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Anti-Catholic Cult Hit With Half Billion-Dollar Judgment

Posted in Anti-Catholic,Anti-LGBT,Extremist Crime by Mark Potok on March 4, 2014

Christhiaon Coie has spent 43 years waiting for the day when the brutal, Catholic- and gay-hating cult leader who she says raped her and numerous other girls, some of them as young as 8, would get his just desserts. Last week, that day finally arrived. In Miller County, Ark., a judge ordered a church run […]

The Last Word: Hatewatch’s 2nd Annual Smackdown Awards

Posted in Year-End by Mark Potok on December 30, 2008

It’s been another sorry year in the world of hate, as knuckle-dragging white supremacists and their fellow travelers did their best to make our country a little worse with each new passing day. Here at Hatewatch, we’ve been hard at work trying to winnow away the garden-variety savagery that habitués of our blog know so […]

SPLC Exposes Raided Alamo Cult’s Practices

Posted in Anti-Catholic,Anti-LGBT by Mark Potok on September 21, 2008

A year after the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Report published allegations of physical abuse, statutory rape and polygamy inside Tony Alamo Christian Ministries, authorities raided the cult’s headquarters in Fouke, Ark. Some 100 state and federal agents entered the compound Saturday night, apparently searching for evidence of child abuse and child pornography. The Report‘s […]

Bad Week for Alamo Ministries

Posted in Anti-Catholic,Anti-LGBT,Intelligence Report by Susy Buchanan on October 16, 2007

The first week of October was a rough one for World Pastor Tony Alamo, the cult leader who for decades has claimed “homosexuality is caused by demon possession” and the U.S. government is an agent of the “satanic” Catholic Church. On Oct. 2, Tony Alamo Christian Ministries member Leslie Ray “Buster” White was indicted by […]