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Rudolph Added to FBI's Most Wanted List

Fugitive bombing suspect Eric Robert Rudolph has been added to the FBI's 'Ten Most Wanted List' and a $1 million award has been offered for his arrest, while the search continues.

Months after an abortion clinic bombing left a police officer dead and a nurse critically injured, the search for suspect Eric Robert Rudolph continued, with the FBI putting Rudolph on its "Ten Most Wanted List" and offering a $1 million reward for his arrest.

A witness to the Jan. 29 blast in front of the clinic in Birmingham, Ala., spotted a man running from the scene and removing a wig, and got the license number to his pickup truck. Within days, hundreds of federal and local law enforcement agents were searching the hills of western North Carolina, where the truck was registered in Rudolph's name.

At around the same time, a letter to media outlets claimed credit for the bombing in the name of the "Army of God" — the same group that claimed two 1997 attacks on another clinic and a lesbian bar in the Atlanta area.

A Southern Poverty Law Center investigation found that Rudolph was a long-time believer in the racist Christian Identity religion and a follower of the late Nord Davis, an Identity leader and neighbor of the Rudolph family.

As the search went on, one of Rudolph's brothers, apparently upset over the continuing national publicity, dressed in a suit, set up a video camera and cut off his own hand with a radial saw.