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White Student Unions: White Nationalist Minor League?

By Hatewatch Staff on August 2, 2013 - 4:31 pm, Posted in White Nationalism
Patrick Sharp started Patrick Sharp started “White Student Union” at Georgia State University

Editor’s note: Further information about Sharp’s activities in the white nationalist movement has come to light. Sharp is a member of the white supremacist website Stormfront, where his user profile lists him as a sustaining member who joined in December 2011. The website Liberty Lamp has the screenshots, though it appears Sharp has changed his nickname on both Stormfront and YouTube since Liberty Lamp posted the shots yesterday. As a result, his original username, “psharp94” no longer appears on Stormfront. He is now “sportline” (formerly “frozenpie77”) on Stormfront and “barron levi” (formerly “frozenpie77”) on YouTube.

Matthew Heimbach created quite a stir at Towson University in Baltimore when he created his “White Student Union” last year and proceeded to launch night patrols to keep students safe from black-on-white crime.

Now, such organizations are sprouting on more campuses.  This week, we got news that a White Student Union (WSU) had been formed at George State University in downtown Atlanta. Its mission is to “unite white students to advocate for their interests and the interests of white people, while celebrating heritage, culture, promoting a sense of ‘white identity,’ and working in unison with other campus organizations to tackle issues that affect us all.”

Until yesterday, the WSU’s website linked to the Traditionalist Youth Network (TYN), which it referred to as a “sister organization.” The white nationalist TYN, which was started earlier this year with Heimbach’s help, appears to be serving as an informal umbrella for white student unions.

The Georgia State student newspaper, The Signal, noted yesterday that when the WSU’s founder, Patrick Sharp, an 18-year-old student from Birmingham, Ala., was confronted with some of the images on the TYN site, he denied that his group is racist and said that he invited black students to participate. Soon thereafter, the link and reference to TYN as a sister organization had been erased from the group’s website. The TYN, meanwhile, still lists the Georgia State WSU as a chapter.

Given the TYN’s links to white nationalism and the very public history of the White Student Union at Towson, it seems disingenuous for Sharp to claim that black students are welcome in his White Student Union.

Sharp may not be open about his white nationalism, but he has left Internet footprints that certainly point in that direction. Earlier this year, for example, he posted at the white nationalist American Renaissance site. The post highlighted a book about 1960s civil rights activities in Birmingham, Ala., by “Paul Kersey,” who blogs at Stuff Black People Don’t Like and at the white nationalist site VDARE. “Seeing as how this is my city,” Sharp wrote, “I’ll have to check this out.”

The Atlanta-based blog Biscuette did its own digging into Sharp and his WSU. In a  post yesterday, “le biscuette” noted that on Sharp’s Facebook page his “likes” included the TYN, a “White History Month” page (a sponsor of an upcoming motorcycle ride against a mythical “white genocide”) and Verum Justica, an anti-Islamic group that models itself after ancient Christian crusaders. He also responded to a post by TYN regarding the formation of the WSU. The profile was unavailable yesterday but was back up today. Nevertheless, it appears Sharp has made most of it private, as the more inflammatory “likes” that Biscuette pointed out are no longer visible, nor are most of his posts.

Heimbach is not so coy about his white nationalism. He recently posted a piece on the TYN site titled “I Hate Freedom,” which said: “Non-whites do not have the rights or freedom to move into white nations. This is our home and our kith and kin.”  Further, “Those who promote miscegenation, usury, or any other forms of racial suicide should be sent to re-education centers, not tolerated.”

On its website, the Towson WSU links unabashedly to white nationalist websites and to groups like the Council of Conservative Citizens, the descendant of the White Citizens Councils formed in the Deep South to oppose desegregation in the 1950s and 1960s.  The neo-Confederate League of the South is also listed on the Towson WSU site; the League calls for a second Southern secession and a society dominated by whites. American Renaissance is another link; the group’s founder, Jared Taylor, has claimed that, “When blacks are left entirely to their own devices, Western civilization – any kind of civilization – disappears.”

In May, Heimbach announced that the Towson WSU would merge with the TYN.

Heimbach’s co-administrator at the Traditionalist Youth Network is Matt Parrott, former head of an Indiana chapter of the crudely racist CCC and founder of Lighthouse Literature, a white nationalist online bookstore that closed in July 2012 after about 18 months in business.

Heimbach’s WSU – a direct descendant of his Towson chapter of Youth for Western Civilization, which collapsed in the spring of 2012 – garnered lots of media attention when it launched “campus patrols” ostensibly to protect students from crime. A February post at the Towson WSU site claimed that the patrols were meant to protect students from “black crime.” The post claimed that, “For those who are not Towson students it seems hard to fathom that every single day black predators prey upon the majority white Towson University student body.”

Heimbach is, in fact, extremely active in white nationalist groups. He is the president of what the CCC calls its Baltimore “subchapter.” He’s also a member of the League of the South and a frequent attendee at white nationalist conferences and gatherings like the recent American Renaissance meeting outside Nashville, Tenn., where he asked speakers how to move forward in creating a white homeland.

The Towson WSU’s notoriety has managed to spawn at least one other imitator. This past spring, Richard Railey, a 57-year-old community college student in Texas, started a white student union (not listed at TYN). He is also attempting to establish a “white history month” on campus to combat what he claims is “discrimination against Caucasians,” and he’s trying to get official college recognition of his group. Railey, who is pursuing a degree in applied science, was in the past elected a Tarrant County, Texas, precinct chair and has served as an election judge. In 2012, he complained to the Fort Worth Weekly that the presence of a copy of Ebony magazine at a polling place was “extremely inappropriate and probably a federal election law violation” because it was “an attempt to intimidate, bully, and threaten white voters.”

Railey, who calls himself “Mstr Rick,” keeps a blog, which links to American Renaissance and to the American Freedom Party (formerly American Third Position), a white nationalist political party. He claims that he has become “enamored” of the “White Ethno-Centrist Movement.” “White people are my people,” he writes, and “challenging the deeply entrenched anti-white bias of multiculturalists [sic] orthodoxies is a moral imperative for whites.”


  • Todd

    The fact remains that as long as Blacks are allowed and encouraged to create and join entities, and associations which are, by definition, racially biased (Black Student Union, Black Caucus, Black Entertainment Television, etc,) they have no room to complain. Of course, it won’t stop them from doing so, but since when has common sense or logic been a part of any Black Leadership agenda.

  • CommonSenseRules

    There always have been white student unions. They have been known variously as fraternities, professional associations, brotherhoods of masons, and the like. Why do you think there is an ABA and a NBA (no sports pun intended)? An AMA and an NMA? Omega Psis and Alpha Kappas did not come into being simply for “uplift” and “service to the community”. Really, people? Let’s try to grow up, and act like we know.

  • Scott S

    Another misguided “Kid” I hope he wakes up and see’s the wrong he is doing just as Derek Black has done!

  • aadila

    Dave, the NAACP was founded by whites.

  • Erika

    dave, just walk away from the computer and go back to watching the matches of the European Heritage Wrestling Federation now. Scripted pantomine fighting is likely to be much more your speed :P

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    “why is this relevant to a hate watch group. the Naacp has been operating this way for years. why is there not a watch on them?”

    No they haven’t. Moreover you don’t see forum posts by their leadership talking about how they hate white people.

  • Reynardine

    Thanx for the link, Ruslan. I added it to my button collection.

  • Aron

    Dave, if you can’t see the difference between the NAACP and these clowns, maybe you should spend more time at the circus.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Just for the sake of those who are claiming this isn’t about hate or that it’s just about pride in culture(odd since “white” culture doesn’t exist). One People’s Project managed to track down this guy’s Stormfront account. Take a look at what he posted.;lang=en

  • Dave

    why is this relevant to a hate watch group. the Naacp has been operating this way for years. why is there not a watch on them?

  • Erika

    John, most of European history consists of people European people fighting against each other often divided on enthic grounds or based upon country. So to really celbrate “white European Culture” they should consider staging pro wrestling matches – for example you could have The Southern Avenger representing the Scot-Irish Confederates accompanied by The Lovely Southern Belle against The Yankee Wasp accompanied by The Beautiful Heiress. Oopsie, my mistake, that would be celebrating white American Culture. And with this crowd, you know which wrestler the crowd is going to be cheering for.

    But come on, there are all sorts of colorful characters you can create from European history to come up with all sorts of great wrestling matches – and not only would it likely be much more entertaining than the WWE it would be a much more honest celebration of the white European heritage of fighting and trying to repress – against the other.

    Come on, if these guys want to celebrate white european culture let them form the European Heritage Wrestling Club and before you know it the white nationalists will all be drooling at the special bikini match between “here she comes to the ring now straight searching for her ideal Aryan Superman to have lots of Nazi Warriors Babies with – from Berlin please welcome:The Nazi Dream Girl* and her opponent from Warsaw please welcome The Polish Princess**” ;)

    * who comes goosestepping to the ring dressed to kill in a tight black SS jacket and tight black pants – and you know that she will be wearing some rather fabulous black dominatrix boots (outfit courtesy of the Third Reich Department from The Women in Control Superstore) and then strips off the jacket and pants to reveal a black bikini emblazened with small silver swastikas and SS logos and a big SS deathshead logo as the white nationalists in the audience seig heil and salute her.

    ** who despite her lovely red and white bikini and her obvious charms which could bring radiant joy to any man gets showered with boos by the white nationalist crowd – in fact, the only time she gets cheers is the point in the match where she “accidentially” pulls the top off of The Nazi Dream Girl who “miraclously” recovers from that humilation to pen The Polish Princess and then humilates her by pulling off her top as the white nationalist crowd seig heils and salutes. Oh sorry for giving away the ending (as if there would be much suspence as to how a bunch of insecure Nazi loving men who spend much of their time complaining that white women aren’t interested in them would end a match between The Nazi Dream Girl and The Polish Princess)

  • concernedcitizen

    Kiwiwriter, I am thoroughly impressed with your August 14th. comment.

    And the last line in particular is Brilliant!

  • concernedcitizen

    Eduardo said, “We must be kind to white supremacists to show them our love.”

    I would dare say that most of us are not Christ. And I doubt that civil rights leaders as well as our spiritual leaders, at least those worth their salt, meant for anyone of our American citizens to be completely naive to the point of not protecting themselves.

    Eduardo, if you were the one being beaten on a street corner in order for someone to earn their red shoe laces you may reconsider your position.

    I believe that every case that locks up perpetrators of hate crimes is a clear display of love, a kind of love that helps to save the criminals from themselves and it shows a great deal of love in saving innocent lives from further senseless crime and harm. It sends a clear message that those who prosecute such crimes love America and her citizens and wish to keep Americans from all walks of life safe while dwelling here in our country.

    When they are locked up and off our streets then I believe you (Eduardo) will be that much safer while you pray for their souls.

  • Kiwiwriter

    “Kiwiwriter, when people refer to “white” culture, they’re referring to said European cultures a s a collective whole whether they realize it or not…surely you knew this….”

    And John, my response to you would be that the various European cultures are in absolutely no danger whatsoever of being destroyed or damaged…every year, there is still massive attendance at St. Patrick’s Day Parades, Festivals of San Gennaro, Steuben Day Parades, Koskiuscko Day Parades, Oktoberfests, even Bastille Day and ANZAC Day events. The Queen’s Birthday draws an annual parade in New Orleans (which I once marched in).

    The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Cloisters, the Field Museum, and the Museum of Modern Art still draw massive attendance as well, on a daily basis.

    European classical music from Bach to Schoenberg is still performed regularly at concert halls and on radio stations across the country.

    European literature is still read across the nation by people for entertainment and education. Heck, my daughter is reading Shelley, Somerset Maugham, and Franz Kafka for her English classes this summer. Kids are still force-fed “Jane Eyre” and Jane Austen in our schools.

    I don’t see any sign of Shakespeare disappearing from our nation’s stages…there’s still Shakespeare in the Park in New York. His plays are still being regularly turned into movies, sometimes in modern settings (Richard III, Romeo and Juliet, Coriolanus), and sometimes not (Henry V, Hamlet).

    All the great leaders of European culture seem to be rolling right along, without any impediment, including Wagner, Shylock, and Othello. All as popular and profitable as ever.

    So I don’t see the problem here. What I do see are collections of poorly-educated people with equally poor educations, covered in tattoos, sporting convictions for drugs and violence, blindly obeying the orders and rhetoric of their con men and cynical leaders, who are defining “white culture” for them, as being yelling “Sieg Heil” and brandishing Nazi banners in front of a courthouse behind hundreds of cops in riot gear., or getting roaring drunk at a “white power” rally in Idaho, and proceeding to beat each other senseless in a dispute over dialectic or possession of a “skinbyrd.”

    The con men and cynics running these white nationalist organizations and spouting this rhetoric know, at many levels, that they are lying to their followers, but they also know they have a good scam going, which is filling their pockets with money and addressing their need for attention and adulation. Nothing “cultural” about that. Sorry, a poorly-drawn cartoon depicting a black man as an ape raping white girls isn’t “culture.”

    We also see these same tattooed thugs defining white culture as dragging James Byrd to his death down a road in Texas. Or beating up homeless people, blacks, Muslims, or gays. Or scrawling swastikas on synagogues and statues of Jackie Robinson. I’d like to see how that defines “white culture.” Maybe it does, in their sick minds. If that’s “white culture,” we can do with out it, thank you.

    My advice to these white nationalists, who are so bloody concerned about “white culture,” is to go back to school, and actually study it. They might be very surprised by what they find in the works of Dickens, Mark Twain, George Orwell, and Shakespeare, to name a few.

    There’s a good reason why literature students study Sinclair Lewis while psychology students study “The Turner Diaries.”

  • Reynardine

    There *is* no collective European culture as a whole. Only a total ignoramus could imagine there is.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Yes, John, but European culture doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Not only to European cultures differ radically, they almost all bear some kind of influence from outside of Europe. Moreover, all of those cultures are very different from American culture.

    Like it or not, you probably have more common ground culturally with a black person or Latino than with the people in the European countries from whence your ancestors came. Might as well get used to it.

  • John

    Kiwiwriter, when people refer to “white” culture, they’re referring to said European cultures a s a collective whole whether they realize it or not…surely you knew this….

  • Sam Molloy

    Obviously racism will try to rear it’s ugly head no matter what we talk about. But making race as unimportant as eye color then racism will be more likely viewed as the illogical tangent to life that it is.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    But ADM, if we stop talking about social problems, they go away! For example, let’s just stop talking about poverty and starvation. Hell, let’s stop talking about cancer!

  • Sam Molloy

    Julia, that is more or less my point that we need to make race a non issue. With the discovery of DNA genotyping, race has barely any scientific basis any more. It’s amusing to me that such a concept is so hard to grasp by people who have been basing such a large part of their self image on that one per cent of their actual construction.

  • Kiwiwriter

    Seeing “Eduardo Garcia” back tells us that “Eugene/Edwin/Edward/Annie/Jason Smith” has rejoined us in a new incarnation.

    He still owes explanations and apologies for his previous anti-social behavior, but I’ll answer him and “mscorgi” with the same response I give such idiotic folk:

    “White culture.”

    What is it? Can you define it? Can you show it to me? Some examples? I’ve heard of English culture, German culture, French, culture, Spanish culture, Danish culture, Dutch culture, Norwegian culture, and even Swiss culture.

    What is “white culture?” Is it a form of cooking? White bread and mayonaisse, perhaps? Is it a form of art? Music? Writing? Show me a “white” artist, composer, or writer.

    “White culture,” as defined by its practitioners, seems to be heavily tattooed guys with lengthy criminal records, dysfunctional families, shaved heads, low education, and thick necks gathering together on farms in the Pacific Northwest or occasional demonstrations, wearing bits and pieces of Nazi uniforms, shouting “Sieg Heil” for the TV cameras, drinking American domestic beer while giving obscene gestures to the private cameras, or stomping each other into insensibility in a “mosh pit,” a drunken rage, or a spat over who actually owned the CD.

    Can you show me a history of “White culture?” University-accredited classes on the subject? A pantheon of leading lights of “white culture?”

    Where can we find this “White Culture?” On the Stormfront website, with people hurling vitriolic insults and paranoia at each other? At a Nazi rally, where the leader demands death to all white people who don’t share his neck size? At the right tables in a federal prison cafeteria, where the all-white meth dealers gather to control the drug and prostitution trade in the cell blocks?

    Please define “white culture” for us. Fill this web page with examples of “white culture.”

    I’ll wait.

  • A.D.M.

    Julia said, “Racism will never go away if we keep talking about it.” That is one of the dumbest statements I’ve read in my life. Are you serious? Wow.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    “What’s wrong with a white student union?”

    Why do you need a white student union? You seem to assume that black student unions exist just because some black students wanted one.

    “Or a white congressional caucus?”

    They have that. It’s called “most of congress.”

    “or saying, “It’s white thing. You wouldn’t understand?”

    Their are many things about life as a non-white person that white people don’t understand. This is because white people aren’t required to know or understand anything about non-whites in America. That’s an example of white privilege.

    “why is it that blacks can have and say such things while whites cannot?”

    Again, why do they want it and why do they need it?

  • majii

    Never mind, Eduardo, you’ll never fully comprehend what we’re saying about Sharp and his group. We don’t have an objection to him organizing a White Students’ Union, per se, but we strongly question his goal in doing so. After examining Sharp’s ties to white supremacist groups, it is right to be suspect about his reasons for organizing a WSU at GA State University. As has been pointed out below, if a black student organization had ties to terrorist groups, would this be acceptable to most Americans? I strongly doubt it.

  • Sam Molloy

    “un”, of course. Typo.

  • Sam Molloy

    Eduardo, I have said on here many times that the Government, probably all governments, spend half the time telling us how race is unimportant and the other half asking what race we are. Some forms even call Hispanics a “race”. Si hablo on poquito Español, yo creo soy uno de este grupo, sobre el papel. I do not see how anyone can make a group based on race illegal when governments themselves perpetuate the concept of race.

  • Wentra

    Jennifer, You are correct.

  • julia

    No student unions should be allowed if they are identified by race, a concept that isn’t even real to begin with… Racism will never go away if we keep talking about it or identify with hues of our skin. Its time to transcend race and all other superficial traits thay only account for less than 1% of a person.