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Storm Chatter

The message boards are full of hate on topics ranging from dating to guns.

SouthWest Whitey: I'm good mates with this girl in my year, she's got an awesome personality and is gorgeous, too. ... Thing is, I'm 100 percent white British, and she's a mix of Irish, Ukrainian and English. ... I'm not sure of her heritage, as Ukrainian could be gypo or anything. ... So am I worrying about nothing?

Stormtrooper88: Just ask, my friend. ... But don't make it blatant.

NewEraSoldier: Don't be picky to the point where it could cost you a great relationship with a gorgeous White woman. White is White.

Thesicilian: Well, if it is 25% or less nonwhite blood then go with her. You can say (with some element of truth) that family history is an interest of yours.

MK: True Slavs, not Jews or Gypsies that have adopted Slavic surnames, are White. Period.

AryanWill: The blacks that I see around my area and school are a total disgrace. Seeing them go out with amazing white girls... . It's true, I've heard them bragging.

FuriousD: I don't have any black friends, but I think that some are good but a lot are bad. I hate n------ (Snoops Dogg, 50 Cent), but black people (Gary Coleman and such) don't bother me.

eRiC1488: I hate all Blacks.

GuyverSS: I hate them all. I seriously would like to hang a couple of them. I'm not a violent person at all and the sight of gore makes me sick, but I could really like seeing them suffer. ... They will make jokes about me as I pass just because I am a kind and well-dressed person.

Heritage_Not_Hate: I don't hate them, I just don't want them around!

Annihilate: I would definitely have to say that blacks do not work hard and want everything given to them. ... As for Hispanics, I hate them more than anything. ... They try to take white women and our jobs, too.

DaughterOfScotland: With the blessings of the ORIGINATING founder of the ARYAN BABY DRIVE, White Nationalist Baby will now be sponsoring the WN Aryan Baby Drive. To date we have sent over 18 donations to families worldwide. ... We are here to help our WN [white nationalist] brethren.

Schneewittchen88: When my new baby grows out of all his things, I'll donate the like new items for Aryan Baby Drive. Also, I have a car that we don't need any more, since we bought the new Jeep, and I could very well donate that, too, if there is a way, that is.

DaughterOfScotland: A big thanks to a National Alliance member (you know who you are) for your donation of wonderful baby items.

Valkyrie88: I love this drive and if you ever need any help let me know!

DaughterOfScotland: A big thank you to everyone who has sent baby items so far. We have so much as of now, the response has been overwhelming from SFers [Stormfronters] and NA [National Alliance] members who remember the Aryan Baby Drive... . Your generosity has shown true loyalty to our race's expansion.

Borknagar: If you had one choice, save the money you were going to waste on that AK and work toward purchasing a real American rifle for White Aryans.

Das Bruce: I have both, just to be on the safe side.

Cimbri: Why choose between a Dodge and a Yugo, when you could have a Mercedes or a Jaguar? I have handled, fired, cleaned, upgraded many of both of the above. I say thumbs down to both of them. If you want a real rifle, you should consider a HK91 ... or a FN/FL.

Vince: I have a Romanian AK-47, and it's a good semi-auto rifle. It's inexpensive, durable, and I've noticed that it scares some people, probably because they associate this rifle with terrorists. I like it.

SMG3000: The AR 15 is a ladies' rifle.

9mmLuger: The AK is a reliable assault rifle, no more, no less. ... If you want a serious combat rifle, .308 is your best bet.

Das Bruce: An M1 Garand would suit your needs. Eight rounds of semi-automatic goodness.