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American and International Racists Create 'United Aryan Front' Coalition

In a clear sign of a movement struggling to recruit members, ideologically disparate racists with members in the United States, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Croatia, Germany and Canada have recently joined together to create United Aryan Front (UAF), a coalition of racist groups.

Formed in late 2015, UAF is a hodgepodge –– racist skinheads, neo-Nazis, Christian Identity adherents and Ku Klux Klan members. It was formed with one objective in mind: to create an “internationally-oriented network of dedicated White Separatists diligently striving to impart a New Racial Consciousness to Aryankind,” Aryan Renaissance Society, one of the more active UAF partners, posted on the group’s website.  

The coalition includes:

  • The Ohio-based Klan Militant Knights of the Ku Klux Klan (MK)
  • Die Auserwahlten (headquartered in Louisiana and also known as Crew 41)
  • California-based Noble Breed Kindred (NBK)
  • The racist motorcycle club Endangerd Souls (Crew 519)
  • The neo-Nazi Aryan Renaissance Society (ARS)
  • White Lives Matter, a subset of ARS primarily stationed in Texas
  • The neo-Nazi group Werwolf 88
  • The Christian identity outfit Divine Truth Ministries (DTM), active in both Ohio and Arkansas
  • The Croatian National Front (translated from Hrvatski Nacionalni Front, HNF)

The International Keystone Knights of the Ku Klux Klan and Right Wing Resistance were originally listed as members in Facebook posts, but their insignia no longer appeared in mid-January.

The coalition was built on an ideological foundation of pan-Aryanism, a white supremacist philosophy that emphasizes the idea that white revolutionaries must adopt a global strategy to create an all-white, separate nation. But perhaps what is most remarkable about the alliance lay in the differences between the groups.

united aryan front logos

That Klansmen, neo-Nazis, racists skinheads groups have come together under one banner may be a sign of desperation rather than strength. For example, it was unclear if Crew 41 was still active in 2015, and even though the Endangered Souls has a Facebook page, membership is low. DTM, the newest addition on the block, consists primarily of two people.

It’s as if this strategic alliance was formed out of desperation for survival. A strong and outspoken white nationalist group doesn’t exist, unlike the presence of the now diminished National Alliance, once the largest and most active neo-Nazi organization with thousands of members.

To that end, UAF encourages all white nationalists to join and even openly accepts Christian Identity adherents, who claim –– as DTM notes –– that “White people of European ancestry are the descendants of the Biblical Israelites,” and racists who identify Anglo-Saxons as the most supreme human beings in the natural order. “The different cultures of the Aryan peoples are what make us unique,” according to coalition member ARS.

Focused on creating an “exclusive and autonomous Aryan Racial State,” the one partner in the coalition claims that non-white immigration “is the vehicle being used to compromise our values and destroy our very genes,” causing “a decline in Aryan Ethic, Morals & Values,” according to ARS.

And as Werwolf 88, a group whose “fundamental principle … is fanatical loyalty to the memory of Adolf Hitler,” wrote more succinctly: “The Aryan world has been occupied and is being destroyed by hordes of non-White savages from the jungles and deserts of the Third World.”

Racists in sheep’s clothing, unlike neo-Nazis and racist skinheads who openly wear Nazi iconography, may consider themselves the backbone of the American white nationalist community, ARS tells a different story.

As the most active and largest coalition member, ARS is quick to note on Facebook that, unlike its partners, it has “been identified within all circles of the White Nationalist movement, teachers, doctors and every other segment of the White race as the foremost leaders in race integrity, goodness, passion, and love of kind.”

Even though the lifespan of most modern Klan groups, neo-Nazis and racist skinhead crews are shortened by infighting, egos and general gossip and disinterest, it will be interesting to see if UAF will play well with others, or disband quickly.

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