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On the far right, neo-Nazis, racists hail Brett Kavanaugh's elevation to Supreme Court as open season on women, minority rights in America

To neo-Nazi-in-hiding Andrew Anglin, the elevation of Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court is a milestone, one that he hopes will result in an end to women’s rights across the country.

Anglin, who has been known to post crude hyperbole to draw a reaction, posted a list of reasons rape would become legal soon and how it would work.

“In many cases, this will be as simple as driving up next to a woman jogging, wrapping her with duct tape, tossing her in the trunk and taking her to your home’s rape room,” Anglin wrote.

The reaction on the far right to Kavanaugh’s contentious confirmation — which was marked by allegations of sexual assault, Kavanaugh’s behavior during the hearing and his attitude toward women and drinking when he was younger — was harsh, ugly, misogynistic and antisemitic.

The confirmation, finalized Saturday in a 50-48 vote in the U.S. Senate, also tilts the U.S. Supreme Court in a more conservative direction. Kavanaugh, a onetime political operative and attorney in the George W. Bush administration, replaces retired Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, who was often a swing vote in favor of LGBTQ rights and women’s reproductive rights.

In its banner, the neo-Nazi website the Daily Stormer featured a photo of bound and gagged women, including one being tossed over the shoulder of a man, with an exploding Planned Parenthood clinic in the background.

The banner also features a photo of Elliot Rodger, who murdered six people and injured 14 in Isla Vista, California, an act he said was retribution for sexual rejection by women.

Rodger has become an icon among the incel (involuntarily celibate) community, male supremacists and the far right.

“The logical conclusion to this is that they secretly desire to be raped. Not only is being raped sexually fulfilling for many womyn, but in our existing societal order, womyn who are raped are showered with additional attention,” Daily Stormer contributor Lee Rogers wrote. “So in essence, these womyn want to fulfill their rape fantasies while simultaneously having access to extra attention that this ‘victim’ status provides them.”

Anglin, in a post studded with pictures of women with duct-taped mouths and bound hands and feet, laid out five things people need to know for “The Upcoming Legalization of Rape in America.”

Anglin’s theatrics aside, he’s riffing on very real concerns about the future of women’s and LGBTQ rights. For some on the racist “alt-right,” Kavanaugh’s ascension is seen as part of a larger culture — and race — war in America, with the alt-right and white people on one side against minorities, women and Jewish people. And with Kavanaugh in office, the alt-right thinks it’s winning.

While he writes these over-the-top satires to draw a reaction, Anglin frequently follows up these posts with calls for the violent extermination of entire groups of people. Anglin’s writings on Kavanaugh reflect the attitude on the far right toward Kavanaugh and women.

The Daily Stormer has also aggressively pushed an anti-Jewish story line about the Kavanaugh accusations, alleging they appeared as part of a plot orchestrated by Jewish senators and Hungarian American philanthropist George Soros. (The Soros conspiracy has even been echoed in the mainstream by GOP lawmakers and pundits on Fox News).

Career racist and antisemite David Duke also picked up the anti-Jewish storyline, tweeting Sunday:

Justice Kavanaugh. Thank God you are now on the Supreme Court. Because of the vicious, hateful media Cabal and the political ziogarchy, no matter how nobly and brilliantly you serve on the Court, their stain on U and family will never be erased. Never forget who did this to you!”

The self-described intellectual force behind the alt-right, Richard Spe­­ncer, views Kavanaugh’s confirmation as the latest shot in an ongoing battle in America.

“Underlying it all is simply an attack on Kavanaugh as a White male," Spencer tweeted Saturday. "The ‘culture war’ isn’t about ‘hot button’ issues like abortion or the death penalty. It is a ‘race war,’ which is mostly non-violent but extremely impactful.”

On the podcast “Fash the Nation,” co-host “Jazzhands McFeels” claimed that non-white men want to remove white men from power because of their race and gender. The fight against Kavanaugh’s nomination was just the latest representation of that, McFeels said.

“We’ve been saying for the past couple of weeks that the fight against Brett Kavanaugh has been a proxy war on white men,” McFeels said. “White heterosexual men in America and now it is pivoting into a war on white women.”

Not all were thrilled with Kavanaugh after one day on the court.

On his first day, Kavanaugh hired an all-female crew of law clerks, a slightly surprising development given his recent history with women and sexual-assault allegations.

“Brett Kavanaugh just hired the Supreme Court's first all-women law clerk team What a f------ f-----. Already c----- on day one,” GAB user stripe_tobor wrote Monday.

On the most extreme end of the spectrum sits Gadsden at “The Green Pilled Perspective” on Radio Wehrwolf. The main issue, Gadsden said in a podcast, is Kavanaugh’s tenure in the Bush administration.

“He’s a piece of shit because he was a Bush lawyer. He also wrote the Patriot Act and he pretty much supports anything the Republican Party supports,” Gadsden said. “That’s enough in itself to say that he’s a piece of crap. That he supports the neocon GOP. Well, both parties are neocon. It’s Coke versus Pepsi. Either way you’re getting poisoned.”

GAB user Lawrence Blair saw the law clerks as the first hint that Kavanaugh will not work out as a justice.

“This is not a good sign,” Blair posted Monday on the alt-right social media site. “The first day into the office, he caves. As I feared from the beginning this man was raised in the Bush’s barn and will behave in like manner as the Bush’s.”

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