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`Make Men Great Again’ Speakers Bash Trans People While Pumping Up America’s Girly Men

Flagging Testosterone levels. Men who want to be women. Declining birth rates. Plus, an evil conspiracy hatched by cultural Marxists to feminize the American male and, in the words of Dr. Strangelove’s Gen. Jack D. Ripper, “sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids.”

Such were the concerns of the Alt-Right and Alt-Lite speakers at the recent “Make Men Great Again” soiree, held August 5 in a faux German beer hall at Old World Village, a mini Bavarian-style array of shops and restaurants in Huntington Beach, California.

The Stars of Make Men Great Again: From left, Deborah Pauly, Johnny Benitez, Irma Hinojosa, Joe Biggs, Kyle Chapman and Augustus Invictus. (photo by Stephen Lemons)

Originally titled a “Celebration of Western Culture,” the event almost didn’t transpire, with accusations flying on Facebook between Old World’s management and Orange County Alt-Right activist,  “Johnny Benitez,” whose real name, according to the OC Weekly, is Juan Cadavid. Benitez recently was disallowed to represent the Orange County Republican Party at the Orange County Fair after party leadership reviewed a video posted to Facebook by Benitez in which he discusses “Jewish problems,” such as the old canard that “the Bolshevik movement was pretty much a Jewish movement.”

Controversy preceded the gathering for months. In response to critical comments leveled at Old World for hosting the event, someone at the venue apparently issued a statement on its Facebook site, claiming that the business had no knowledge of the event.

In retaliation, Benitez threatened to protest an upcoming German heritage celebration at Old World. Then on May 31, Old World posted a Facebook message announcing that earlier comments were  “hereby retracted.”

The message concluded that Old World simply wished to comply with the law and provide “a safe, non-discriminatory and politically-neutral venue for the exercise of any speech protected by the First Amendment.”

Benitez declared the shin-dig back on, promising a ”Celebration of Masculinity,” with a new title modeled on President Trump’s signature catchphrase.

Pagan warrior Augustus Invictus: Gender-bending industrial rocker Marilyn Manson led him to the works of Friedrich Nietzsche. (photo by Stephen Lemons)

With such contentiousness online, one might expect that Make Men Great Again would be the target of protesters, but on the night in question, there were none to be seen. Still, there was buzz at the event among restaurant staff and others about anti-Nazi graffiti the restaurant had been tagged with, which quickly was painted over.

One of the speakers, goat-slayer and former Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate in Florida, Augustus Sol Invictus, opened his remarks by sarcastically thanking antifa for flaking, while chiding them for the graffiti.

“It was really cool of you guys to b---- out, again,” said Augustus of antifa. “But they did come last night and apparently vandalized this whole place with swastikas and `Eff-you Nazis’ … Your little prank is already whitewashed, and you didn’t show up.”

Old World did not respond to repeated calls by Hatewatch for comment, but Officer Angela Bennett of the Huntington Beach Police Department confirmed to Hatewatch that there had been vandalism on the property over the weekend, with the word “Nazi” spray-painted on a wall of the Old World German Restaurant, the mainstay of the little village. She said she was unaware of any other symbols or words used, but cautioned that she had not been present at the crime scene.

At one point during the August 5 proceedings, Benitez, who played master of ceremonies, mentioned that event organizers had to spend twice as much as on security “because of left-wing violence.” Indeed, security was tight, with numerous private guards on the grounds and inside the restaurant.

Attendees had to empty their pockets and purses and be wanded by security personnel before entering. The hand stamp for the party was of a small red hand, flashing the OK sign, an ironic meme among many on the Alt-Right.

The event’s Facebook page had asked women to attend in dresses and heels and men to wear slacks and a jacket, with ties optional. Most party-goers complied, save for a handful of refuseniks, including headliner Joe Biggs, the infamous former InfoWars “reporter,” who defied the dress code, and wore standard beach attire instead: T-shirt, cargo pants and flip-flops.

“I don’t like to wear suits, f--- that,” he told the audience as he began.

Best known for hyping the now-debunked Pizzagate conspiracy theory about a non-existent pedophile ring operating out of DC restaurants, Biggs talked about how veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan have been treated badly by the Veterans Administration, eventually bringing his remarks around to one of the evening’s favorite punching bags: transgender people.

“It’s sick and disgusting to see how our veterans are treated daily,” he said. “But they want to pay $100,000 for some guy to chop his d--- off and tuck it in.”

Biggs’ bigoted remark calls to mind a number of misogynist and anti-LGBT Tweets by the conspiracy-peddler, published in January by Media Matters for America.

These include the following hateful gems:

“[If] she has a deep voice she's probably a t-----.....[and] t------ eat kittens, and that's just not cool man. Punch a t----- save a p----.”

“If your a chick and dont give blow jobs.....your a God Damn terrorist. [sic] I kill terrorists. So suck a d--- and save a life.”

“Call me old fashion [sic], but something about clubbing a b---- over the back of the head before sex really sets the mood right.”

“Every kiss begins with .... Roofies”

Biggs, an ex-U.S. Army sergeant, told that the offensive Tweets were from “a dark time in my life,” and were, “a cry for help from a guy lost.”

During his remarks at Make Men Great Again, Biggs talked about the war in Iraq, and how, after he came home, he would sit around day and night “with a gun in my mouth,” until he realized that all the meds he’d been prescribed were making him crazy. So he threw them all away, and the suicidal thoughts went with them.

Biggs spoke variously about the “war going on” here in the U.S., “chemicals in our food” and people hell-bent on “turning men into women.”

He also hit upon one of the main themes of the evening: Low T-levels in American males. For which, Dr. Biggs had a prescription:

I was talking to a lady who was a doctor … she was talking about how Testosterone levels in men right now are about 250, but when she was younger, there was like 1600. That’s ridiculous. That’s completely and totally insane. And that’s why you see so many kids right now they’re just like uuuh-uuuh-uuh-uuh (mimicking a slouching teenager), `I need to go to Starbucks.’ No, you need to go to the f-----’ gym…you need to get in a fight, you need to go do something…

Touching on similar topics, Alt-Right warrior, ex-con and soon-to-be comic book character Kyle Chapman, aka, “Based Stickman,” argued that the Western male just needs a good workout and a diet free of plastics to get back in the game. Like Hans and Franz from the old SNL skit, Chapman was there to pump up the girly-men, a pumping up they desperately need, according to Chapman.

Dressed in suit and tie rather than his usual Stickman gear, Chapman informed the crowd that “sperm rates and motility” are “down all across Western Civilization,” and “our birthrates” are “extremely low.”

Young males are being gelded by unnamed powers, he claimed:

“They are trying to take away our children, our young boys, from us and turn them into eunuchs, c-----. Right? C----- boys. They’re trying to turn our boys into girls.”

The answer? Mold them into “warrior scholars,” by teaching them to fight.  “Don’t coddle your children,” Chapman advised, telling his audience that he spanks his son, albeit lightly, and that, “because he fears me, he respects me.”

Chapman said he will be doing his part for America’s youth by forming a non-profit called “Return of the Warrior,” in order to teach kids survival and fighting skills. And of course, his eponymous comic book will help inspire young men as well.

“We are creating a universe of right-wing superheroes and leftist villains like antifa [and] George Soros,” he said. “And we’re going to use this medium of comic books and graphic novels to teach our children and give them positive role models to look up to.”

Meanwhile, Chapman said the men in the audience need to get to work on themselves.

“Get away from the BPA, plastics, filter your water,” he told them. “Make sure you’re eating good, clean healthy food. And work out. One of the best ways to raise your Testosterone levels is to work out. Do heavy squats. Be men.”

Before leaving the stage, Chapman declared President Trump “the ultimate alpha male,” who is “bringing the alpha male back.”

Obviously, Chapman has never seen video of the president playing golf.

Despite the function’s being derided by critics online as a “circle jerk” and a “sausage fest,” a good portion of the nearly 200 persons in attendance were women. The lineup included two women  — pro-Trump YouTube personality Irma Hinojosa and former Villa Park, California councilwoman Deborah Pauly. Both echoed kvetching of their male colleagues, while emphasizing a left-wing plot to undermine American men.

Hinojosa explained how feminism and cultural Marxism had created a generation of wimps, leading to the “deterioration of the nuclear family” and leaving women longing for a time when alpha males protected the hearth and home from things that go bump in the night.

Promiscuity is bad, according to Hinojosa, so if you don’t yet have a long-term partner to breed with, you need to get one.

“We’re not having enough children,” Hinojosa warned. “And we will be replaced by foreigners with foreign culture and values that are completely barbaric, like Islam. “

Pauly, a member of the Orange County Republican Party’s Central Committee and one of two women on the John Birch Society’s National Council, doubled-down on the whole notion of a grand conspiracy to undermine the masculinity of American males.

She claimed schools have pressured mothers to give young boys Ritalin, so the boys would “act like little girls.” And male middle school students have been inculcated with a “victim mentality” by administrators, who punish boys for fighting, even if they are defending themselves.

“Those who wish to dominate and dismantle this country,” she darkly intoned, “if they can neutralize by neutering the Christian alpha male, their job will be very easy at finishing taking over this country.”

When she was of childbearing age, Pauly said, young couples were told — by whom she did not say — that they should have just two children, due to the overpopulation of the planet.

“Why were they only telling us to do that?” she asked. “Do you know what God tells us? Go forth and multiply … This is God’s word. This is God’s wisdom. And I just want to share that with you. Because we stopped going forward and multiplying, and they haven’t. And if you’ve read anything at all about the march of Radical Islam — seven, eight kids.”

“They’re multiplying!” shouted one man.

“They’re doing what we should be doing,” Pauly replied

“There you go!” the man enthused. “Get some!”

Off subject, Pauly also told a cockamamie tale of how she knew, from being in the military at one time and still having friends there, that during President Obama’s presidency, Obama asked his generals if they would fire on the American people if ordered to do so. Those who answered in the negative were “removed from their positions as generals,” according to Pauly.

The most florid and literary address of the evening by far came from Invictus, a tall Southerner, who speaks with a drawl that his detractors claim is purely theatrical. An adherent of Thelema, a religion developed by occult icon Aleister Crowley, Invictus reportedly was booted from the pagan Ordo Templi Orientis for slaughtering a live goat and imbibing its blood, part of a ritual sacrifice

Invictus preached the will to power in his speech, insisting that men only grow “through pain,” and that he feared his sons might one day deliberately embrace “weakness, softness and self-negation,” rather than fatherhood, religion and war. He railed against the current definition of manliness, which he equated with trangender heroine Caitlyn Jenner’s popularity.

“The concept of manhood has fallen so low, that a man literally cuts off his genitals and makes the cover of Sports Illustrated,” said Invictus. “And if you do not praise him for his courage, for his heroism, you are the one with the problem. You are transphobic, sexist, a monstrous agent of the fascistic patriarchy.”

Invictus opined that right-wingers are on the whole “stronger than those on the left," while lefties are sissies and degenerates.

“Those who are weak will embrace an ideology that caters to their weakness,” he said. “Those who are strong will seek to protect their families, their tribes, and their nation from aggressors. Those who are strong will create, those who are weak know only destruction, the slow gnawing of maggots on a wound.”

Invictus quoted at length from pagan author Stephen A. McNallen’s definition of the “Nine Noble Virtues,” which are followed by practitioners of the modern pagan religion Asatru. He also read a long passage from German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche’s masterpiece Thus Spoke Zarathustra.

All of which may sound heady for what often seemed like a 21st Century version of the Little Rascals’ He-Man Woman Haters Club, but the crowd listened intently to Invictus, awarding him with a standing ovation after he finished.

Following the speechifying, Benitez raffled off shwag such as Ann Coulter’s Adios America and a gray plastic shield with a black V on it, a la Based Stickman, while Chapman himself signed copies of cover mock-ups for his upcoming comic book.

Hatewatch spotted Invictus near the door, and queried him about his liberal use of Nietzsche. Invictus said that he always tried to quote Nietzsche in his speeches, as it might inspire others to read the philosopher, just as an outré industrial shock-rocker once inspired him.

“I was 13 and Marylin Manson was on MTV,” he related. “And they asked him, like, you know, if you were stuck on a deserted island with two people who would it be? Nietzsche was one of them. I’d never heard of him before.”

Interesting that Invictus was inspired to read Nietzsche by a rock star known for his androgynous, gender-bending performances.

Transgender folk weren’t the only ones dissed during the event. Islam was bashed from time to time, and there were periodic cries from the audience about deporting refugees and immigrants.

After the main players had left the stage, a Latino man in a black cowboy hat jumped up, grabbing the mic to announce his hatred for “illegals” and sing his versions of ‘N Sync’s “Bye Bye Bye” and Carlos Santana’s “Maria, Maria,” but with his own improvised and inane anti-immigrant lyrics.

“If you’re illegal, get on the dance floor, you’re about to get deported,” he said at one point.

The man later identified himself to Hatewatch as Robert Herrera, who has achieved minor YouTube fame under the handle “Legal Latino Heat,” where he opposes illegal immigration, much to consternation of his fellow Latinos.

Herrera, who said he was a New Yorker who came to America legally from Ecuador when he was five, recently was the subject of a Univision LA segment where he discussed his support for Donald Trump and the death threats he has received online from people upset with his views.

He told Hatewatch that he had been banned for 30 days from Facebook for some of the things he has posted online.

“I do say some things like gas illegals, deport illegals,” he admitted, as the Make Men Great Again crowd spilled out into the night. “And I get banned for stuff like that. But, you know, as a Latino, it’s racist, I guess. I don’t know.”

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