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Once Again, Prominent Anti-Immigrant Hate Group Shares Article From Well-Known Anti-Semite

The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), the nation’s foremost anti-immigration organization that bills itself as being “low immigration, pro-immigrant,” has once again shared an article penned by a well-known, anti-Semite with readers.  

For the second time in less than a year, over the weekend CIS distributed on its listserv an article written by Kevin MacDonald, an anti-Semitic disgraced college professor and an editor for the Occidental Quarterly (TOQ), a white nationalist journal. The article, originally posted on the hate website VDARE, was titled, “Why Do Jewish Organizations want Anti-Israel Refugees?”

In the piece, MacDonald attempts to analyze what would cause “Jewish organizations to promote the refugee invasion of Europe.” MacDonald writes:

“[I]n privileging their own perceived interests, the Jewish organizations obviously are not taking into account the legitimate concerns of Americans about refugee resettlement’s impact on terrorism, social cohesion, unemployment, crime, and welfare costs—not to mention the ethnic genetic interests of whites. The entire issue is seen through the lens of Jewish memories. There is no attempt to make a case that admitting “refugees” will actually benefit America— the vast majority are uneducated and cannot be expected to contribute to a First World economy.”

This isn’t a first for MacDonald, who is known for his disparaging comments about Jews. In his book “The Culture of Critique,” MacDonald blamed Jews for the death of millions in the 20th century:

"In the 20th century many millions of people have been killed in the attempt to establish Marxist societies based on the ideal of complete economic and social leveling, and many more millions of people have been killed as a result of the failure of Jewish assimilation into European societies…. [T]he result has been a widening gulf between the cultural successes of Jews and Gentiles and a disaster for society as a whole."

MacDonald also has suggested that race predetermines success. “[T]here are real racial differences in traits important for success in a modern society,” he wrote in “Populism Rising: The Donald Trump Phenomenon as Implicit White Revolt,” published in TOQ last year.

This isn’t the first time CIS has shared articles written by anti-Semites.

Last summer, CIS sent a blog post written by holocaust denier John Friend. A contributing board member of The Barnes Review (TBR), founded by infamous anti-Semite and Holocaust denier Willis Carto, Friend has referred to the holocaust as a “holohoax” and a “manufactured narrative, chock full of a wide variety of ridiculous claims and impossible events, all to advance the Jewish agenda of world domination and subjugation.”

During his online radio show last August, Friend also referred to Jews as “evil” when he said:

“We have got to call out the Jews. We have got to understand what their agenda is. Understand their power and influence…and really understand how truly subversive and manipulative…and evil these people are. And I’m not taking about one or two Jews, I mean all these people cannot be trusted... these people have to be isolated. They have to be recognized as the hostile, alien enemy that they are."

CIS Executive Director Mark Krikorian posed in 2007 with Kyle Bristow, then a student leader at Michigan State University who ranted publicly about "Judeo-Bolshevism."

This most recent anti-Semitic article threatens to tarnish CIS’ credibility in the beltway. But federal and state lawmakers have, and continue to, invite CIS staffers to testify in congressional immigration hearings.

CIS Executive Director Mark Krikorian is scheduled to testify during the Florida Children, Families and Seniors Subcommittee this Thursday, January 26.

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