Leaders F (0%)
Groups F (0%)
Events F (8%)
History F (0%)
Opposition F (0%)
Tactics F (0%)
Content F (2%)

Grade levels F (0%)
Current events F (0%)
Civics F (0%)
Other movements F (0%)
Context F (0%)

Items the State Requires
Brown, Freedom Rides.

GRADE F means Missouri includes none or less than 20% of the recommended content and should significantly revise its standards.

Survey of Standards and Frameworks
The civil rights movement is not mentioned in Missouri’s Social Studies Grade Level Expectations.

Elementary and Middle School
No civil rights content is required.

High School
U.S. History:
Students are required to “Analyze the evolution of American democracy, its ideas, institutions and political processes from colonial days to the present, including:

• Civil War and Reconstruction, struggle for civil rights, expanding role of government.”

This same item, with the addition of the American Revolution, appears in the requirements for the U.S. Government course. The civil rights movement is not mentioned in Missouri’s Course-Level Expectations, although the Brown decision is mentioned in a list of required influential Supreme Court decisions.

Missouri’s standards essentially require students to know nothing about the civil rights movement. The vague requirement to learn about the “struggle for civil rights” is not a substitute for serious instructional leadership. This is especially negligent given Missouri’s own rich civil rights history—from sit-ins in Kansas City to boycotts and protests in St. Louis, Missouri citizens have a variety of role models to learn from in their own state. Unfortunately, by omitting the civil rights movement, the state has lost the opportunity to spotlight local or national figures, groups, events and tactics.