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Author, Journalist & Educator Joins Team Amid Season Tackling Voting Rights, LGBTQ+ Discrimination and Militia Activity at the U.S. Border 

MONTGOMERY, Ala. – The Southern Poverty Law Center’s (SPLC) new season of its Sounds Like Hate podcast series features a new host: author, journalist and educator Yvonne Latty. Next week, the latest episode, which tackles the systemic discrimination of LGBTQ+ foster care parents and foster children in Philadelphia and around the country, will drop. The podcast can be found at:
“We are thrilled to have Yvonne join the team. Her past work and empathetic curiosity really make her a perfect host as we attempt to expose the everyday impact of hate and extremism and learn about the people whose lives are affected,” said Susan Corke, Director of the SPLC’s Intelligence Project. “It’s our hope that this series will encourage the American public to take a clearer look at how hate hurts real people and divides communities   and take action against it. 
A new piece published today on Hatewatch, Lifting Up “The Voices of the Good Guys:” A Q&A with Sounds Like Hate’s Newest Host, by Research Analyst Freddy Cruz offers an inside look at Latty’s approach to the season and the stories she shares of those harmed by hate and extremism. 
She joins award-winning independent journalist and co-host Jamila Paksima, as they examine the rights and lives of individuals who encounter hate in just trying to be accepted for their true selves, and despite decades of civil rights battles and triumphs are forced to continue struggling for the equal rights and protections promised to all Americans.
“There’s a lot of people who are thick in the fight who are not being seen,” said Latty. “Amplify the voices of the people that are trying to do good. Support them, and then think, in your own way, what you can do to stop hate. It doesn’t have to be something dramatic, it can be something small and simple that can have ripple effects.” 
The first episode, which dropped last week, illustrates how the new anti-voter laws, like Georgia’s S.B. 202, create barriers to voting not only for voters of color, new voters, and young voters but for a less widely known impacted group: Americans with disabilities.
Later this season Sounds Like Hate will look at the growing number of migrant deaths on the Arizona/Mexico Southern border with the surge of people attempting to immigrate to the United States. In the second episode on the deaths of migrants, the hosts will expose the concerning vigilante activity of some Militia groups in the region that includes intervening in the detention of migrants and their forced transport to U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents, who are often complicit or looking the other way. 
Sounds Like Hate is produced by Until 20, LLC, for The Southern Poverty Law Center. 
The podcast can be found at: