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White nationalist Richard Spencer reportedly banned again from 26 European countries

It appears that white nationalist Richard Spencer has received another ban from the Schengen Area which encompasses 26 European countries including France, Germany, Poland and Hungary.

Polish news site Niezalenzna, citing Polish Press Agency sources in the Polish Foreign Ministry, reported Monday that the Polish Office for Foreigners issued a five year Schengen Area ban for the so-called “alt-right” figurehead. According to Niezalenzna, “the ban was requested by the Internal Security Agency and by the Foreign Ministry." 

The ban follows Spencer’s failed attempt to visit Poland for the annual Independence Day march in Warsaw earlier this month. Spencer was also planning to attend an international right-wing conference organized by Polish far-right groups, which took place before the march. Spencer cancelled his planned visit after the Polish government made it clear that he would not be welcome in the country, a result of protests by the NEVER AGAIN Association and other groups.

White nationalist and anti-Muslim sentiment was on full display at the march, which was initially endorsed by some in the Polish government. Polish President Andrzej Duda was forced to condemn the racism and xenophobia at the gathering following an international outcry.

Spencer was previously banned from the Schengen Area for three years following his ill-fated attempt to host a white nationalist conference in Hungary in 2014. The 2014 European Congress was organized by Spencer’s National Policy Institute (NPI), but following a public statement of condemnation from the Hungarian government, the venue cancelled NPI’s reservation. Spencer was subsequently arrested and deported after spending three days in prison. His ban had just expired before his planned visit to Warsaw for the November 11 march and conference.

It’s unclear whether Spencer is aware of the reported ban. He has sought to make inroads with European counterparts for years, most recently with an AltRight Corporation venture which links, Arktos Media and Red Ice Radio, but this latest ban would severely limit his ability to travel in Europe.

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