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Grand Jury Concludes No Conspiracy in OKC

A grand jury has found that there was no larger conspiracy in the Oklahoma City bombing.

The county grand jury orchestrated by a conspiracy-minded former state legislator and the grandfather of two bombing victims has concluded that there was no evidence of a larger conspiracy in the Oklahoma City bombing.

Even before the report was made public in December, former state Rep. Charles Key was attacking the body he helped to create by leading a petition drive, claiming jurors had ignored evidence of a government coverup. The grand jury found no evidence that federal agents had prior knowledge of the plot; that members of a white supremacist compound in eastern Oklahoma were involved; or that two bombs, rather than one, were used — all key conspiracy theories.

The state attorney general and the local district attorney, who both had opposed formation of the grand jury, welcomed the results, as did the grand jury's presiding judge, William Burkett.

Grand jurors did indict a writer named David Hoffman on two misdemeanor counts of jury tampering after he allegedly sent jurors a copy of his conspiracist book on the bombing (see Underwriting the Radical Right), telling them in a note, "do not let them tell you what to do." Hoffman, who was convicted last fall of stalking a woman, surrendered to authorities in late January and could face up to two years in prison.