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Attacks May be Racially Motivated, Tied to Anger Over Trayvon Martin

Posted in Anti-White by Hatewatch Staff on April 24, 2012 - 1:28 pm

Police in Mobile, Ala., are investigating the beating of a white man who is in critical condition after being attacked by a group of African Americans.

The victim, Matthew Owens, had earlier argued with kids who were playing basketball in the street last Saturday night, police said. The youngsters left, but a group of adults returned and beat Owens with brass knuckles, paint cans, pipes and chairs.

Owens’ sister, who witnessed the attack, said that about 20 people attacked Owens  on the front porch of his house. She said that as they left, one said, “Now that’s justice for Trayvon.” ( continue to full post… )

News Roundup for August 19, 2011

Posted in Anti-Black, Anti-LGBT, Anti-White, Militias, White Supremacist by Hatewatch Staff on August 19, 2011 - 11:50 am

One of the teens charged with the brutal beating and murder of an African-American man in Jackson, Miss., is now charged with capital murder. Deryl Dedmon, 19, is accused of a randomly selecting a black man, beating him with a group of teens, and running him over in an apparent hate crime. If convicted, he could face the death penalty.

Police in Ann Arbor, Mich., are investigating the assault of a man as a possible hate crime. Authorities say the 22-year-old white victim and his friend were followed by a group of eight men, of whom six were black, who hurled racial and other slurs at the victim, pulled a knife on him and beat him.

A judge in the conspiracy trial of members of the Alaska Peacemakers Militia has thrown out the sole criminal charge against one of the defendants. Rachel A. Barney was accused of hindering the prosecution of the five other defendants, including her husband, for hiding militia leader Schaeffer Cox in her house. The remaining defendants are still charged with planning to kidnap and murder Alaska state officials.

Two of three New Mexico men charged with branding a mentally handicapped man with a swastika have pleaded guilty to federal hate crime charges. Paul Beebe, 28, and Jesse Sanford, 26, were accused of the branding as well as writing white supremacist phrases on him. The men pleaded guilty as part of a plea deal that reduced their possible sentences from up to 35 years to 8.5 years.

Defense lawyers for a California teen accused of a hate crime murder are attempting to disqualify the trial judge. Brandon McInerney is accused of shooting a gay 15-year-old classmate because of his sexual orientation. McInerney’s attorneys argue that the judge gave too much leeway to the prosecution in witnesses and evidence.

News Roundup for August 15, 2011

Posted in Anti-Black, Anti-LGBT, Anti-Muslim, Anti-White by Hatewatch Staff on August 15, 2011 - 1:23 pm

Police in West Allis, Wis., have announced that they will pursue hate crime charges against at least one teen for the recent rash of flash mob attacks at the Wisconsin State Fair. One suspect told police that he picked out white people because they were “easy targets.”

A Santa Barbara, Calif., man was attacked by a white supremacist wielding a long pair of scissors, according to the victim’s friend. The friend told police the victim, an African-American man, was stabbed in the neck and face by a man with white supremacist tattoos who began harassing them as they walked down the street.

A Michigan lawmaker is pushing legislation to ban the use of “foreign laws” in U.S. courts. Activists claim it’s a thinly veiled attack on Shariah, or Muslim religious, law. If enacted, Michigan would be the third state to implement such a prohibition.

Police in Pasadena, Calif., are searching for suspects who have spread offensive graffiti throughout the city. The graffiti has included racist slurs, homophobic slurs, and swastikas, which have been plastered across residential and commercial buildings, as well as city buildings.

Black ‘Flash Mobs’: Anti-White or Destructive Self-Hatred?

Posted in Anti-White by Robert Steinback on August 12, 2011 - 4:08 pm

An apparent wave of street rowdiness by urban black teenagers – not always accurately called “flash mobs” – has rolled across American cities, including Philadelphia, Chicago, Cleveland and Milwaukee in recent months. The phenomenon could represent the leading edge of a rise in anti-white hate among black youths – or it could merely be the latest destructive symptom of wretched dysfunction eating away at the nation’s black underclass. Either way, the trend, if not stanched, could push the nation toward a new social rupture that undermines decades of tentatively easing tensions between whites and blacks. ( continue to full post… )

News Roundup for August 8, 2011

Posted in Anti-LGBT, Anti-Muslim, Anti-White, Militias by Hatewatch Staff on August 8, 2011 - 1:46 pm

The Wisconsin State Fair imposed a curfew on Friday for all people under the age of 18 after a series of racially motivated attacks on its opening night. Police allege that a group of African-American youths attacked fair patrons, as well as police officers, simply because they were white.

The trial of eight members of the Hutaree militia may be postponed until early 2012. The defendants are accused of conspiring to commit a rebellion against the federal government. The defense is asking for the postponement, citing pre-trial issues.

A man in Provincetown, Mass., has been charged in connection with an alleged hate crime committed last week. Dorgee Gyadatsand, 24, allegedly attacked a gay couple as they informed him of his driving in the wrong direction on a one-way street. Police say he used anti-gay language in the unprovoked attack.

The FBI is investigating a possible hate crime against an Ann Arbor resident after she was threatened on Sunday. The victim, a Muslim, alleges that a white man pulled up to her at a stoplight, showed her a handgun and used racial slurs. He told her: “You’re a terrorist.  Your people should be killed.”

Farrakhan Assails the ‘Murderer in the White House’

Posted in Anti-Semitic, Anti-White, Black Separatist by Leah Nelson on June 16, 2011 - 4:52 pm

Some spiritual leaders distinguish themselves by speaking truth to power. Louis Farrakhan, head of the black separatist hate group Nation of Islam (NOI), instead harangues it with deluded half-truths and hate-laced rhetoric. Lately, his rage has been piqued by U.S. intervention on behalf of Libya’s opposition – whose embattled dictator, Muammar Qaddafi, is a long-time benefactor of NOI.

Speaking at a press conference today near the United Nations building in New York City, Farrakhan showed yet again that he considers no institution too powerful to take on. “What has Muammar Qaddafi done to deserve what this united coalition of demons is putting on him?” he said, according to The Associated Press. President Obama, “surrounded by people who are Zionist-controlled or Zionist,” is making a terrible mistake and putting himself on the wrong side of history, he declared.

Remarkably, this is not the worst thing Farrakhan has said about the nation’s first black president. “We voted for our Brother Barack. Beautiful human being with a sweet heart. And now, he’s an assassin,” he declared in Harlem’s Salem United Methodist Church last month, pausing for the applause of the 500 American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC) members in the audience. (The ACLC is affiliated with the Unification Church, a Christian-based new religion founded by Korean clergyman Rev. Sun Myung Moon. NOI and the Unification Church have worked together before, most notably on Farrakhan’s “Million Family March” in 2000.) You’ve been deceived. You talk about a man killing his own people when you lied to the American people, saying that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. When you lie and then take innocent young men who have come to serve their country and send them to Iraq and Afghanistan over lies. That’s a murderer in the White House. Who will say it? I will!” ( continue to full post… )

Your Black Muslim Bakery Leader Found Guilty of Murder

Posted in Anti-White, Extremist Crime by Heidi Beirich on June 10, 2011 - 12:00 pm

The longtime leader of Your Black Muslim Bakery, a business at the center of a militant black Muslim network in the Oakland, Calif., area, was convicted yesterday of three counts of first-degree murder for ordering the 2007 slayings of Oakland Post editor Chauncey Bailey and two other men.

Yusuf Bey IV, the group’s head, faces a sentence of life with no parole. Bey, who was neatly dressed for court in a pinstripe suit and bow tie, reportedly showed little emotion as jurors found him guilty of ordering Bailey’s death and the deaths of two other men. They were killed during a month-long spree of violence that culminated in the August 2007 shooting of Bailey.

Bailey was shot while walking to his office at the newspaper. At the time, he was working on an investigative report about Bey’s group. It was widely assumed that the murder was ordered to prevent Bailey from publishing a story about the bakery’s troubled finances. Bailey was the first American journalist killed on U.S. soil because of his work since 1992. ( continue to full post… )

Black Supremacist Nation of Islam Pushes White-Dominated Scientology

Posted in Anti-Semitic, Anti-White by Leah Nelson on June 7, 2011 - 10:23 am

Two of America’s better known UFO-friendly religions, Scientology and the black nationalist Nation of Islam (NOI), now have more in common than unusual theologies involving intergalactic spaceships. For about a year, NOI leader Louis Farrakhan has been telling his followers to embrace Scientology in order to move closer to perfection in preparation for the end times.

According to a May 31 article in Final Call, NOI’s newspaper, nearly 700 NOI members have become Certified Hubbard Dianetics Auditors, and more will soon be trained in Church of Scientology (COS) techniques “to prepare better servants and saviours of the people by helping to clear up their minds and lives.” COS “auditors” supposedly help people ascend to higher levels of consciousness.

( continue to full post… )

Guyana Frees Detained Nation of Islam Official

Posted in Anti-White, Black Separatist by Mark Potok on May 23, 2011 - 12:19 pm

Without any explanation, the Guyanese government released an official of the black separatist Nation of Islam (NOI) late Friday, a day after detaining him for questioning about alleged ties to terrorism and drug trafficking. Akbar Muhammad, describing the accusations as “insane,” immediately asked for an official government apology.

Muhammad, who is the NOI’s international representative, also told The Associated Press that he was in Guyana to do humanitarian work and to talk to children about drugs and education. And he said that the NOI leader, Minister Louis Farrakhan, had spoken to Guyana’s president, Bharrat Jagdeo, shortly before his release.

Muhammad said he had been the victim of a “smear campaign.” Guyanese officials never detailed the matters they were supposedly asking Muhammad about. ( continue to full post… )

Black Extremists Blast Obama’s Decision to Weaken Qaddafi, With One Predicting Spaceships

Posted in Anti-Semitic, Anti-White by Leah Nelson on April 1, 2011 - 4:23 pm

President Obama’s decision to intervene militarily in Libya to cripple dictator Muammar Qaddafi’s ability to combat rebels trying to topple his regime didn’t sit well with two American black nationalist leaders who consider the long-time strongman a friend and ally.

“Now you may laugh, but in a few days, something is going to wipe the smile and the laugh from your face,” Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam (NOI), warned Thursday during a rambling press conference at the group’s headquarters in Chicago. The uprisings in the Arab world coupled with the tsunami in Japan signify that divine spaceships waiting to avenge black suffering will soon arrive, Farrakhan said. “Brother Barack’s” decision to back the Libyan opposition against Qaddafi – who in 1972 lent NOI’s leadership $3 million to buy the headquarters from which Farrakhan broadcast his speech – is only going to hasten the UFOs’ arrival.

NOI theology has it that just before the biblical end of times, believers will be whisked away in small spaceships called “Baby Wheels” to a giant “Mother Wheel,” where they will live while other divine ships eradicate those who remain on earth with enormous bombs, explains Mattias Gardell in In the Name of Elijah Muhammad: Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam. ( continue to full post… )