Leaders F (0%)
Groups F (0%)
Events F (0%)
History F (0%)
Opposition F (0%)
Tactics F (0%)
Content F (0%)

Grade levels F (0%)
Current events F (0%)
Civics F (0%)
Other movements F (0%)
Context F (0%)

GRADE F means New Hampshire includes none or less than 20% of the recommended content and should significantly revise its standards.

Survey of Standards and Frameworks
The New Hampshire Curriculum Framework for Social Studies identifies 10 broad themes and five content strands. The Framework lists the civil rights movement as an example for the sociology content strand under the theme “Civic Ideals, Practices and Engagement.” This is not required content.

Additional Documents
The New Hampshire Department of Education’s website explains that social studies is no longer included in the New Hampshire Educational Assessment and Improvement Program (NHEAIP) or the New England Common Assessment Program (NECAP). “At this time,” the website says, “there are no plans to restore Social Studies assessment at the state level.”

New Hampshire leaves decisions about what students should learn about the civil rights movement to local teachers and schools. The state does not require students to learn about the civil rights movement. This represents a missed opportunity to set high expectations for learning about one of American history’s most important events.