Leaders F (13%)
Groups F (0%)
Events F (0%)
History F (0%)
Opposition F (0%)
Tactics F (0%)
Content F (3%)

Grade levels F (0%)
Current events F (0%)
Civics F (0%)
Other movements F (0%)
Context F (0%)

Items the State Requires
Martin Luther King Jr.

GRADE F means Idaho includes none or less than 20% of the recommended content and should significantly revise its standards.

Survey of Standards and Frameworks
Idaho includes minimal mention of the civil rights movement in its standards. The state’s social studies content standards provide no guidance for teaching about it.

Elementary and Middle School
Like many states, Idaho requires young students to learn about Martin Luther King Jr. as part of a unit on national holidays.

High School
American Government:
Students should be able to “analyze the struggles for the extension of civil rights.”
U.S. History II: Students should be able to “trace the development and expansion of political, civil and economic rights.”

Although Idaho’s standards require students to learn about Martin Luther King Jr., they do not require students to learn about the civil rights movement. The vague and content-free mandates to consider the “struggles for the extension” and the “development and expansion” of civil rights could be filled without any reference to the modern civil rights movement. This represents a missed opportunity to set high expectations for learning about one of American history’s most important events. To be fair, the inadequacy of the state’s civil rights movement requirements matches the Idaho social studies standards overall.