Neo-Nazi groups share a hatred for Jews and a love for Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany. While they also hate other minorities, gays and lesbians and even sometimes Christians, they perceive "the Jew" as their cardinal enemy.

While some neo-Nazi groups emphasize simple hatred, others are more focused on the revolutionary creation of a fascist political state. Nazism, of course, has roots in Europe, and links between American and European neo-Nazis are strong and growing stronger. American neo-Nazi groups, protected by the First Amendment, often publish material and host Internet sites that are aimed at European audiences -- materials that would be illegal under European anti-racism laws. Similarly, many European groups put up their Internet sites on American servers to avoid prosecution under the laws of their native countries.

The most visible neo-Nazi group in the U.S. is the National Alliance. Until his death, it was led by William Pierce, the infamous author of the futuristic race-war novel The Turner Diaries, a book believed by some to have served as the blueprint for the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.

2017 neo-Nazi hate groups

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*Asterisk denotes headquarters​

America First Committee (Lyons, Illinois)
American Nazi Party (Statewide, California)
American Nazi Party* (Westland , Michigan)
Aryan Nations Sadistic Souls MC (Grovespring, Missouri)
Aryan Nations Sadistic Souls MC (Statewide, Oklahoma)
Aryan Nations Sadistic Souls MC (Statewide, Tennessee)
Aryan Nations Sadistic Souls MC (Statewide, Wisconsin)
Aryan Nations Sadistic Souls MC* (Wood River, Illinois)
Aryan Nations Worldwide* (Villa Rica, Georgia)
Aryan Renaissance Society (Statewide, New York)
Aryan Renaissance Society (Statewide, Texas)
Atomwaffen Division (Statewide, Florida)
Creativity Movement (Brookings, South Dakota)
Creativity Movement (Statewide, Illinois)
Creativity Movement (Statewide, Michigan)
Creativity Movement (Statewide, Ohio)
Creativity Movement* (Bloomington, Illinois)
Endangered Souls RC/Crew 519 (Statewide, Florida)
Endangered Souls RC/Crew 519 (Statewide, Georgia)
Endangered Souls RC/Crew 519 (Statewide, Idaho)
Golden Dawn (Astoria, New York)
National Alliance (Hillsboro, West Virginia)
National Alliance (Laurel Bloomery, Tennessee)
National Alliance (Raymond, Town of, New Hampshire)
National Socialist German Workers Party* (Lincoln, Nebraska)
National Socialist Liberation Front (Statewide, Alabama)
National Socialist Liberation Front (Statewide, California)
National Socialist Liberation Front* (Statewide, Pennsylvania)
National Socialist Movement (Columbus, Ohio)
National Socialist Movement (Incomplete, Georgia)
National Socialist Movement (Incomplete, Indiana)
National Socialist Movement (Myrtle Beach, South Carolina)
National Socialist Movement (Statewide, Colorado)
National Socialist Movement (Statewide, Florida)
National Socialist Movement (Statewide, Illinois)
National Socialist Movement (Statewide, Kentucky)
National Socialist Movement (Statewide, Mississippi)
National Socialist Movement (Statewide, Pennsylvania)
National Socialist Movement (Tucson, Arizona)
National Socialist Movement* (Detroit, Michigan)
Nationalist Women's Front (Statewide, California)
New Order* (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
Noble Breed Kindred (Statewide, California)
NS Publications* (Wyandotte, Michigan)
PzG Inc. (Rapid City, South Dakota)
The Daily Stormer (Statewide, Alabama)
The Daily Stormer (Statewide, Alaska)
The Daily Stormer (Statewide, Arizona)
The Daily Stormer (Statewide, California)
The Daily Stormer (Statewide, Colorado)
The Daily Stormer (Statewide, Connecticut)
The Daily Stormer (Statewide, Florida)
The Daily Stormer (Statewide, Georgia)
The Daily Stormer (Statewide, Illinois)
The Daily Stormer (Statewide, Indiana)
The Daily Stormer (Statewide, Iowa)
The Daily Stormer (Statewide, Kansas)
The Daily Stormer (Statewide, Kentucky)
The Daily Stormer (Statewide, Massachusetts)
The Daily Stormer (Statewide, Michigan)
The Daily Stormer (Statewide, Minnesota)
The Daily Stormer (Statewide, Missouri)
The Daily Stormer (Statewide, Montana)
The Daily Stormer (Statewide, Nebraska)
The Daily Stormer (Statewide, Nevada)
The Daily Stormer (Statewide, New Jersey)
The Daily Stormer (Statewide, New York)
The Daily Stormer (Statewide, North Carolina)
The Daily Stormer (Statewide, Oregon)
The Daily Stormer (Statewide, Pennsylvania)
The Daily Stormer (Statewide, South Carolina)
The Daily Stormer (Statewide, Texas)
The Daily Stormer (Statewide, Utah)
The Daily Stormer (Statewide, Vermont)
The Daily Stormer (Statewide, Virginia)
The Daily Stormer (Statewide, Washington)
The Daily Stormer* (Worthington, Ohio)
Third Reich Books* (Fairbury, Nebraska)
Traditionalist Worker Party (Statewide, Alabama)
Traditionalist Worker Party (Statewide, North Carolina)
Traditionalist Worker Party (Statewide, Ohio)
Traditionalist Worker Party (Statewide, Rhode Island)
Traditionalist Worker Party (Statewide, Tennessee)
Traditionalist Worker Party (Statewide, Texas)
Traditionalist Worker Party (Statewide, Virginia)
Traditionalist Worker Party* (Statewide, Indiana)
Vanguard America (Hartford, Connecticut)
Vanguard America (Statewide, Florida)
Vanguard America (Statewide, Georgia)
Vanguard America (Statewide, Illinois)
Vanguard America (Statewide, Louisiana)
Vanguard America (Statewide, Maryland)
Vanguard America (Statewide, Massachusetts)
Vanguard America (Statewide, Michigan)
Vanguard America (Statewide, Nebraska)
Vanguard America (Statewide, Nevada)
Vanguard America (Statewide, New Hampshire)
Vanguard America (Statewide, New Jersey)
Vanguard America (Statewide, New York)
Vanguard America (Statewide, North Carolina)
Vanguard America (Statewide, Ohio)
Vanguard America (Statewide, Oklahoma)
Vanguard America (Statewide, Oregon)
Vanguard America (Statewide, Pennsylvania)
Vanguard America (Statewide, Rhode Island)
Vanguard America (Statewide, Texas)
Vanguard America (Statewide, Virginia)
Vanguard America (Statewide, Washington)
Vanguard America (Statewide, West Virginia)
Vanguard America (Statewide, Wyoming)
Vanguard America* (Statewide, Indiana)
Vanguard News Network* (Kirksville, Missouri)
White Aryan Resistance* (San Jacinto, California)
White Devil Social Club (Statewide, Wisconsin)
Wolfhook Life Clothing (Statewide, Indiana)
Women for Aryan Unity (Statewide, Ohio)
Women for Aryan Unity* (Statewide, Wisconsin)