Leaders F (0%)
Groups F (0%)
Events F (0%)
History F (0%)
Opposition F (0%)
Tactics F (0%)
Content F (0%)

Grade levels F (0%)
Current events F (0%)
Civics F (0%)
Other movements F (0%)
Context F (0%)

GRADE F means Oregon includes none or less than 20% of the recommended content and should significantly revise its standards.

Survey of Standards and Frameworks
Oregon’s requirements for study of the civil rights movement are minimal and limited to high school.

Elementary and Middle School
No requirements exist for instruction on the civil rights movement.

High School
Only one of Oregon’s current high school social studies standards deals with the civil rights movement: “Understand the causes, course and impact of the civil rights/equal rights movements.”

The state is now considering adoption of revised social studies standards. The new standards do not mention the civil rights movement, but would require that students learn about Martin Luther King Jr.—“ examine and analyze Supreme Court, presidential and key leader speeches (to include, but not limited to, Martin Luther King Jr., suffragists and presidential addresses).”

Oregon barely requires students to study the civil rights movement. It offers no direction to teachers by including specific content. Its standards entirely omit the history, complexity, resistance to, tactics and trajectory of the movement. These standards represent a missed opportunity to set high expectations.