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A Group Is Born

Billy Roper, a fired National Alliance official, has formed his own group called White Revolution

Billy Roper, the National Alliance official whose firing sparked a ruckus on the white supremacist scene, has announced the formation of his own group. White Revolution ("The Only Solution") is meant to be "an umbrella coalition of racial activists from every pro-White organization" and unaffiliated "Patriots."

While Roper said that "hundreds" of activists had encouraged him to form the group after he was booted out of America's leading neo-Nazi group, there was little immediate evidence that members were flocking to his group. But that could change if significant numbers of Alliance members quit.

Roper says his group will focus on "facilitating inter-organizational cooperation on demonstrations, rallies, protests, concerts, and any other events which no single pro-White organization can do as well on its own." He intends to be a "standing liaison" between groups, rather than trying to steal their members.

For $10 a month, full membership is available — provided, that is, that you are white, heterosexual, over 18 and "of wholly European ancestry." Drug use and non-white dependents are unacceptable.

For now, at least, Roper's Web site ( is hosted in a domain controlled by Byron Calvert, another former Alliance staffer whose own Web site is called Tightrope.

Although Roper did much of the work setting up his site and group on a computer at the Marlinton Public Library, not far from Alliance headquarters in West Virginia, he is expected to move to Russellville, Ark., soon. He taught high school in that town before joining the Alliance national staff in 2000.

Roper takes a few left-handed swipes at his alma mater on his new site. His new group, he says, will be a "meritocracy." Members "will never be told that their opinions don't matter." There will be no "Secret Squirrel Society" privately making the decisions. Members will know where "every dime" contributed is spent.

Roper did have one change of heart, doubtless based on his conflict with autocratic Alliance leaders, after announcing his new group. Initially, he ended his screed with, "Now, follow me." Today, that line reads, "Now, follow us."