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Kansas Militia Leader Arrested

A Kansas militia leader was arrested with nine others in connection with a plot to attack an Army base, where the militia members believed that Communist Chinese troops were training in part of a plot to take over the U.S.

Kansas militia leader Brad Glover and another man who allegedly plotted to attack a Texas Army base face a mandatory five years in federal prison after pleading guilty to weapons charges in September.

Officials say Glover, 59, and Michael Leonard Dorsett, 43, were arrested early on July 4, 1997, just hours before they planned to attack Fort Hood, where they believed that Communist Chinese troops were training as part of a United Nations plot to take over the United States. FBI agents who arrested the two men at a Texas campground found explosive materials, five semi-automatic pistols, two assault rifles, 1,600 rounds of ammunition, bulletproof vests and a militia operations manual.

Eight other people in Texas, Colorado, Indiana, Kansas and Wisconsin also were charged in connection with the plot. Six of them, including a couple caught with 10 pipe bombs, have pleaded guilty to various charges, while the two others still face trial.

The plot was uncovered after undercover Missouri state police infiltrated the antigovernment Third Continental Congress, where the plotters had formed a breakaway group.