Nativists on the Barnett Case

In Their Own Words: Nativists on Barnett
The following excerpts are representative of nativist reactions to the civil verdict against Roger Barnett last November. They were published in the anonymous "On your Mind" section of the Bisbee (Ariz.) Review and in the Web forums of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (MCDC), a hard-line nativist group.

Bisbee Review
Dec. 8

My hunting plans have changed. I'm taking my grandkids, and our high-powered hunting rifles, and going hunting on the Barnetts' ranch. Permission! I don't need no stinkin' permission. Hopefully he will foolishly try to defend himself against our trespassing and I am on my way to getting some big bucks in the form of cash from the evil Barnetts. We'll all just whine, snivel and cry on the witness stand. I'm going to order my new pickup now!

Dec. 5
How terrible to be called a Mexican, or even a dirty Mexican. They say "dirty Gringo," but that doesn't matter, does it? Something's wrong with this picture. I don't see why Mr. Barnett should be treated in such a manner. That's not justice.

MCDC Forums
Nov. 25

Posted by "mrmiata7"
I would not be surprised if these invaders were given carte blanche to enter our homes and take whatever they desire as we won't be allowed to defend our homes but illegal alien invaders will be allowed to use whatever means is at their disposal to achieve the rape and pillage of America. It has already started with the unlawful seizure of land from citizens lawfully trying to defend their families and property from the hordes of murdering, raping, molesting and thieving savages flooding across the border from Bush's homeland of Mexico.

Nov. 25
Posted by "Native American"
There are many people like myself who will snap if pushed too far and if I were in this guy's place there would be war already. If I can't live like a civilized human being with the right to defend myself, my livelihood, and my property, then it's simply not worth living and I would have nothing to lose by taking as many enemies down with me as possible! As more people are pushed to this point then war will be inevitable. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND EVERYONE ARM THEMSELVES ... HEAVILY!

Nov. 25
Posted by "John Galt"
Deadmen file no lawsuits. Shoot, shovel and shut up. Keep some quick lime in storage. Refuse to be a victim.