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White Power Band, The Caucasoids, Plays Independence Day Concert in Secret Orlando, Fla. Location

White power band plays Independence Day concert

Nationalist Party.
A white power band called The Caucasoids, accompanied by an apparent minor and boasting the threatening symbol of a hangman's noose, played the Independence Day concert put on a day late at a secret location in Orlando, Fla. The concert, entitled The Fourth Fest, was thrown by the Confederate Hammerskins, a Southern division of the notoriously violent Hammerskin Nation. Only the lead singer (second from left), Coby Stonecypher of Chuluota, Fla., has been identified. The concert was the second Hammerskin show of the year in Florida, following a "St. Patty's Day" concert that took place on March 17 in Tampa. The Hammerskins, and especially the Confederate Hammerskins, have been growing recently after a period of relative stagnation, rising from nine chapters in 2006 to 14 chapters last year.