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Neo-Nazi Threat-Maker Bill White Gets More Prison Time

By Mark Potok on February 21, 2013 - 11:45 am, Posted in Extremist Crime, Neo-Nazi

Bill White, the imprisoned neo-Nazi leader who spent years pushing the boundaries of the First Amendment, has been sentenced to another 3½ years in federal prison — even as he awaits a trial in yet another of the cases in which he is accused of criminally threatening his enemies.

Two years after being convicted of threatening the foreman of a Chicago jury that sent another neo-Nazi to prison for soliciting the murder of a federal judge, White was sentenced yesterday by U.S. District Judge Lynn Adelman after offering a half-hearted apology for “communicating in a way that was subject to misunderstanding,” the Chicago Tribune reported.

The sentence related to a Sept. 11, 2008, blog posting by White that accused former jury foreman Mark Hoffman of being a “gay Jewish anti-racist” who helped convict Matt Hale, the one-time leader of the neo-Nazi World Church of the Creator, in 2005, and also published personal details about Hoffman including his home address and phone numbers. White didn’t directly threaten Hoffman in that post, but wrote in a separate post on his website that all those who helped convict Hale deserved to be assassinated.

White has a long history of making threats over the Internet, by telephone and through the mails. He was already in federal prison when he was sentenced in the latest case, where he was serving time for violating his parole in yet another threat case by fleeing to Mexico. And just last week, White, a one-time anarchist who went on to found and lead the Virginia-based American National Socialist Workers Party, was indicted in still another case, this time for threatening to have his ex-wife beaten and “hospitalized” for not sending him money while he was on the lam.

For years, White skirted criminal responsibility for his threats, avoiding directly calling on followers to kill even as he seemed to encourage precisely that. In the latest case, in fact, Judge Adelman initially dismissed the indictment against White, ruling that his comments were protected free speech. But that ruling was reversed on appeal. Later, Adelman reversed the jury’s guilty verdict for the same reason, but was again overturned.

Yesterday, the judge described the experiences of Hoffman — who did not attend the sentencing hearing because, prosecutors reported, “he cannot endure the thought of further contact with the defendant and this case” — as having “no doubt” been “extremely frightening.”

  • chris tyler

    At everyone who is encouraging violence against Bill White: you’re a bunch of hypocrites.

    At everyone who thinks that people should be punished for expressing their opinions: please move to another country that did not include freedom of speech in their very foundation. White is certainly hate-filled in his speech but as long as it’s just speech, he should be free to express it. If it can be proven that someone actually suffered harm because of his speech, that’s a different story.

  • Aron

    Yes Intolerent,

    I want to sic my friends on a man whom I have never met, just so they can be automatically transferred to a medium security prison. And have time added to their sentences.

    It must be nice to be so ignorant.

    (By the way, my friends are in their sixties and seventies. How stupid do you think I am?)

  • Yodz

    Wasn’t it just but 2 months ago that White was standing in a courtroom telling the Judge he was trying to change his ways? Heckuva start there, Bill. Yes, I am aware these actions took place prior to his statements about turning his life around, but if he were truly contrite he wouldn’t just mumble about being misunderstood. The dude has just pissed away 20 plus years of his life on hating, followed by prison. You’d think he’d figure out his life is not going that well by his age, but I guess that’s what happens when you’re mentally ill and full of rage.

  • why is the left so damn intolerant?

    Aron, I don’t believe you for a minute. In your first comment, here you want to sic your friends in prison on Bill White. Mark Potok wants to help you do this, and he did.

  • Kiwiwriter


    “I always find it highly amusing that some people boldly and willfully break the law, but after they’re convicted for it, claim that they “never meant” what they said/did”

    I’ve read the accounts of some of these SPLC cases, and it’s interesting how these guys do indeed backpedal on their crazier and more incendiary statements when under oath.

    They want to see a bloody and violent revolution, that kills many innocent people, and vaults them to positions of power and glory, but they “don’t really mean it,” or they say they’re “exaggerating” when held accountable.

    I think at some levels they are fantasizing…they have to know that they would be easily slaughtered in a real conflict and be incapable of running the post-war nation they dream of creating.

    I am reminded of Raphael Ezekiel’s book “The Racist Mind,” in which he points out how the members of the racist group he studied in detail were particularly terrified of the blacks they despised, and depended on vast police numbers to protect them at demonstrations.

  • majii

    I always find it highly amusing that some people boldly and willfully break the law, but after they’re convicted for it, claim that they “never meant” what they said/did.

  • Justin

    People like Bill White need to be put away for life. Their lack of concern for the safety of innocent people are disgraceful. A juror sacrifices their time and energy to hear both sides of a case before reaching a verdict. Wonder if Bill White will ask for a jury trial now lol.

  • janet rapoza

    I would think the prisons are full of people just like him. Happy he will be locked away where every move he makes will be monitored..

  • Tobias A. Weissman

    Having freedom of speech doesn’t allow threats of violence on any person for any reason. Freedom of speech gives the ok to opinions for or against Government issues, entertainment items, etc.

  • Aron

    My Little Peony,

    If you’re referring to me, I think you’re completely mistaken. I want to tell my friends to stay out of of his way. Because they’re Jewish.

  • My Little Peony

    Does anyone spot the irony here? Bill White gets a sentence for threatening people online and then two people make a public statement about arranging to have him beaten him in prison – did they not learn from his case that this sort of behavior constitutes as a crime?

  • hunglikejesus

    Just put this clown to sleep.

  • Michael Parker

    People like Bill White don’t need to get out of prison. He’s a nuisance and a treat to society.

  • Aron

    Thanks, Mark. I’ll keep an eye out for him.

  • Mark Potok

    Once someone is sentenced and all the court proceedings are over, I believe you can find prisoners with the help of an online Prisoner Locater Service. But because White’s still in the process of facing more charges, my guess is he’s being held in a temporary federal pen, likely in downtown Chicago, but will eventually be reassigned to a real penitentiary.

  • concernedcitizen

    No prison time is enough time for people who commit acts of hate like this and that solicit the help of others for their deranged propaganda.

  • Aron


    Is there some way to find out where Bill is being assigned? I have friends in several minimum-security FCIs, and I would like to be able to give them a heads up if he is heading their way.

    Thanks for being awesome!