Leaders F (0%)
Groups F (0%)
Events F (0%)
History F (0%)
Opposition F (0%)
Tactics F (0%)
Content F (0%)

Grade levels F (0%)
Current events F (0%)
Civics F (0%)
Other movements F (0%)
Context F (0%)

GRADE F means Maine includes none or less than 20% of the recommended content and should significantly revise its standards.

Survey of Standards and Frameworks
Maine’s guiding standards document, Learning Results: Parameters for Essential Instruction, isolates almost no events or individuals for social studies instruction. It does not mention the civil rights movement. This is a change from the 1997 edition of Learning Points, which required that students in the secondary grades “Demonstrate an understanding of the causes and effects of major events in United States history and their connection to both Maine and world history with emphasis on events after 1877, including, but not limited to: industrialization, the Great Depression, the Cold War (and its ending), World War I and World War II, the Vietnam era, civil rights movement, Watergate.”

Maine’s decision to move away from content requirements is a step in the wrong direction and evidence of extremely low expectations. The civil rights movement is only one of many essential topics in American history that the state has chosen not to require.