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Matthew Heimbach Suggests Retaliatory Violence Against Non-Whites

Matthew Heimbach, a leader of the Traditionalist Youth Network that is trying to set up “white student unions” on various college campuses, just keeps getting more extreme. As Hatewatch reported last week, Heimbach has been sounding like a full-fledged neo-Nazi in recent months, railing about “conniving Jews” and the need for “revolution” as the only answer to the white man’s “plight.”

Last night, Heimbach took it one further. On the racist forum Stormfront, Heimbach suggested that he and his racist ilk institute a new policy: “[Y]ou hurt ones [sic] of ours, we kill one of yours.” Heimbach was responding to a report of a father beating to death a man he found raping his 5-year-old daughter. On Stormfront, the thread about the crime was called “Father catches Mexican raping his daughter.” Heimbach applauded the father, “It is always great to see white men and women stand up for themselves.” He added that this policy of retaliatory murder would ensure “non whites would be far less likely to attempt things like this.”

Meanwhile, in another Stormfront post, Heimbach clarified why he is a member and fan of the League of the South, a neo-Confederate hate group. “The League is solidly pro white,” Heimbach wrote, “I have never seen a negro or Jew at an event nor would they be part of the League.” Heimbach was responding to another poster who asked why the League “allows jews [sic] and negro’s [sic].”

Heimbach may want to check with the League to see if he’s got this right. Though clearly racist, the League maintains, whether true or not, that Jews were welcomed in the South. “Jews and Catholics quickly made their way into the highest political and social circles,” reads the League website, trying to make the point that the North was much more racist against 19th century Jewish and Catholic immigrants than was the South. “In fact, the first Catholic and the first Jew to sit in an American cabinet were picked by Jefferson Davis, the president of the Confederacy.” Calls to the League for comment about its membership policy were not returned.

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