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Alex Jones’ Bitcoin Fairy Drops $8 Million in a Month on Infowars

Alex Jones’ anonymous Bitcoin donor dropped nearly $6 million more worth of that cryptocurrency on the embattled extremist and has now given him close to $8 million in 26 days, Hatewatch has determined.

Jones’ Bitcoin windfall roughly coincides with a string of losses in the Sandy Hook defamation case. A judge ruled on May 24 that the suit should be removed from bankruptcy protection and move to a trial in August to determine how much in damages Jones should be made to pay. Jones’ anonymous benefactor gave him roughly 206 Bitcoin worth $5 million on May 19, days in advance of that hearing and following a push for donations on Infowars. Hatewatch previously reported on the same donor delivering to Jones Bitcoin worth $1 million apiece across two separate transactions in April.

On the May 18 episode of Infowars, just one day before the benefactor gave the most recent donation, Jones pleaded to his audience for more funding.

"To prosecute a war, we need prayer, word of mouth, and money. Money is a symbol that the enemy has used against us, and is bringing us down with. You must use that money to attack," Jones said.

He continued his pitch for donations for several minutes, leaning on metaphors about battle and war.

"Many of you out there have sacrificed and supported this broadcast beyond your means, and I ask you to stand down. But I ask those who are of means... If you don't go to forward slash crypto and donate...then you have abdicated and signed over your rights,” Jones said . “Because God gave you champions that will fight. God gave you people that will not back down, who will never give in, who do not have it in their DNA to submit to Satan. But if we do not have your backing, we cannot take this on, and we will be subjugated, and you will be destroyed."

One day later, the same Bitcoin megadonor who had previously given Jones $2 million worth of the cryptocurrency in April, multiplied the donation significantly.

The subject of the Sandy Hook returned to the news this week following the Uvalde, Texas massacre on May 24, when an 18-year-old murdered 19 children and two adults at Robb Elementary School. Jones called the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre, wherein a man murdered 20 children and six adults at a Connecticut elementary school “a hoax” in its aftermath, leading to the suit. Infowars viewers harassed the parents of murdered children after the attack.

Jones adopted a more guarded approach to the murders of children in Uvalde, while also calling the situation “very opportunistic.”

"I don't want to say this was staged," Jones told his Infowars viewers on May 24, following the Uvalde attack. "But we have specifically said, with two years of our leading mass shootings, that with all the pre-programming, that mass shootings are coming, terrorists are going to attack and we have got to take the guns. Then I'm like, well I would predict a lot of mass shootings right before elections and like clockwork, it is happening. To me, it is just very opportunistic what is happening."

Photo at top: InfoWars website coordinator Alex Jones gives a speech to Trump supporters before the Congress count the Electoral College votes in Washington D.C., United States on January 05, 2021. (Credit: Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

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