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Pennsylvania sovereign citizens 'indict' Hillary Clinton, others, seeking arrest and possible execution

A group of “sovereign citizens” in Pennsylvania have handed down an “indictment” and are seeking the possible execution of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, movie producer Harvey Weinstein and others.

The documents detailing the fictitious charges come from the “Sovereign Common Law Court: THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE SUPREME COURTS OF PENNSYLVANIA.”

The outfit is run by a group of men long tied to the sovereign movement, but none of whom have any legal authority.

Among those involved in the “court” proceedings is Thomas Deegan of Mineral Wells, West Virginia, who spent time in jail for a failed attempt to overthrow that state’s government in 2015.

Self-proclaimed judge Steven Duane Curry is also tied up in the Pennsylvania common law court. It’s not his first rodeo, as Curry, who once faced investigation for selling fake metorites online, has presided over other sham proceedings.

The Pennsylvania documents, which have been ricocheting around some of the darker corners of the internet, accuse Clinton, her long-time aide, Huma Abedin, former campaign chief John Podesta and Canadian businessman Frank Giustra of conspiring to allow Giustra to enrich himself through secret mining deals.

The documents also reference a cover-up of child sex trafficking by the group, as well as Weinstein, who was recently pushed out as head of The Weinstein Company amid horrifying sexual abuse allegations, and actor Kevin Spacey, who was fired from the show “House of Cards” after sexual harassment and abuse allegations arose.

“As such, those who conspired to carry out offenses may be eligible for execution. We order they be taken in custody,” according to a document marked “Court Decision.”

The documents are listed as an “indictment,” a commonly used legal term to mean charges were filed. But, there are references to a verdict and the documents also contain future trial dates.

Strange as it sounds, this is what common law courts do — hand down phony indictments of government officials and public figures they don’t like, then seek to have fake marshals make arrests as they prepare for a kangaroo court-style trial.

The documents read like classic sovereign citizen maneuvers — lots of legal sounding language, some actual legal terms badly misused or misunderstood and long, winding and sometimes incomprehensible conspiracy theories.

In a similar move, an Alaska common law court judge, Anna Rietzinger, issued an arrest order in 2015 for then-President Barack Obama, the members of Congress and the Secretary of the Treasury.

The fact checking site saw fit to debunk the claim that an “Alaska State Judge” issued the demand for the arrests, though the letter got little attention outside of sovereign circles.

While the Pennsylvania documents don’t carry any actual legal weight, they often catch the attention of authorized law enforcement with real life consequences.

In the case of these sovereign citizens, publicly pushing the idea of executing a former first lady could trigger a visit from the U.S. Secret Service.

It’s likely that such a visit would only trigger more bogus legal documents and even wilder conspiracy theories.

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