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League of South Rally Provokes Anti-Racist Reaction

By Don Terry on October 10, 2013 - 2:59 pm, Posted in Anti-Black, Anti-Muslim, Neo-Confederate

Since word spread about three weeks ago that the neo-Confederate League of the South (LOS) was coming to middle Tennessee this weekend to protest immigration and refugee resettlement, local anti-racists have been working hard to make sure the group’s stay is as uncomfortable as possible.

“We are completely non-violent,” Darlene Neal of the Tennessee Anti Racist Network told Hatewatch. “But we want to disrupt the League’s process, because their process is one of hate mongering and creating divisiveness in communities wherever they go.”

So far, so good.

The League has scheduled a two-hour rally in Murfreesboro for Saturday, the latest stop on the hate group’s “Southern demographic displacement” tour – a white supremacist version of a traveling pity-party. The League is also planning a second rally in Shelbyville, about 25 miles south of Murfreesboro. But after being contacted by members of the Anti Racist Network and told about the League’s pro-secessionist, white nationalist, anti-immigrant philosophy, two area hotels canceled the League’s block reservations and group rate.

Neal also sent an E-mail to the mayor of Murfreesboro, Tommy Bragg, alerting him to the League’s use of the city logo on its website, advertising the rally. She urged the mayor to ask the League to remove the logo.

“The use of the logo,” Neal wrote, “gives the impression that the City is in support of their racist rally, or at least, that they will receive a warm welcome in Murfreesboro.”

Bragg wrote back, saying that he was not aware the league was using the logo, adding that he would alert the city attorney.

A short time later, the logo was removed from the site.

Several members of the anti-racist group also sent “multiple” E-mails and Facebook messages to local media, sounding the alarm about the pending neo-Confederate invasion. John I. Carney, the city editor of the Shelbyville Times-Gazette, received one of the Facebook messages and wrote a column about the upcoming LOS rally under the headline, “Just call it what it is: Racism.”

“I’m not sure how they feel they’re being ‘displaced,’” Carney wrote. “No one is forcing them to leave. Small-minded bigots are still free to live in America and even to hold small-minded demonstrations.”

Michael Cushman, the chairman of the League’s South Carolina chapter, writes that the group is coming to middle Tennessee Saturday to protest the “thousands of immigrants from Islamic countries “ that have been resettled in the area over the years by the federal government “in an attempt to break up homogeneous areas of the US by forcing ‘diversity’ upon historical communities.”

The government is aided in this effort to displace “the native people of Middle Tennessee,” Cushman writes, by “anti-White” refugee resettlement organizations and Tyson Foods, the chicken-processing giant, that employs a large number of immigrants at its Shelbyville plant.

“They’ve really targeted Tyson,” Neal of the Anti Racist Network said. “It’s true Tyson does employ members of the Shelbyville community, which includes immigrants, which most Americans were at some point along the way.”

Unfortunately, Tennessee has long been a hotbed for anti-Muslim activism, especially after plans were laid to build an Islamic center in Murfreesboro. There have been bomb threats and numerous conferences centered on the unfounded but widely hyped fear that Shariah law will somehow be imposed on Americans.

Countering religious and racial intolerance is why the Network was founded last April, Neal said. On Saturday, the group will gather about a block away from the LOS rally along the main thoroughfare in Murfreesboro. Neal said there will be poets, musicians and speakers. If LOS holds a second rally in Shelbyville, “we will be there, too.”

“I always think of the old saying, ‘Silence is consent,’’’ Neal said. “I think more than that, when you don’t speak up, when the community doesn’t have an alternative to hateful speech, when we don’t provide a counterweight, it creates an illusion that the community doesn’t mind and maybe even agrees.

“Well, we mind,” she said. “And we don’t agree.”

As the Network says on its website, “Racism: ignore it and it won’t go away.”

  • Kiwiwriter

    All these xenophobic denunciations of Muslim immigrants remind me of the vicious rhetoric hurled 100 to 150 years ago against Irish Catholics, Italians, and Jews.

    The same rubbish. And the country not only survived, it got stronger.

  • aadila

    Mr Cushman, if you are concerned with the influx of Third World immigrants to Tennessee, then surely you must have noticed the pattern of Scotch-Irish immigration to Tennessee — a people who were by anyone’s standards considered the Third World, I dare say even savages, of Europe — was instrumental toward making your state what it is today. For better or for worse.

  • MRJ

    Southern demographic displacement.

    Get this: Tahoma, Washington, almost as far away as physically possible in the lower 48 from the “birth of a nation” people, and this school apparently has them everywhere.

    When this flag shows up, there is a problem, particularly in a “Northern State”.
    It’s no longer just a matter of “Southern pride” or heritage.
    My bet?
    The children in this school themselves, and their parents and extended family, have never been anywhere near the south.
    Just like the ones flying this flag here, in this area, and rallying ’round the local Klukker.

  • Mike Moore

    Lily…before YOU post something, at least get YOUR facts straight. The League of the South is NOT and never has been affiliated with the Tea Party as your moronic “Tea Bags” comment implies.

  • CM

    Mr. Cushman,

    I don’t know if you’re just unacquainted with the reality of the Radical Sparkle Childcare Collective or are deliberately demonizing them, but it’s hard to imagine a more harmless group.

    As for the Radical Faeries, since Matthew Heimbach has been disinvited from the Murfreesboro event this weekend, maybe you could hook up with him and pay a visit instead to the Faeries’ Tennessee sanctuary. You might find it enlightening on numerous levels.

  • Lily L.

    Tea Bags need to verify FACTS before opening their yaps. Only a TINY fraction of immigrants are Muslim, less than 10%. Most are Catholic, Christians of other denominations, Hindi and Buddhist. ____ The majority of immigrants arriving in the USA come from the Americas ( Central and South America) and Asia. Reference: the 2011 Yearbook of Immigration Statistics published by the National Security Administration (see page 12)

  • Jeremy

    Native Americans, by the way, are really the only people in this country entitled to be angry about immigration.

  • Jeremy

    It’s silly to think that the US government is intentionally relocating people based on race. The government finished forcing Native Americans onto reservations a long time ago.

  • Linnea

    Pay attention, America. This is how you handle racists!!

  • Ken

    For a long time (over five years) I had a friend on the internet. I talked with her on the phone on and off. She disappeared for a while after following a man back to Murphreesboro from her home in Wyoming to marry him. He died there and she remained there with her three daughters.

    She got religion. A few months back, I engaged her about piety. I suggested to one of her 20something daughters that not all atheists are bad people on her Facebook page. Within a matter of minutes, she had “unfriended” me and blocked me.

    When anyone mentions Murphreesboro, TN, I’m reminded of the intolerance that community has against Muslims trying to create a community in it and Karen turning her back on me.

  • Erika

    and only white kids will be allowed in that schoolhouse.

  • Michael Cushman

    Thanks for quoting me accurately. That is positive.

    I would like to see you dig into the Radical Sparkle Collective and the Radical Faeries though. They are the far-Left groups that are behind the anti-White activism in the area. You’ll find Art Dishman (of New Hampshire) and ‘Mandela Satsuma’ (of Watertown, New York) are behind much of it. It’s a very small group of mostly outsiders who support replacing Southerners in Tennessee with Third World immigrants.

  • Roy

    Most are afraid Sharia Law will follow in these areas..

    And then we have cases like below which add to fire.

    legal case in which a Muslim woman went to a family court asking for a restraining order against her spouse, claiming he had raped her repeatedly. The judge ruled against her, saying that her husband was abiding by his Muslim beliefs regarding spousal duties.

  • Lorena

    It would have been nice if the OP would have named the hotels. One, I would like to thank them for standing up to these people, especially in this economy. Two, I have relatives in Tennessee & I would definitely check them out the next time I head that way.

  • Michael

    Or Little Brown Mohammad.

  • aadila

    They’re not racist. They just think Little Black Sambo ought to be required reading at the schoolhouse.

  • aadila

    Well, no, not really. Some of us are 3/5 human. In their view.