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Join the fight at the Southern Poverty Law Center.

At the Southern Poverty Law Center, we stand up for the most vulnerable people in society, and we need a diverse and passionate team to make this happen.

Together we’re exposing hate and injustice, fighting discrimination, and educating for a diverse democracy.

Join us and do the most important work of your career.

A Workplace for All

We wear a lot of hats. We are lawyers, advocates and educators. We believe everyone has something important to contribute. Respecting individual differences is an integral part of our culture, and we endeavor to make our differences work for us to achieve our mission. At the Southern Poverty Law Center, we foster a culture of creativity, teamwork, and equality.

What we are all about

We’re passionate about the ideals of equal justice and equal opportunity. We work together as respected colleagues, recognizing that each of us, in every role, contributes to SPLC’s impact.

We value creativity. It helps us see problems in different ways and construct new solutions. We continually strive to improve our programs and internal processes.

We’re willing to take unpopular positions and tackle the tough problems. We persevere and don’t back down in the face of threats.

We’re skillful individuals who bring our best selves to our work. We take responsibility for our actions and challenge ourselves, and each other, to excel.

Job Highlight: SIFI

Our Southeast Immigrant Freedom Initiative (SIFI) teams are working every day to provide high-quality, holistic pro-bono legal representation to immigrants detained in the southeastern United States. This team endeavors to win every meritorious deportation defense and custody case arising out of Trump-era immigration enforcement actions by ensuring that skilled attorneys are available to protect detained immigrants’ due process rights.


Our Montgomery headquarters is at the heart of the Civil Rights Movement. From legal to operations and everything in between, our downtown Montgomery office is at the center of it all. Join us in Alabama's capital city.


Our Immigrant Justice Project and other staff members call Atlanta their home.

New Orleans

Our Louisiana headquarters in New Orleans is located just blocks from the French Quarter. Our teams fighting for criminal justice reform and the rights of children in Louisiana and beyond are based in our New Orleans location.


Our office in Southern Florida is located less than a mile from the Biscayne Bay. Our staff in Miami is perfectly situated to fight for the rights of immigrant families and others in and beyond Florida.


Our Jackson office is located in the heart of the downtown business area. Our team in Mississippi's capital city are fighting for criminal justice reform and the rights of children in their state.


Our office in Tallahassee is located just steps from Florida’s capitol building. We are working in Tallahassee to advance our civil rights work at the policy level.

Ready to join us?

Being the right fit for the Southern Poverty Law Center means committing yourself to the fight for justice. That’s the core of our culture. If you are ready to share your passion for equality — we want you. If you believe you can help make the world a better place — we want you. Join us today.