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Website Etsy Blocks Sale of Aryan Nations Memorabilia

The popular web site Etsy, which specializes in selling handmade and antique items, has removed and blocked the sale of Aryan Nations memorabilia that had been posted for sale by long-time racist Morris L. Gulett.

“Etsy does not allow items that support or commemorate current or historical hate groups, including propaganda or collectibles,” an Etsy spokeswoman responded after Hatewatch reported Wednesday about Gulett’s sale of Aryan items.

The link to the items disappeared as the press spokeswoman issued the response statement.

The Etsy spokeswoman, without commenting specifically on the sale of an Aryan Nations belt buckle and coins commemorating the late Aryan Nations leader Richard G. Butler, said the Internet company’s policy doesn’t allow the sale of hate-related items.

“When sellers open a shop or list an item on Etsy, they agree to follow our site guidelines and terms, as well as local and national laws,” the spokeswoman said. “However, it is important to understand that Etsy is not a curated or juried marketplace, which means that anyone can list anything on the site at any time.”

The site now has more than 35 million items listed for sale.

“We remove items that violate our policies as soon as we become aware, but due to the nature of our platform, it is possible that a prohibited item may appear for sale on the site before our enforcement teams have a chance to remove it,” the spokeswoman said. 

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