The debate that began early this year at the Washington, D.C.-area conference of the racist American Renaissance magazine -- between those who see blacks as the main problem and those who think Jews are even worse -- has continued for months on the Internet. What follows are excerpts from the AR List, a discussion group moderated by Ian Jobling and Shawn Mercer, who work for American Renaissance founder and editor Jared Taylor, an opponent of anti-Semitism. Mercer allows "dissenting voices" on many topics, but deletes most postings excoriating the Jews, endorsing Holocaust denial, mentioning "ZOG" (an acronym for the "Zionist Occupation Government"), or coming from the neo-Nazi or sites. The AR List moderator also deletes "references to nonwhites in 'animal terms.'" These excerpts focus on anti-Jewish comments made at the conference by neo-Nazi David Duke and his Stormfront allies, and the pro-Jewish rejoinders they provoked. The names were those used by the authors, and are in many cases pseudonyms.

I don't see how this event could not include some focus on the Jewish Question. It seems to me that Jewish ethnocentrism is proving to be quite destructive to the White race. Maybe I'm just ignorant?
--John Weiss, Feb. 27

I felt this was an inappropriate action by David Duke -- trying to horn in on another WN's [white nationalist's] event. It is well known that American Renaissance does not allow anti-Semitism, it is uptown, 100% clean WN, call it a first step if you like but it is a very important 1st step and Jared Taylor has had success.
--John Robinson, Feb. 27

If clean means not naming the Jew, I'll stay dirty. If "uptown" means not naming the Jew, I'll stay downtown.
--maidofthearyanmist, Feb. 28

I'm conflicted... . Should I feel a sense of hope because I met so many bright and committed white men and women who unapologetically gathered together in solidarity for a brighter future for the West? Or should I shudder at the thought of being in the presence of far too many anti-Semitic fools, like Duke, who only scare well-meaning whites away from our movement?
--Alan Andrews, Feb. 28

Since when should a WN have to hold his peace for fear of offending the "traditional enemy" of all nationalism?
--Joe Fields1488, Feb. 28

During the Amren [American Renaissance] 2004 conference, which I attended, Joseph Sobran gave the keynote speech after the banquet, and had no problem addressing the Jews and their impact in White nations. During the post-speech Q&A period, a Jewish man stepped up to the microphone and denounced Sobran for his statement that Jews were not White.
--iconoclast14, Feb. 28

Jewish participation is likely to lead American Renaissance down the same road as National Review. ... We see [Editor Jonah] Goldberg's National Review, still considered the conservative flagship, scolding the French for racism and recommending affirmative action programs... . And now we have also seen David Duke, the preeminent American racialist leader of our times, cursed at a conservative convocation. By a Jew.
--Jack Boot, Stormfront moderator, Feb. 28

The vast majority of Jews are as white as I am and could become our allies, but we continue to alienate them. For those of you who hate Jews so much that you are willing to align yourselves with a bunch of eighth century Muslim primitives ... don't expect your movement to get very far and be prepared to watch the number of AR supporters remain the same or even go down.
--Michael Allen, March 1

We need to remember the importance of candor and freedom of expression at our meetings. To not mention the elephant in the living room is to accede to a Marxist reflex of self-censorship.
--sligo, Feb. 28

Mr. Duke has been convicted of stealing large sums of money from the very people who defend him. He is a white Jesse Jackson. We DO NOT need him.
--Angus McClure, March 13

[S]top the gossip about David Duke. Duke has nothing but good things to say about Jared Taylor and Amren's efforts.
--Stephen, March 13