved my messages – entertaining? I am almost like your old comic strip replacement? Just letting you absorb my last sessions? Even though fun time, it’s all serious.

    Poor Erica, the feminine don’t understand the evil Santa Claus because she loved it with her kids. The weaker vessel is exemplified here.

    No meds here – just started a supplement for me @ 74.
    What kind of meds would you suggest? I would say get off yours, not on and maybe some lifght will shine through?

  • Kiwiwriter

    Oh, Bungalow Boob………

    We’re waiting……

    Must have gone back on his meds.

    Or maybe the UFOs picked him up.

  • Kiwiwriter

    Hmm….no Bungalow Boob since the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Antietam.

    Coincidence or conspiracy? You decide!

  • BungalowBud

    Erica! OK – That Tebow numbering is not direct like this is. Good thing I left out the ‘6’ as it brings up stuff. Now, ‘6’ is the number of man and perfection is God # 7.
    Back at the ower of Babel, it was 660′ high. When man (6′)
    entered into it, the head was 666′ high. Now what is the common language today that brings all mankind together?
    Try ‘computer’ and see what you get. Use that a=1, b=2. etc. then multiply by 6, Another interesting name is
    ‘Kissinger’. Also, somewhat close is the Christmas Holiday binge. When man participates –
    A Christmas A New Years – total them. I have so much proof on Christmas being Anti-Christ, it will stun you forever. I don’t know if I can link my other web site directly on here but I’ll find a way.

    Tebow would have to finish his football – that’s a few years before he would become his 2nd talent as a preacher – forced onto him by his publicity. Tebow – I say was a sign to George Washington’s kneeling & praying poise – carved on NYC’s old City Hall building. It’s a reminder to New York, as he comes there of Washington’s vision of our attack. Also, Thurmond Munson added to the greatly.

  • Erika

    Bud, did you learn that from Heuy Freeman in The Boondocks? Because he did that exact same number trick in a comic. And my Tim Tebow number trick was actually much better since there is no basis to multiply 6 to Santa Claus since Santa Claus doesn’t have 6 letters in it or any relation to the number 6 (unless you count the alternative shortened name St. Nick).

    By contract, Tim Tebow’s jersey number 15 divided by the number of letters in Tebow equals 3. Then add 1+5 and you get six which means 3 sixes or 6 6 6. It actually makes so much more sense than your Santa Claus conspiracy thing.

    But your probably right that Tim Tebow is not the Anti-Christ – after all, everyone knows that SEC football is its own distinct religion ;)

  • Kiwiwriter

    Bungalow Boob: Ever hear of “Garbage In, Garbage Out?”

    He just gets funnier and funnier…

    Santa Claus is the Beast!

    Satan created Christmas!

    A convicted tax cheat successfully predicts the end of the United States, but can’t see the IRS coming!

    He can neither write nor add, and expects everyone else to do his work for him…no wonder his wife left him. I’m just surprised she hung in for 22 years.

    But I agree…I’ve had my laughs over Bungalow Boob, but I don’t think the moderators should let him in here any more.

    Not without his keeper, that is.

  • BungalowBud

    Super? At least you listened a little bit. You proved it anyhow. I made the program years ago – a=6,b=12,c=18. However, it’s easier to total by a-1, b-2, etc. then multiply by 6 instead of adding multiples of 6. The factoring bit in math – remember? I did forget to tell you that as that was the last step. You should have noted that 111 x 6 = 666?

  • Kiwiwriter

    Bungalow Boob just gets funnier and funnier…

    Santa Claus is the Beast!

    Satan created Christmas!

    A convicted tax cheat successfully predicts the end of the United States, but can’t see the IRS coming!

    He can neither write nor add, and expects everyone else to do his work for him…no wonder his wife left him. I’m just surprised she hung in for 22 years.

    But I agree…I’ve had my laughs over Bungalow Boob, but I don’t think the moderators should let him in here any more.

    Not without his keeper, that is.

  • Erika

    Ruslan, having representing real defendants in real criminal trials trust me when i say that those defendants which actually often show a bit of ability to cover their tracks are way too intelligent. What the L&O defendants tend to actually be is way too arrogant – perhaps even too smart for their own good.

    And yes, the defense attorneys are total idiots for not getting the case dismissed at the close of the prosecution evidence. And yes, the prosecutors are pretty dumb to actually have to depend upon the defendant’s arrogance to save their case.

    However if you have a client who wants to get up in front of a court and testify despite it being totally agaisnt his (it’s almost always “his” btw, i’ve only seen a female defendant do that once) interest there is basically nothing a defense attorney can do to stop it.

    And before y’all insult Bud too much, please remember that he called me “perfect girl” and think of how much it hurts my feelings to hear that someone must be stupid and crazy to do that for me :)

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    I think defendants on L&O are way too dumb. I can’t even count how many episodes I see where people talk to the cops, and of those there are many where you can tell this person never would have been charged had they just remained silent. I also see a lot of defendants on the stand; it was my understanding that it’s usually better to take the 5th at one’s trial just like when dealing with the cops. Are there any ground rules about when it’s good for a defendant to testify on their behalf?

    This may seem off topic but it’s far more interesting than Bud’s bizarre textwalls.

  • supersonic250

    Bungalow Bob said: “Santa Claus – nobody totaled a=1,b=2 etc. for that name? It’s 666.”

    No, it’s 111. Not only are you insane and an idiot, you can’t do basic arithmetic either.

    …It’s obvious the guy’s a troll now, can the mods PLEASE ban him?